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Carri Bugbee

This app quickly mutes 100 crowdsourced topics from your Twitter timeline | TechCrunch - 0 views

  • Try Mute, a way to quickly mute 100 words from Twitter as chosen by the wisdom of people on the internet — aka crowdsourced.
  • Twitter has long supported muting words, but Mute makes it easy to really get into the feature. Its website lists 100 keywords that have been added and then voted on by visitors to form a ranked list. By installing a bookmark in your (Google Chrome) browser, Mute can be used to automatically add those top 100 words into your muted word list for Twitter.
Carri Bugbee

FTC demands endorsement info from Instagram 'influencers' - 0 views

  • U.S. truth-in-advertising enforcers have sent letters to supermodel Naomi Campbell, actresses Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Hudgens and other celebrities asking whether they have paid deals to endorse products on the photo-sharing app Instagram.
  • Instagram, which is owned by Facebook Inc, has seen a sharp increase in recent years in promotions of products and services by famous people, often without disclosures of whether there was an endorsement deal.

    Celebrities have talked up clothing brands, food, alcohol, spa treatments and a wide array of other items.

  • In May, the agency released dozens of letters it had sent to companies and stars giving them notice that they must tell fans about compensation for promotions on social media.
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  • Those are known within the agency as educational letters, whereas the recent ones are known as warning letters. For repeat offenders, the FTC could seek to impose fines.
Carri Bugbee

A new Google dashboard makes it easier to manage your privacy - Business Insider - 0 views

  • Google said it has redesigned its privacy and security dashboard "from the ground up" to better integrate it into other privacy controls and to make it more touchscreen-friendly.
  • More than 150 million people have used the My Activity feature to track down old links and videos, and "tens of millions" have used the Privacy Checkup tool to change their preferences. The "Takeout" feature lets your export your data out of Google, and has been used to export one exabyte of data since its creation in 2011. 
Carri Bugbee

Sell Facebook shares due to new ad measurement concerns: Pivotal - 0 views

  • "Facebook is establishing itself as a destination for premium video content, and demonstrating a willingness to pay significant amounts of money for that content. Facebook can likely drive revenue growth to offset content costs, albeit at lower margins than what the company currently generates," analyst Brian Wieser wrote in a note to clients Wednesday.

    "However, because of measurement issues the company has faced in the past (and possibly a new one identified by a trade publication in Australia and replicated by us within the United States), we think the primary winner of Facebook's expansion in video will be third party measurement firms," he added.

  • Facebook apologized for overstating video viewership times in September last year. The company said a metric for average user time spent on videos was artificially inflated.
  • The firm's analyst cites Australian trade publication AdNews, which revealed last week "Facebook's claims to reach 1.7mm more 16-39 year-olds in Australia than exist in the country according to its census bureau."
    Facebook claims to reach more people than live in the US for some age groups
Carri Bugbee

A DevOps Approach to Improving Marketing/IT Relations - 0 views

  • The increasingly technical nature of marketing means the marketing department has a closer relationship with IT than either is comfortable with.
  • We have found that aligning our organization along DevOps principles helps eliminate that friction. DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that is focused on building and operating high velocity organizations. The movement started in the software industry, but it’s more concerned with people and structure than with technology.
  • One key aspect of DevOps is the relationship between accountability and empowerment. The DevOps philosophy says that those who are most accountable for a specific change should be empowered to make that change themselves.
    A DevOps Approach to Improving Marketing/IT Relations
Carri Bugbee

Medium will now pay writers based on how many claps they get - The Verge - 0 views

  • Medium plans to start letting more and more authors publish paywalled articles. And to determine how they get paid, the blogging platform has selected a fairly unorthodox method: claps, which are, basically, Medium’s equivalent of a Like.
  • A couple weeks ago, Medium replaced its “recommend” feature — a little heart button at the end of each article — with a “clap” button that you can click as many times as you want (much like how Periscope lets you send broadcasters an infinite number of hearts). The site wants people to send authors claps to show how much they enjoy reading each article.
  • Medium pays authors by dividing up every individual subscriber’s fee between the different articles they’ve read that month. But rather than doing an even division between articles, Medium will weight payments toward whichever articles a subscriber gives the most claps to.
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  • For now, Medium is dividing between writers the entirety of subscribers’ $5 per month fee. Eventually, the company plans to “start covering our own costs,” but it’s not taking a cut for the time being, as it tries to attract writers.
Carri Bugbee

Anthony Noto executive profile: Twitter COO's push into video - Business Insider - 0 views

