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Kevin Stranack

How it works - Knowledge Unlatched - 5 views

    The Knowledge Unlatched model depends on many libraries from around the world sharing the payment of a single Title Fee to a publisher, in return for a book being made available on a Creative Commons licence via OAPEN and HathiTrust as a fully downloadable PDF.
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    This is a great slide show. Sums it all up. Thanks. I may pass this on to my collection development manager.
    Great concept! This goes to show that Open Knowledge does not equate to free and giveaway. I love the blend of effectively using a crowd-funding model through libraries to ensure appropriate fees are paid to cover costs and compensate authors and publishers to enable open access under a CC license across a global library network. It would be interesting to see the follow up to this. I would think this approach would be useful for school libraries in a district or region to use this approach and effectively share the resources.
    Interesting take on what will happen to the future of libraries and how information will be published and sold. It's important to realize that nothing comes free and that we should promote a business model that benefits content-producers as well as consumers.

Creative Commons Thing of the Day - 2 views

    Josh Woodward is one of the most prolific musicians in the Creative Commons community. His songs have been downloaded six and a half million times. His songs are all licensed under CC's most open license for maximum sharing, commercial or noncommercial. And he presents instrumental and lyrical mixes for most of his songs, allowing for easy reuse in video.
    For fun -- and to demonstrate the power of the creative commons -- CC has created a new Tumblr that features random content from artists using creative commons licensing. Each day features a new "thing," putting subscribers (via email or bookmark) and artists in contact.

Creative Commons - 0 views If you want to give people the right to share, use, and even build upon a work you've created, you should consider publishing it under a Creative Commons license....

open access

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AJ Williams

WordPress › Creative Commons Configurator " WordPress Plugins - 3 views

    This is a very easy plugin to install in Wordpress blogs to allow for customizing your Creative Commons licensing for content created at that blog site.
    Thanks, AJ. As a Wordpress user this is going to be helpful for future blogging projects.
    This is great. As a user and implementer of wordpress sites in the past, this plugin is a great way for businesses to embrace an open knowledge culture in their organisation (ie sharing their content online) and which content is under which type of Creative Commons license.

How to Read a Book - 7 views

    "When you're reading for information, you should ALWAYS jump ahead, skip around, and use every available strategy to discover, then to understand, and finally to remember what the writer has to say. This is how you'll get the most out of a book in the smallest amount of time." This has been a very useful article for me. After reading this the first time I found that every thing that I did when I was reading was the opposite of what I "should" be doing according to this article. I treated all the definitions, table, and sections that were highlighted as if they were advertisements and just ignored them. This was a very useful article in helping me get back on track when it came to learning how to study in an academic environment, and I was very happy to get new and better skills from it as well.
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    This is awesome stuff- thanks!
    This reading was suggested in a previous class, and it was foundational knowledge that some learners already have, but just reading and validating certain strategies while offering new strategies for thorough reading is so essential in the overload of content we are constantly sifting through.
    Muy útil para todos, gracias.
    Thanks for sharing! Great refresher and reminder on how to read (esp. for a communications student where reading and writing is essential!)
Kim Baker

Free Culture - Lawrence Lessig - 6 views

    FREE CULTURE is available for free under a Creative Commons license. You may redistribute, copy, or otherwise reuse/remix this book provided that you do so for non-commercial purposes and credit Professor Lessig. " America needs a national conversation about the way in which so-called 'intellectual property rights' have come to dominate the rights of scholars, researchers, and everyday citizens. A copyright cartel, bidding for absolute control over digital worlds, music, and movies, now has a veto over technological innovation and has halted most contributions to the public domain from which so many have benefited. The patent system has spun out of control, giving enormous power to entrenched interests, and even trademarks are being misused. Lawrence Lessig's latest book is essential reading for anyone who want to join this conversation. He explains how technology and the law are robbing us of the public domain; but for all his educated pessimism, Professor Lessig offers some solutions, too, because he recognizes that technology can be the catalyst for freedom. If you care about the future of innovation, read this book." -- Dan Gillmor, author of MAKING THE NEWS, an upcoming book on the collision of media and technology
    Hi Kim, Thanks for sharing this great work by Lawrence Lessig published ten years ago.
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