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Phil Taylor

Fighting the battle of copy/paste cheating | Ditch That Textbook - 1 views

  • Focus on “learning” instead of “activities”
  • You have to be willing, as William Faulkner said, to “kill all your darlings.”You’ve loved those activities for years. You’ve refined them and gotten really good at assigning and grading them.
Phil Taylor

10 Ways Teaching Has Changed In The Last 10 Years - TeachThought - 0 views

    "Information is everywhere but wisdom is scarce"
Phil Taylor

5 ways to teach students to be future-ready | Ditch That Textbook - 0 views

  • We’re already looking at the possibility of widespread smart houses, autonomous cars and artificial intelligence that can talk to us and work on our behalf. Our parents’ and grandparents’ curriculum won’t be sufficient.
Phil Taylor

How Technology Should Have Already Changed Your Teaching - 0 views

  • You probably do all of the grading. This is too much work for you, and robs the student of a chorus of feedback they deserve. You can still be the closest and most attentive responder to their work, offering the most expert feedback of anyone, but as it has been said there smartest person in the room is the room.
  • “Covering” a standard or idea makes about as much sense as sweeping a gravel driveway. You’re never finished,
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