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How to Read a Book - 7 views

    "When you're reading for information, you should ALWAYS jump ahead, skip around, and use every available strategy to discover, then to understand, and finally to remember what the writer has to say. This is how you'll get the most out of a book in the smallest amount of time." This has been a very useful article for me. After reading this the first time I found that every thing that I did when I was reading was the opposite of what I "should" be doing according to this article. I treated all the definitions, table, and sections that were highlighted as if they were advertisements and just ignored them. This was a very useful article in helping me get back on track when it came to learning how to study in an academic environment, and I was very happy to get new and better skills from it as well.
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    This is awesome stuff- thanks!
    This reading was suggested in a previous class, and it was foundational knowledge that some learners already have, but just reading and validating certain strategies while offering new strategies for thorough reading is so essential in the overload of content we are constantly sifting through.
    Muy útil para todos, gracias.
    Thanks for sharing! Great refresher and reminder on how to read (esp. for a communications student where reading and writing is essential!)
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