  • Anthony Noto, COO of Twitter, and former Goldman Sachs banker, is leading the company
  • He's betting the company on a risky strategy: to turn the social network, famous for celebrity feuds, trolls and Donald Trump, into a destination for live video — from sports to financial news to political debates.
  • Noto, a Silicon Valley outsider known for his hard-charging style, has struggled to convince investors or Valley insiders that his plan can really fix the company.
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  • "Anthony has such a strong belief in his own intelligence that it's hard for him to learn. He believed himself smarter and better at everyone’s job,” this person said.
  • Last year, Noto became known inside the company as the man with a growth plan: to go all-in on video.
  • It cost Twitter a reported $10 million for those rights, a mere $1 million per game, instead of the tens of millions of dollars per game that traditional media outlets pay.
  • Last spring Twitter announced more than 12 partners who will launch original shows on topics of business, sports and entertainment — the types of things that people already like to Tweet about. And Noto wants Twitter to have enough content to fill 24 hours of live programming, he told BuzzFeed in April.
  • So far, Bloomberg has signed on to give that a try, and will launch 24x7 streaming in the fall. Plus Twitter plans to launch Stadium in the fall, too, a 24-hour sports network.
  • Twitter has been stuck at roughly 300 million monthly active users (MAUs) for years.
  • "Users matter," RBC Capital Market's Mark Mahaney told Business Insider, who rates the stock an "underperform" and dropped his price target for the stock to $14. While he believes Twitter will slowly add more users, "I think the best growth days for Twitter are behind them," he predicts.

  • "It's like your relative who you love that keeps making a bunch of bad decisions over and over again, that's Twitter," one top exec who left a couple of months ago said.

  • It faces heavy competition from better-funded companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix and Amazon. Noto will likely also need to pay to develop content, which could become a big new expense, compared to crowdsourced tweets, some analysts point out.
  • "People are using Twitter for all sorts of different purposes, but they are not going there to watch video," warns eMarketer's Debra Williamson.
Carri Bugbee

Google building Snapchat-like app from AMP article - 0 views

  • Stamp is a word play on Google's faster-loading "AMP" articles (the news stories that appear at the top of the page after a Google search), and the "st" in "stories," according to the Journal. The technology could potentially be very attractive to advertisers, thanks to Google's widespread mobile reach through Android and search.

Carri Bugbee

Snap risks alienating advertisers - 0 views

  • advertiser interest in Snapchat is flat to dwindling, as many opt to move toward Instagram
    • Issues with Snap include continued issues over measurement, difficulty in finding content, influencers moving to other platforms and lack of outreach to agencies and brands from Snap
  • Some brands "think Snapchat is dying, and they want their brand associated with a platform that is growing,"
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  • a lack of measurement data, disinterest among social media celebrities, confusion about the platform, and general indifference towards advertising agencies — are leading more of their clients to abandon it.
  • Trend Pie's Ricci said. Out of 100,000 "views," he estimated only 1 percent actually saw the ad.
  • "Instagram is built for finding what you don't follow easily, Snapchat isn't. If Snapchat can figure that out, that will help, because why make content people can't find?"

  • When Snap went public, he noticed a rush of influencers asking them to include their Snap accounts as available for advertisers. Since then, many have abandoned their accounts to focus on more lucrative platforms
Carri Bugbee

Instagram launches selfie filters, copying the last big Snapchat feature | TechCrunch - 0 views

  • “There’s a lot of exciting work being done around augmented reality,” an Instagram spokesperson said when asked about the app copying Snapchat’s face filters. “We’ve heard from our community that they want more creative ways to share everyday moments and engage with friends. With face filters, they have more tools than ever at their fingertips, and all in one place.”

    While that dodges the question a bit, the last part is revealing. Instagram wants to be the one-stop shop for visual communication

  • Instagram’s spin on Snapchat’s selfie masks is designed to make them simple and less wacky so they appeal to users beyond teens
Carri Bugbee

FTC Issued Warnings to 45 Celebrities Over Unclear Instagram Posts - WWD - 0 views

  • Last month the FTC issued warnings to celebrities who plugged products on their Instagram accounts without clearly identifying their relationships with brands. The letters were meant to “educate” the celebrities on how to post without violating the organization’s disclosure guidelines.
  • The FTC said it sent out similar letters to each influencer to “call attention” to the post in question. Each letter reads: “The FTC’s Endorsement Guides state that if there is a ‘material connection’ between the endorser and the marketer of a product — in other words, a connection that might affect the weight or credibility that consumers give the endorsement — that connection should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed, unless the connection is already clear from the context of the communication containing the endorsement. Material connections could consist of a business or family relationship, monetary payment, or the provision of free products to the endorser.”
  • The FTC cited cases in which disclosures appeared in captions at the bottom of a post, and were only found if consumers clicked on the “more” button to reveal the full text. Multiple hashtags, tags and links also were frowned upon, as they obscure the disclosure.
Carri Bugbee

FTC tells 'influencers' to quit trying to hide the fact that they're shilling for brand... - 0 views

  • no putting your sponsor message below the “more” button, where no one will see it. And no disguising it ambiguously as “thanks Nike,” as if Nike was just cool enough to let you use their corporate getaway beach house because you asked nicely. And! No burying the disclosure in obscure terminology, like #sp or #partner, deep in the sea of hashtags.
Best Social Plan

Buy YouTube Views - 0 views

    YouTube is a most popular video marketing site owned by Google. Now it is hugely used to manage the online business. It has already gained a grand position in the field of business. To be a successful businessman on YouTube, it is essential to buy YouTube views from trusted and reliable company.
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