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Carri Bugbee

Easier than ever to have private conversations | Twitter Blogs - 0 views

    Changes include:

    A setting that allows you to receive Direct Messages from anyone, even if you don't follow them. To change your settings follow these instructions.

    Updated messaging rules so you can reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message, regardless of whether or not that person follows you.

    A new Direct Message button on profile pages on Android and iPhone. You'll see it on the profiles of people you can send Direct Messages to.
Carri Bugbee

Replacing The User Story With The Job Story - Jobs To Be Done - Medium - 0 views

    Summed up, the problem with user stories is that it's too many assumptions and doesn't acknowledge causality. When a task is put in the format of a user story ( As a [type of user], I want [some action], so that [outcome] ) there's no room to ask 'why' - you're essentially locked into a particular sequence with no context.

    The first problem is that we start with a Persona, which is a very bad idea, and then plop in an action which we think should be taken in order to achieve the expected outcome. As I've marked in the above image, there's really a disconnect between the action and persona.

Carri Bugbee

3 Ways To Find The Best Time To Tweet - 0 views

  • One of the most useful features in SocialBro is their ‘Best Time to Tweet’ report. Their free version, which is good for beginners on Twitter, analyzes the timelines of your top 100 followers. They then generate a report that shows when you should be tweeting to reach the maximum amount of followers, in order to gain retweets and replies.
Carri Bugbee

How Teens Really Use Apps | Testmunk Blog - 0 views

  • the majority of teens now consider Facebook the alternate choice. 
  • This speaks to a shift in thinking amongst teens, in that privacy has become a concern. Users still want to be connected, but want to choose their connections more carefully, and compartmentalize their relationships. They want to share their lives, but to target where, what, and sometimes how long something is shown.
  • 78% of our respondents counted among those who accessed their favorite social media application at least three times a day. Regardless of which app selected (and make no mistake, Facebook is included), users log on several times daily
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram see the highest number of logins per day, with 51.9% of Snapchat users reporting 9 or more logins per day. Twitter and Instagram saw similar devotion, with 43% and 45% of users reporting 9 or more logins a day.
Carri Bugbee

It's time to ditch these 5 marketing beliefs. - 0 views

  • Marketing was built on Madison Avenue. It was built in a very specific era, marked by very specific limitations.
    • But, executing marketing in campaigns is suboptimal for a few reasons:

      • It’s not focused on building audience/brand/love. It’s focused on “here’s what we’re going to say this month.”
      • It implies that marketing has an end. It doesn’t. You never finish marketing, even if your campaign is “done”.
      • It perpetuates the fallacy that marketing is the same as advertising. (Keep reading.)
      • It creates bigger than necessary batch sizes.
Carri Bugbee

3 Steps To Convert Business Goals Into Digital Marketing Actions - 0 views

  • To achieve the marketing goals you need to drive qualified traffic to your website and convert that traffic into leads. From there the sales team can pick up and convert leads into clients. This means creating and distributing content and content offers to a relevant audience. It also means content should be mapped on the buyer’s journey which is structured in: awareness, consideration and decision stages.

    Here are the basic things you need to do:
Carri Bugbee

Why Denny's Sounds Like a Chill Teenager on Social Media - 0 views

  • "It's really all been rooted in [Denny’s] positioning as America's diner,” says Kevin Purcer, Erwin Penland’s director of digital strategy. "It's about… the little conversations that might not mean a lot at the surface level that you might have in a Denny’s booth with your friends and family. But, when you look back at your life, those might be the moments you enjoy the most."
  • “I think it's a voice… that's unique, slightly off-center, but very, very welcoming,” says Denny’s CMO John Dillon. “The kind of person you can literally sit down next to at a diner and have a conversation with."
  • "Nothing can substitute [team members’] intuitive knowledge of that audience and what people will and won’t respond to," says Purcer. “So, we have a lot of reliance on them as a front line, so to speak.”

Carri Bugbee

10 Significant Things You Likely Didn't Know About Social Media But Should | Fast Compa... - 0 views

Carri Bugbee

Pinterest Will Open Promoted Pins To All Advertisers Following Success Of Beta Program ... - 0 views

  • Pinterest’s roadmap to monetization is becoming more clear. The company announced today that its Promoted Pins program, which it made available in beta to certain brands eight months ago, has performed “just as good and sometimes better than organic Pins,” and it will make the program available to all advertisers on January 1.
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