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Carri Bugbee

3 Steps To Convert Business Goals Into Digital Marketing Actions - 0 views

  • To achieve the marketing goals you need to drive qualified traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads. From there the sales team can pick up and convert leads into clients. This means creating and distributing content and content offers to a relevant audience. It also means content should be mapped on the buyer’s journey which is structured in: awareness, consideration and decision stages.

    Here are the basic things you need to do:
Carri Bugbee

Why Denny's Sounds Like a Chill Teenager on Social Media - 0 views

  • "It's really all been rooted in [Denny’s] positioning as America's diner,” says Kevin Purcer, Erwin Penland’s director of digital strategy. "It's about… the little conversations that might not mean a lot at the surface level that you might have in a Denny’s booth with your friends and family. But, when you look back at your life, those might be the moments you enjoy the most."
  • “I think it's a voice… that's unique, slightly off-center, but very, very welcoming,” says Denny’s CMO John Dillon. “The kind of person you can literally sit down next to at a diner and have a conversation with."
  • "Nothing can substitute [team members’] intuitive knowledge of that audience and what people will and won’t respond to," says Purcer. “So, we have a lot of reliance on them as a front line, so to speak.”

Carri Bugbee

10 Significant Things You Likely Didn't Know About Social Media But Should | Fast Compa... - 0 views

Carri Bugbee

Pinterest Will Open Promoted Pins To All Advertisers Following Success Of Beta Program ... - 0 views

  • Pinterest’s roadmap to monetization is becoming more clear. The company announced today that its Promoted Pins program, which it made available in beta to certain brands eight months ago, has performed “just as good and sometimes better than organic Pins,” and it will make the program available to all advertisers on January 1.
Carri Bugbee

Facebook May Pit Mobile Ad Platform Against Twitter | - 0 views

  • MoPub offers a comprehensive platform that monetizes ad space on mobile platforms and social media, while providing real-time bidding for prime advertising slots and times. In 2013, the company was purchased by Twitter for $350 millio
  • Despite the silence from Facebook on the matter, the company has made moves in the past that would indicate at least a desire to further its reach in the mobile advertising market. Last year, Facebook released Audience Network, which is meant to build out its infrastructure and enable advertisers to run Facebook ads on third-party mobile phones. Another such program is Atlas, which tracks users anonymously and provides feedback to advertisers. Facebook has also taken out a patent on a program that would enable advertisers to target only the most “influential” people on social media. Theoretically, these programs would be stitched together as part of any MoPub-like system.
Carri Bugbee

Upright Position Communications | Slow PR: How Understanding the True Nature of PR Lead... - 0 views

  • #1 – Results are not immediate

    I call this the “seven week itch”. One thing that’s consistent with tech startups working with PR agencies or consultants for the first time is how antsy they tend to get before they start to see results

  • Here’s the mantra for Slow PR: Good results take time, require solid messaging groundwork and need a strong fostering of your media network. There are exceptions, but for the most part, solid, sustainable media results require a foundation that needs to be built.
  • If you have a new app and you want a review from a strong critic, make sure that the app is ready for that level of scrutiny.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • If you only reach out to people when you need them, what’s the benefit for them? I’ve long believed that the journalist/PR relationship needs to be a two-way street.
  • I’ve often been in situations where a journalist needs something that I either don’t have or can’t provide. For the sake of the relationship, when that happens, I will go out of my way to help them out, even if it means me pointing them in the direction of the competition.
  • #8 – Your own news isn’t what always gets results

  • Finding and creating opportunities between the launches and the announcements. If you succeed there, you’re doing something right.

    A good example of this is when you’re able to interject your story into the current news cycle. This works particularly well when you’re positioned as an expert.

  • Let’s be honest – a lot of media coverage is ego-driven. There’s no shame in wanting exposure for reasons beyond brand awareness and the bottom line, just make sure you balance it with messaging that transcends ego.
  • Behind every effective PR strategy there are many, many questions, but the most important question asked is “Why are we doing this?”. If the answer doesn’t address a specific business need, then it is worth reconsiderin
Carri Bugbee

Two new resources to help every PR pro thrive - Prezly - 0 views

  • Introducing: #PRstack and

    The first is a free front end for #PRStack, Stephen Waddington’s crowdsourced directory of third party PR tools. And to accompany it, we have created, a resource designed to match these tools with great guides, knowledge and community.

  • is the other piece of the puzzle. Over time, we will be developing this site into an encyclopaedia of PR tips, tricks and hacks in a format accessible to anyone.
Carri Bugbee

5 Requirements of Agile Digital Marketing - 0 views

    Robert Mattson
Carri Bugbee

Brands Will Nearly Double Marketing Data Budgets While Tripling Mobile Ad Spends in Nex... - 0 views

  • using marketing analytics remains a distinct challenge for companies—beyond the production of these sophisticated data."
  • Mobile advertising currently takes up 3.2 percent of marketing budgets but will almost triple to 9 percent in the next three years.
  • Social media now accounts for 9.9 percent of spending, though it should grow to 22.4 percent of budgets in the next five years.
Carri Bugbee

6 Reasons Startup CEOs Can't Afford to be Anti-Social | Mark Babbitt - 0 views

  • A study by Weber Shandwick backs up this observation: About two-thirds of customers say their perception of a CEO directly impacts their perception of the company.
Carri Bugbee

How to Encourage Influencers to Share Your Content | Social Media Examiner - 0 views

  • Another way to get shared by influencers in your field is to research which sites they visit frequently. Then either guest post for one of the sites or pitch an article about your company to people who already write for it.
  • Involve influencers in the creation of a piece of content, and they have a vested interest to help promote it. Do an interview with a targeted expert, request a guest post for your blog or get a quote for an article you’re already writing.

  • Take time to research, write, edit and fact-check articles. Shift your thinking away from quick fixes and ideas that have probably already been done. Instead, come up with unique concepts and strive for more ambitious projects.
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