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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Jenna Kubricht

Jenna Kubricht

How To Develop Your Own Mobile Learning Tools | Edudemic - 0 views

  • m-learning, refers to any learning intervention that is carried out through the use of mobile devices and wireless technology
  • make it easy to access any kind of learning materials
  • do not target your learning program for all possible mobile devices
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  • designing m-learning for performance support and just-in-time learning is more realistic
Jenna Kubricht

iPad Literature Circles - Literature Circles - 1 views

    Let's try this next year!!!!!!
Jenna Kubricht

Why BYOD, Not Banning Cell Phones, Is the Answer -- THE Journal - 1 views

  • responsible use policies, parent and/or student agreements, and lessons about safety/etiquette.
  • classroom management techniques must be updated
  • Educators who are successful at integrating technology into learning understand this and provide agreed upon times for students to engage in personal affairs on their digital devices--just as we all do in the real world.
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  • recognition to a student such as, "Gr8 contributions in 2day's discussion!"
  • it's a teacher's job to help prepare students to be successful in their real world where technology is commonplace. A teacher is not helping a student become successful by creating an artificial environment in school.
Jenna Kubricht

10 ways to change the minds of tech-reluctant staff | eSchool News - 3 views

  • “To get educational staff on board with tech, encourage and support them using tech for their non-work purposes.
  • “How do you get tech-reluctant teachers and administrators to use technology effectively?”
  • make time to offer and teach
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • go into classrooms and model lessons using technology. I try to make a point to emphasize to the teachers that time on task increases learning for students. Engagement = student success.
Jenna Kubricht

It's a Party- BYOD! | edSocialMedia - 0 views

  • It’s time to meet our students on their own turf; I mean, hey, we’re basically inviting our non-digital-native selves to our media-crazed students’ party.
  • Because a BYOD atmosphere encourages students to learn through interaction with technology.
  • I’ve come to accept that students who’ve grown up with computers in their pockets aren’t going to be excited about a boring flat piece of paper.
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  • education is still about finding that balance between tradition and innovation
Jenna Kubricht

Taking Advantage of "Disruptive Technology" in the Classroom | Online Universities - 0 views

  • While you will never prevent all interruptions, a second, more subtle solution is to embrace this disruptive technology and incorporate it into your teaching. Here’s how.
    How to integrate technology into classroom activities without it feeling disruptive!
Jenna Kubricht

Free Technology for Teachers: Three Questions to Consider Before We All Flip - 2 views

  • Do the majority of your students complete their homework assignments on time on a consistent basis?
  • f you flip the classroom and students come to class having not watched the video lessons, how do you spend your classroom time the next day?
  • Do all of your students have access to the web at home?
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  • "no" to one or all of these questions, are you setting up an inequitable learning environment?
  • Do you have time to create quality videos?
    Flipping the Classroom. Can it be done?
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