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Julia Echeverría

Deep Web - 3 views

    I think that as more information we have about the deep web, much more knowledge we will have to really know that is really going on in the cyber space. Deep Web (also called the Deepnet, Invisible Web, or Hidden Web) is World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines.
    Muchos dicen que en la "red profunda" existen sitios con contenido desagradable, se debería tener cuidado, aunque existen proyectos como que nos permiten navegar en la red profunda sin tener que sufrir riesgos (, más vale prevenir. ---- Many say that the "deep web" sites with objectionable content exist, care should be taken, although there are projects like that allow us to navigate the deep network without having to suffer risks (http: //, better safe.
Leopoldo Basurto

Las políticas públicas de Acceso Abierto en México - 5 views

    In Spanish.
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    Gracias Kevin Stranack, sus aportes son muy útiles. Thanks Kevin Stranack, their contributions are very useful.
    La realidad que se vive en México es muy distinta a países como EUA, Cánada,Alemania, etc., existe una gran desigualdad y no hay unión. Tal vez estas leyes no den resultados inmediatos, pero son importantes por que quienes las promovieron creyeron en ellas y las apoyaron, y en un país como México es de reconocerse que tuvieron iniciativa. Una ley no va cambiar la realidad de un país, eso depende de las personas y otros factores como la educación y los valores. ------------ The reality of life in Mexico is very different to countries like USA, Canada, Germany, etc., there is great inequality and no union. Perhaps these laws do not give immediate results, but are important because they promoted those who believed in them and supported them, and in a country like Mexico is recognized that took initiative. A law will not change the reality of a country that depends on people and other factors such as education and values.
    Me encontré con esta interesante reseña acerca de las políticas de acceso abierto en México.

¿Cómo me afecta la reforma de telecomunicaciones? - 1 views

    Referente al tema de privacidad. Este es un breve articulo sobre la reforma de telecomunicaciones aprobada recientemente en Mexico (10 de junio de 2013). Al igual que ofrece varias ventajas para la poblacion en materia de telecomunicaciones, las principales desventajas se relacionan con la privacidad de los usuarios.
Raúl Marcó del Pont

NaturaLista. Ciencia ambiental y participación ciudadana / Environmental Scie... - 1 views NaturaLista es un proyecto de una institución gubernamental mexicana, Conabio. Han creado esta una herramienta de ciencia ciudadana donde los usuarios pueden aprender s...

module3 ciencia ciudadana

started by Raúl Marcó del Pont on 15 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Francisco Reveles

University of Chicago Acts to Improve Access for Lower-Income Students - - 2 views

    I say it's about time. A family member of mine studied on the East Coast USA and tuition was impossible. While I can't speak extensively for American schools, I can say that post-secondary education at established universities in Canada is expensive and the financial burden becomes a stressor, often effecting academic performance. It is accessible, yes. National and provincial student loans make it possible for almost anyone to obtain a post-secondary education. But does it make sense? Definitely not. The debt incurred by students is mortifying. What about a European model? Many schools around the globe offer free post-secondary educations. I recently visited New Mexico, where if you stay within the state after high school graduation you enter a lottery to go to university for free. Every entree into the lottery is awarded sufficient funds to make a post-secondary career in the state of New Mexico feasible. My question about this article is about how "low income" is determined. There are a lot of factors that can play into one's financial needs that sometimes aren't on paper.
Olivia Azar

MOOCS in Mexico - 0 views

    For those of you interested in taking upon more moocs in Mexico.

Calaveras literarias: símbolo y lenguaje de la mexicanidad - 1 views

    El blog de zozobra colectiva es un espacio en donde se difunde sobre la filosofía, de mexicanos para mexicanos y el mundo. En este caso el link conduce a la explicación de la tradición del día de muertos, pero el blog se dedica a temas de filosofía en México. "Zozobra Colectiva" (collective capsize) is a philosophical blog where you can find interviews, articles and publications about philosophy and its diffusion in Mexico. The link proporcionated here leads to an entry that explains part of the traditional "Día de Muertos" (day of the dead).
Leopoldo Basurto

Ediciones de H-México - 0 views

    Comparto esta sección de la página oficial de H-México, dedicada a difundir las actividades académicas que en torno a la historiografía se desarrollan en México. Aunque la página funge como un RSS, incluye esta sección con contenidos de acceso abierto.

