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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Scott Clinton

Scott Clinton

World News | News - Springhill Group Florida Home Care - 1 views

    Egypt's new president Mohamed Morsi is reconsidering the peace agreement with Israel and ties with Iran in an attempt to build a strategic balance in the region.

    Morsi was quick to announce that all issues will be addressed by governmental bodies as he will not make decisions on his own, according to Springhill Group Home.

    "Part of my agenda is the development of ties between Iran and Egypt that will create a strategic balance in the region."

    Morsi has convened with his advisors to form a new Cabinet prior to his swearing-in on Saturday as the first freely-elected leader. On the other hand, the defeated candidate Ahmed Shafik was found to have left the Egypt in the midst of mounting fraud charges against him since his time as the nation's civil aviation minister.

    The Muslim Brotherhood's candidate has pledged to become a leader for all Egyptians.

    "I will be a president for all Egyptians. I call on you, great people of Egypt… to strengthen our national unity - the only way out of these difficult times," Morsi said hours following his being declared the new president.

    Egypt has breathed a collected sigh of relief when the election and proclamation have finished without the feared bloodshed. Morsi's triumph, also marking Egypt's first fair and free election in the modern times, followed almost 2 years of political upheavel and civil unrest from Hosni Mubarak's military-rule.

    Britain, France, US and the European Union have deemed the democratic election and the winning civilian president as significant parts of Egypt's history. The US in particular has encouraged Morsi to continue Egypt's transition to democracy that began last year.

    However, even if Morsi has already resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt when he was elected, Israel is still worried of him for his Islam affiliations that could possibly endanger the peace of the two neighboring nations. And although the foreign ministry of Iran has ackno
Scott Clinton

Paypal Scam | News - Springhill Group Florida Home Care - 1 views

    The World Wide Web consortium is one of the well-known partners in business. Due to the growing demand of the business industry, firms use the triple W in order for them to reach their customers across the world. And well as to make their business reached by their customers at their most convenient approach.
Scott Clinton

Springhill Group: DPRK jams GPS of ROK Airlines l Blogger - Zimbio - The-looser-it-s-me - 0 views

    GPS jamming signals coming from North Korea has forced South

    Korea to order its military and civilian air transports to switch

    on alternative navigational devices to avoid disruption.

    A statement from the ministry has confirmed that they were able

    to warn airlines and pilots of the 241 affected South Korean

    flights along with the 11 foreign airlines like Thai Airways,

    AirPhil, FedEx, Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways. But

    even as the GPS jamming signals continued, South Korea sees no

    serious threat to navigational safety.

    Korea Communications Commission confirmed that the GPS

    jamming signals have been coming from a city on North Korea

    side of the border. "We've traced the jamming signals to the

    direction of Kaesong," a commission deputy director told

    Springhill Group.

    According to the transport agency, planes that suffered from

    GPS signal jamming were instructed to use the alternative

    navigation systems and were not delayed in their schedules. The

    signal jamming appears to be focused on air traffic at Gimpo

    and Incheon airports, both of which are around 30 miles from

    the border.

    Despite the GPS disruption, Springhill Group reports that there

    was no serious threat to flight safety as airplanes are capable of

    using other navigation devices like inertial navigation system

    and very-high-frequency omni-directional range (VOR).

    Meanwhile, military communications and transportation were

    not greatly affected as they do not primarily depend on the GPS

Scott Clinton

Mechanical & Boiler Room Floors & Walls - 1 views

    Cracks and leaks in both mechanical room and boiler room concrete floors can lead to equipment damage and failure and leaking into condos below. Zera can have everything patched up before you can say "new boiler" or "screaming tenant."
    Appreciate you taking the time in sharing these particulars. Thanks.
Scott Clinton

Springhill Group - Zimbio - 1 views

    posted by herashowel 6 miutes ago under springhill group-dprk jams gps of rok airlines l, korea product reviews and articles GPS jamming signals coming from North Korea has forced South Korea to order its military and civilian air transports to switch on alternative navigational devices to avoid disruption.
    it is so commendable hence I am going to bookmark it
Scott Clinton

TYPEPAD: Gary Mason's Blogspot - Group of Springhill South Korea: The Laziest Scams in ... - 0 views

    ZACK ENGLISH SCRIBD - GROUP OF SPRINGHILL SOUTH KOREA - A certain "Sehwan Jung" in South Korea has been sending a number of desperate requests for funds over Twitter: "I am in urgent need of money. Can you lend me 500,000 dollars?I will make it up to you later." A diabolical plot, indeed, though Mr. Jung's scam is unlikely to work. For one, people can see everything someone sends on Twitter and quickly realize he's sent the exact same message over and over. For another, he is tweeting almost exclusively to celebrities, including Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Carly Simon, journalist Nicholas Kristof (who today sarcastically answered, "Sure!"), and the foreign minister of Bahrain, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.
    "Now this one is a real winner," says Dan Ring, a spokesperson for Boston-based data protection company Sophos. "Sehwan Jung's list of celebrities is almost as entertaining and as random as his actual request, and it's one of the more optimistic requests out there. I hope there's no way someone will fall for this."

    The "Sehwan gambit" joins the following examples as one of the laziest scams in Internet history.

