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Isabel Fernandez

Post a Tweet on Twitter - 2 views

    How to evaluate an App
Patty Zamora

Education Week: Use Technology to Upend Traditional Classrooms - 2 views

    • Patty Zamora
      Creative agency= 21 st C classroom
veronica occelli

"What's Your Story?" 2012 Winners - 1 views

    We have to show this video to our students!
Cynthia Castro

Apps and Ideas for Literature Circles on iPads -- THE Journal - 0 views

  • One method of getting kids to engage reading in different ways is through a tablet-based literature circle.
  • Don’t understand a word in the text? A single tap on the screen pulls up a dictionary that gives the definition, and another tap returns the reader to the page on which the word appears. If a student is reading about the Great Depression but ha
  • s no understanding of what that is, the tablet can help.
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  • If you make it more memorable and you give them a variety of different systems to use to articulate--drawing, web clips--you’re using more aspects of the mind, which makes it a more memorable experience, and it’s more likely they’ll remember information.”
  • The tablet is used to read an e-book--
    Great ways to use ipads and tablets when students participate in Literature Circles!
Vicky Solorzano

ICDL - Free Books for Children - International Children's Digital Library for iPad on t... - 0 views

    • Vicky Solorzano
      Free digital books for Children to download in your iPad
rufina h

Group Members - EDC672 Mobile Devices in the Instructional Program | Diigo Groups - 0 views

    Enabling students with special needs. Mobile devices and apps open a new world for them.
    Why Mobile learning?
Cynthia Castro

First 5 Lessons Learned In Our First Year Of BYOT | MyWeb4Ed - 0 views

    BYOT very interesting
Tania Hinojosa

Education Week: Schools Open Doors to Students' Mobile Devices - 0 views

  • Schools Open Doors to Students' Mobile Devices
  • o connect to the school’s wireless network to do their work.
  • The students do see [a smartphone] as a potential learning tool
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  • Their [message] is that we need to start changing the policy, and using the resources that are already available.”
  • More educators are wising up, they say, to the reality that most students have phones or other mobile devices that could allow them to give real-time feedback to a lecture on a text-message back channel, take pictures during a science field trip, or answer teacher prompts with online polling.
  • what students are learning about technology use when they reshape mobile-device policies, ed-tech experts say.
  • Recent research shows the proportion of students owning cellphones is increasing
  • Educating Parents
  • Dede of the Harvard Graduate School of Education stresses that, while an eventual progression to open mobile-learning environments might be inevitable, that doesn’t mean it will be immediately beneficial. The learning potential of the devices, he says, won’t be realized without continuing professional development, as well as in-class trial and error.
    • Tania Hinojosa
      No cabe duda que es inevitable el dar acceso a los dispositivos móviles al salón de clases.
      Aprovechar la gran accesibilidad que tienen nuestros alumnos a estos aparatos , así como los programas educativos que nos ofrece la red.
    • Tania Hinojosa
      Otra ventaja es el poder estar en contacto con nuestros alumnos el mayor tiempo posible. La evaluación o retroalimentación es inmediata y directa.
Jenna Kubricht

How To Develop Your Own Mobile Learning Tools | Edudemic - 0 views

  • m-learning, refers to any learning intervention that is carried out through the use of mobile devices and wireless technology
  • make it easy to access any kind of learning materials
  • do not target your learning program for all possible mobile devices
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • designing m-learning for performance support and just-in-time learning is more realistic
Isabel Fernandez

La UNAM diseña aula del futuro - El Universal - Sociedad - 0 views

    Proyecto de la Unam del aula del futuro.
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