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Ana Muñoz de Rivera

Open Journals - 0 views

    Life Science, Medical Science, Engineering and Pharma
Alexandra Finch

SAGE Publications busts "peer review and citation ring," 60 papers retracted - 0 views

    Peer review citation ring exposed in major scholarly publisher SAGE.

Legit or not - 1 views

Yeah! Really very nice info. Thank you so much.

open access Research Module 9


Gates Foundation to require immediate free access for journal articles - 2 views

    Breaking new ground for the open-access movement, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a major funder of global health research, plans to require that the researchers it funds publish only in immediate open-access journals. The policy doesn't kick in until January 2017; until then, grantees can publish in subscription-based journals as long as their paper is freely available within 12 months.
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    I did a quick search in the Web of Science database to see home many papers have received funding from the Gates Foundation. Since 2000, more than six thousand research papers have received funding from the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation; more that one thousand per year since 2011. Most of these papers are in the infectious diseases, immunology, and public health area. In the big scheme of scientific publications, this is just a small number. But with their well-known name, this is a good sign.
    One must start form somewhere, and this is a good start for changing the attitude towards open access.
    Estoy de acuerdo con lo que plantean los autores, debemos volvernos seres con iniciativa, y no esperar a que el conocimiento nos llegue, nos debemos acercar a éste.
    This serves as a significant catalyst to change the mentality of both the researcher and the funder. The Gates Foundation is a leading organization in resolving world health issues. This action demonstrates their drive and desire toward their cause; and will hopefully it will start a trend amongst authors and other research funding NGOS.
    As mentioned in class discussions, this is the only reasonable response. Bill and Melinda have put their time forth into creating charities, and attempting to control content which was given from charitable grants is lunacy. It is comforting to see the Gates foundation scrapping the 6-12 month window of restriction. WIth this said that said, this draws interesting parallels with journals that receive government grants due to the fact that the privately sold resource is already being funded by the tax payers.
Rosa Munoz-Luna - 2 views

Estupendo avance, y un ejemplo a seguir para futuras revistas y maneras de compartir el conocimiento.

Module 9 publishing Open new business model open access

Olga Huertas

7 propuestas para mejorar el acceso abierto en América Latina - 3 views

    América Latina avanza con paso firme hacia el Open Access pero todavía quedan desafíos importantes para que esta corriente se consolide. Los gobiernos ya parecen convencidos de que el acceso abierto es el futuro, y así lo demuestran las leyes de acceso abierto que se han aprobado en y .
    If Google Translate gets it right, the article suggests 7 ideas to promote open acces in Latin America: - Promote a culture of open access among the young - Invite the new generation of researchers to build a new set of rules governing scholarly communication.- - Manage national access strategies - Promote awareness of the potential of open access - Provide training to scientists regarding intellectual property - Improve and standardize the taxonomy of documents to increase their visibility - Help Open Access journals to gain prestige These will apply to all other regions of the world as well. It shoul be noted that much of it can be done by the indivdual researcher, while some will best be untertaken by universities or libraries or even the state.
Julia Echeverría

Transitioning to College via a MOOC - 7 views

    Coming soon to MITx on edX is a new kind of MOOC-a MOOC to help high school students better prepare for college. Many students who arrive at college find themselves struggling with the courses they must take, as their high school experience has not provided them with the necessary preparation to do well at college....
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    Preparatory courses for the next study level are a good idea in many countries. The MOOC form can be really a good experience for the future college students both from the subject content and technology use point of view.
    Bookmarking this as I have two students at home who enjoy learning via MOOCs.
    I took this coursera course in the summer - Learning How to Learn - It was really well put together with lots of practical ideas to implement right away. It's being offered regularly and is only 4 weeks long, very worthwhile.

On Predatory Publishers: a Q&A With Jeffrey Beall - 2 views

    Interview with Jeffrey Beall on predatory publishing, his description of this, stories of scams, where it's most prevalent and his recommendations

Open collections and reference Sources - 1 views

A newly discovered resources i found with reference to : Open collections and reference Sources The web Link is :

collections and reference Sources open access Knowledge module9 module 9 MOOC publishing Open referenceSources opencollection

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