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Gerald Louw

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module 5 intellectual property

started by Gerald Louw on 06 Oct 14
  • Gerald Louw
    Intellectual property is a brought term. Talking about intellectual property than it means that the terms like copyright, patent laws and trade laws are included. Each one of these terms has its own laws and places in which those laws can be can be practice. Stallman (2004) make it clear that the term intellectual property is confusing. e.g. copyright deals with authorship, patent laws deals with the promoting of the publication of useful ideas at hte price of given the one who publishes and idea a temporary monopoly over it and trade laws is to enable buyers to know what they are buying, that is according Stallman (2004). It make sense to treat the concepts as separate topics. It will be easy to understand for the man on the street and to make sense of the concept of intellectual property. This what can happen with intellectual propery. It brings out the problems that can happen with intellectual property.It is in such cases where the Washington Declaration on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest comes in. In this article it talks about putting Intellectual Property in its place.

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