    * "JOHN" fails to mention what he even wants to con you out of:
    Subject: what are you sale
    Greetings,My name is JOHN, i am highly interested in buying your{ what you want to sale } from you ,I will like you to give me the FINAL ASKING price and the lastes condition,also i will like you to scan the pics for me for proper verifycation.

    * This scammer doesn't even attempt to establish a personal connection before offering $18 million:
    I am Elizabeth Etters, a Christian.I picked your email randomly for an inheritance of $18M. Please contact me for more details via [redacted].

    * One malware attack came in the form of a bogus Christmas card-sent on March 19:
    Date: 2010-03-19 09:27:15
    "You have just received a Christmas greeting card! To see your custom card and who sent it,
Scott Clinton

Tumblr- Springhill Care Group : All eyes on Foxconn inspection - 0 views

    Foxconn Technology, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world and the center of the recent Apple labor scandal, has announced on Saturday that it will reduce overtime and increase wages in their factories.

    Foxconn's announcement that they will increase wages up to 25% (which is about USD 400 a month) came after they have been put in the spotlight for the bad working conditions on its factories. Factories depend on the workers being present for 6-7 days per week, sometimes for as long as fourteen hours each day. Their workers welcomed the announcement on overtime limits and raises but some are understandably skeptical if it would be realized.

    In order to satisfy their critics, Apple hired a labor group to inspect the factories they work with.

    Fair Labor Association, a watchdog for working conditions has reportedly found 'tons of issues' in the Foxconn plan in Shenzhen, China. The FLA monitoring team composed of 30 members is set to interview 35,000 randomly picked employees of Foxconn.

    A premature pronouncement from a member of the monitoring team sparked outrage - that he issued assessments already even before workers have been interviewed should have no room in the official conclusion.

    It is amazing how someone in the inspection group could conclude positively with only a hosted tour of the plant as his basis. He even said that the Foxconn plant is one of the best ones in the country. In reality, alleged violations could be very difficult to detect during an inspection because the owner will be forwarned and can promptly arrange a cover-up.

    Foxconn is one of China's biggest employers, with 1.2 million workers housed in room with boiler near their factories. They assemble around 40% of the total amount of electronic devices sold worldwide. Apart from Apple, their clients include Toshiba, IBM, HP, Sony, Dell and others.

    According to a recent government report, this year's shortage in labor is worse than those i
Scott Clinton

Springhill Home Care Group Korea Reviews Seoul Employs Elderly to Tackle Phone Waste - 6 views

    A new study published this week in the Sleep journal has discovered that sleep problem decreases with age; basically contradicting the common belief that sleep problem comes with age.

    A group of researchers from Center for Sleep of Pennsylvania University along with other organizations conducted a survey of 155,877 people from all ages who has previously reported sleep disturbances. Their study aims to find the answer on how sleep complaints alter as a person age.

    The study was conducted by asking participants how often within the past 2 weeks they had problems staying or falling asleep as well as the number of days they have felt tired.

    Their telephone survey has resulted in the conclusion that sleep quality, in fact, gets better as you get older. They found a general decline in sleep tiredness across higher age groups. Actually, women and men older than 80 are the least likely among the age groups to complain of sleep problems.

    According to the study, poor overall health conditions and depression are both connected with sleep problems as those who have mild depression appear more twice as likely to report sleep disorders.

    Basically, it shows that once you have control of mood and health, people dont necessarily have more sleep problems.

    Experts seem to be disputing the results of the study as the method of data collection done is generally subjective (participants were only asked about their physical symptoms) as opposed to previous researches done through objective data gathering (e.g. monitoring patients' sleep patterns in laboratory room) which could be the reason for the result difference.

    A single study cannot hope to change the health care implementation. But considering that the sample size of the study is large, it will be hard to discount the results. Besides, the question given was so general that it captures the entirety of sleep disorders.

    The results of this study is essentially contrad
Scott Clinton

Springhill CareGroup: Springhill Group Counselling - 0 views

    (1888PressRelease) Uncovering medicare scams latest news articles for general public to use.
    U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Miami, has reintroduced legislation that would double the amount of fines and incarceration for people in prison for Medicare fraud/scam. It also creates a new criminal offense punishable with a 10 year minimum sentence for those who intentionally sell or distribute the ID numbers of Medicare beneficiaries.
    According to the Springhill Group, the legislation also bars those who have been part of Medicare dupery in the past from billing Medicare if they switch companies. It also facilitates real-time information sharing among law enforcement agencies to aid in uncovering and dismantling Medicare scams.
    "South Florida has been known as the epicenter of Medicare dupery for years," she said. "It is time we took the fight to those who seek to defraud Medicare and prey on our most vulnerable citizens. This bill not only raises the penalties for those who engage in Medicare fraud, but also sets up a pro-active paradigm that will help stem the tide of abuse in South Florida and across the nation."The bill takes particular aim at Medicare theft in Miami-Dade County, widely regarded as the nation's capital of healthcare dupery. Medicare dupery in South Florida costs taxpayers between $3 billion and $4 billion every year, according to law enforcement and healthcare officials. Nationwide, Medicare and other healthcare fraud is estimated to cost $68 billion each in very year.

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