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Phil Taylor

The 6 Questions We Should Be Asking About the Future of Learning | LinkedIn - 0 views

  •  We used technology like people do at work – as a tool to helps us get our job done, learn and conduct research, and to connect and collaborate, to build communication skills, and to solve problems. The big insight: technology can power deeper learning.
  • These questions don’t center upon, nor are they dependent on, technology, though if technology is an integral part of our lives, some of the answers to these questions might lie in the use of technology.
Phil Taylor

5 Strategies to Demystify the Learning Process for Struggling Students | MindShift | KQ... - 0 views

  • The field of metacognition offers educators many techniques that are rooted in brain research, such as deliberate practice and interleaving. “But before you can even tackle these,” says Oakley, “you have to inoculate learners against the idea that they are stupid if they cannot figure things out first off. You have to teach them that faster is not always better.”
  • teachers can use in the classroom and share with students to help them demystify the learning process
  • 1. The Hiker Brain vs. The Race Car Brain
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  • 2. Chains and Chunks
  • 3. The Power of Metaphor
  • 4. The Problem of Procrastination
  • 5. Expanding Possibilities
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