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Tony Searl

The Ubiquity of Informal Learning: Beyond the 70/20/10 Model by Ben Betts : Learning So... - 3 views

    70:20:10 is simply a reference model or framework that is being used by organisations re-focus their efforts and resources towards where most real learning actually happens, through experiences, practice, conversations and reflection in the context of the workplace, not in classrooms. Anyone trying to 'prove' that the percentages fall exactly this way is not only wasting their time, but clearly doesn't 'get it' or understand the vagaries of Human Behaviour research.
Tony Searl

Stephen Downes: 'Connectivism' and Connective Knowledge - 3 views

  • Or, better yet, they can keep a record online somewhere.
  • Each time you access some content, create a blog post.
  • We don't want participants to simply repeat what other people have said
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • This is probably the hardest part of the process
  • that we are not starting from scratch.
  • What this isn't is a short cut.
  • It's hard, and it's sometimes embarrassing.
  • by neglecting the ingredients of genuine motivation -- autonomy, mastery, and purpose -- they limit what each of us can achieve
  • Knowledge is not something we can package neatly in a sentence and pass along as though it were a finished product. It is complicated, distributed, mixed with other concepts, looks differently to different people, is inexpressible, tacit, mutually understood but never articulated.
Tony Searl

Half an Hour: Collaboration and Cooperation - 0 views

    I believe that you can draw a connection between the two distinctions. Collaboration belongs to groups, while cooperation is typical of a network. The significant difference is that, in the former, the individual is subsumed under the whole, and becomes a part of the whole, which is created by conjoining a collection of largely identical members, while in the latter, the individual retains his or her individuality, while the whole is an emergent property of the collection of individuals.
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