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Carri Bugbee

The Marriage Is Off Between Ad Tech And Mar Tech | AdExchanger - 0 views

  • What do you see in the market supporting your idea that ad tech and mar tech won’t converge?

    MARTIN KIHN: The business models are different. Marketing tech works on a subscription model, which means it’s predictable. The media model [in ad tech] is high-risk and difficult to predict. And those budgets come from different places. Mar tech budgets are more capital expenses, with an annual planning cycle.

  • Anything around identity is hot right now: something that can map devices together, or people to records in the world, is a good asset. Oracle acquired Crosswise. Acxiom bought LiveRamp. The other areas would be around analytics, companies developing insight decisions and customers. Those are companies like Tinyclues, Optimove, Adgorithms and Lytics.
  • The value of an off-the-shelf audience, like someone in the market for a car, becomes less valuable over time on a generic level. And DSPs used to differentiate on their access to inventory. Now you can go to Iponweb and use BidSwitch, and any DSP can access inventory outside of the walled gardens. They have to differentiate on service and on analytics.
Carri Bugbee

P&G's Pritchard Calls for Digital to Grow Up, Clean Up | Media - AdAge - 0 views

  • said the company has vowed to no longer pay for any digital media, ad tech companies, agencies or other suppliers for services that don't comply with its new rules.
  • Problems in what he called the "media supply chain" may help explain why the U.S. has anemic economic growth despite $200 billion in annual ad spending, including $72 billion on digital, Mr. Pritchard said. The IAB is 21 years old now, he noted, and digital collectively gets more money than TV.
  • we are now poring over every agency contract for full transparency by the end of 2017 to include terms requiring funds to be used for media payment only, all rebates to be disclosed and returned, and all transactions subject to audit,"
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  • P&G is fully endorsing the often controversial Media Rating Council viewability standards for digital media -- which defines display ad impressions as "viewable" if at least 50% of pixels are on-screen for at least one second and video as viewable if at least 50% of the player is on-screen for at least two seconds.
Carri Bugbee

Advertisers say Snapchat's unique selling point is that it's the cool, new thing - whic... - 0 views

    • Snapchat is at the mercy of competitors like Facebook and Google that can simply copy its products.
    • Advertisers say Snapchat's unique selling point is that it is cool, new, and has created its own advertising "currency."
    • But ad-buyers also need Snapchat to do more to prove its ads actually drive sales if they are going to commit meaningful budgets to the platform.
  • the barrier to entry for new entrants is low, and the switching costs to another platform are also low. Moreover, the majority of our users are 18-34 years old.
  • Users under 25, it says, visit Snapchat more than 20 times and spend more than 30 minutes on the app each day. It may have fewer users than its rivals, but, for now at least, they are highly-engaged
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  • Snapchat's focus on "sound-on" video ads has been appealing to its entertainment clients.
  • The behavior on the app is very different as you want to focus more on shorter content, whereas on Instagram, people tend to watch longer videos."
  • Snapchat says its vertical video ads are "as good as television" — and in some ways better — because users can choose to skip ads, swipe up to interact with them, and advertisers can use more granular targeting than TV. But with AdAge reporting in November that the average Snapchat video ad lasts less than three seconds and Snapchat counting a video "view" as soon as the video opens, it remains to be seen whether its ads are more effective than those on TV
Carri Bugbee

Programmatic Advertising Is Dead | AppNexus - AdAge - 0 views

shared by Carri Bugbee on 05 Jul 16 - No Cached
    Brian O'Kelley
Carri Bugbee

Tools for Marketing Professionals | Stefan Maescher - 0 views

    On this page I've compiled a list of tools that I use on a regular basis. No matter whether you are managing a portfolio of clients or your own projects,
Carri Bugbee

The Missed Opportunity in Influencer Marketing Is Exactly What the Damn Thing Is Suppos... - 0 views

    The phrase "influencer marketing" has devolved into a brand asking an individual to perform glorified favors
Carri Bugbee

Why advertisers should shift display budgets to Twitter's video | The Drum - 0 views

  • Marketers are siphoning budgets from display campaigns on Twitter to its video ads, which when synchronised with TV media buys can lead to a 10 per cent lift in their return-on-investment from the legacy medium.
  • To propel its own video offering, Twitter is working on features such as demographic targeting and validation, gross rating point and target rating point as well as reporting.

  • We are focused on live premium content in all sports, news and politics as well as entertainment to bring together for our users what they are already talking about, what they already care about," added Bain. 

    The company will be hoping live streaming help lift its monthly active users. It’s been an ongoing problem for the social network and while it moved up slightly in the quarter, up to 310 million compared to 305 million in the previous one, growth has been fairly stagnant for the last year.

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