Startup Weekend EDU Mexico City - 0 views

    Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.

¿Conoces los derechos de autor de México? - 0 views

    En esta web se explican algunas excepciones y limitaciones de los derechos de autor en países latinos, en los que, por ejemplo, cualquier discurso puede ser utilizado nuevamente una vez que el autor lo ha "liberado" a menos que especifique lo contrario, también que todo material con fines educativos puede quebrantar los derechos de autor, si quieres saber más, checa el link...

OER Commons website - 1 views

I work as a technology and robotics teacher at a k-12 school in Mexico, and I usually try to include all kinds of OERs into my lessons because I think technology need to be easy-access and affordab...

open access module1 open OER

started by nellycarr on 25 Sep 14 no follow-up yet
Kevin Stranack

Mexican policy-making on OA: a bitter-tweet state of affairs | Sociology of science and Open Access - 1 views

    An overview of the new OA policy in Mexico.
Raúl Marcó del Pont

Jóvenes, culturas urbanas y redes digitales. Prácticas emergentes en las arte... - 4 views

Unfortunately, the text is available only in Spanish. The issue is relevant because it does not focus on the general practices of young people but in those associated with specific cultural fields ...

Module2 digital practices young people

Ivonne Lujano

Repositorio digital para artes - 3 views

    This is the digital repository of the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (Mexico). The objective of this project is to preserve and share artistic production in visual arts, dance, music and theatre.

The strategic partnership between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean: a joint commitment - 0 views

    This book presents the background and recent developmentos about the partnership between the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean, important topic to understand the global comunication.
Betty Ulloa

Consideraciones sobre el derecho intelectual en mexico - 1 views

started by Betty Ulloa on 06 Oct 14 no follow-up yet

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses | Business | WIRED - 4 views

    This is an excellent article which explains how Sugata Mitra's teaching models helped to transform a failing school in Mexico. It's a story which completely changed my attitude to learning and education and inspired me to discover as much as possible about cloud-based and student-centred learning.
    Thanks for posting. I have heard of similar ideas from my girlfriend who works with learning disabled people, helping them make goals and follow through with them. The way the criticized traditional 'top down' eduction system is set-up, learning disabled people end up with the impression that they are failures and burdens. This goes beyond learning disabled people though, anyone who finds no inspiration for math, English and the sciences is bound to under perform at school, fail at the competitive aspect of it and get told their failures as a result, implicitly or explicitly. I also found that at design school when I realized that math and English were important for the projects I was working on I started to learn effectively and enjoy doing so. This is after failing my secondary education (pre university in New Zealand). You say this changed your attitude towards cloud learning, have you done much else as a result?

México: Partidos políticos aprueban ley que censura las redes sociales en Nuevo León - FayerWayer - 0 views

    This is the second article. Censorship is endorsed under the argument of responsible use and cyberbullying. Where do you draw the line?
Fernando Carraro


Esta ley tiene el objetivo de callar a la gente, por ejemplo, compartir una nota que afecte la (buena) imagen del gobierno sería restringida de manera inmediata, en vez de darle una solución optan...

open access module1 MOOC


A list of citizen science projects, apps & tools - 8 views

    I have gathered a large list of on-going citizen science projects and related tools which, I am sure, will benefit everybody interested in getting involved with hands-on science. Some of the projects in my list were mentioned in Clarkes' video lecture - I realize that some people were looking for references to those.
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    Hello! You have done a great job, very impressive. A couple of weeks ago I suggested and made a google spreadsheet in which everyone that wants to participate can add useful links to open knowledge resources. Would you like to drive this project with me? I would first ask you to add your links to the list and then we could look at tools in which we can make this interactive list look better, be more interactive and really make an onlile resource library. Please let me know what you think. What I do counts towards the final assesment and track, if we collaborate it could count for yours too, so you can benefit as well. I just feel like we could do more if we join forces.
    Absolutely, this is a great idea - I will give it more thought tomorrow, but I am definately on board!
    Buen aporte. ----- Good contribution.
    Gracias por tu contribución. I liked it so much because of "Marine LitterWatch" because it is a really big problem in Mexico, it can be applied by government to clean the populated beaches, el Cañón del Sumidero or Sumidero Canyon, and to sensibilize people. Additional to that, the app can be used in big cities to decide where to colocate new tanks of rubbish.
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