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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Rob McCormack

Jay Herman

Digolet Problems with Safari - 91 views

digolet mac safari
  • Rob McCormack
    Same issue on my Mac, running Safari 3.03 beta

    Thanks for a great tool!
  • Rob McCormack
    Hey thanks Joel...

    I am using Safari 3.03 on Mac and PC

    The fix worked well on both.

    On my Mac, I had to clear the cache as you suggested, but that wasn't obvious to me how to do it.

    Clearing Cache on Safari 1.0 / Safari 2.0 for Macintosh OS X

    1 Open Safari.
    2 Select Empty Cache.
    3 Click Empty on the Are you sure message box.
    4 Exit and relaunch the browser.

    joel wrote:
    > We fixed the bug. The new diigolet version number is 20070813044419. If you still meet the same problem, please clear the cache and click diigolet again.
    > Thanks for all your reporting.
Rob McCormack

Feature request: Hide Tags - to save loading time.... - 33 views

ajax feature loading request tags suggestion
  • Rob McCormack
    I have 1,500 bookmarks imported without a hitch from

    I love diigo!

    The ONLY complaint I have with diigo, is the tags list ALWAYS takes a long time to load.
    I rarely need the tag list. So....

    How about a feature:

    My Tags
    cloud | list

    My Tags
    cloud | list | HIDE

    Where HIDE would prevent the tags from being loaded.

    This would save me a lot of time and enhance the diigo experience,

    Thanks for considering my request.

    Rob McC

    (delicious is slow to draw screen as well)
  • Rob McCormack
    Hey Joel.

    Thanks for your FAST response.


    joel wrote:
    > Thanks for your suggestion.
    > As tag cloud is useful for many users, we'd like to hear more opinions about this feature request.
    > However, we will try to speed up the tag cloud after a new website version is released.
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