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تحميل برنامج فورمات فاكتوري Format Factory اخر اصدار للكمبيوتر | تحميل التطبيقات المجانية - 0 views

    تحميل برنامج فورمات فاكتوري Format Factory اخر اصدار للكمبيوتر تحميل برنامج فورمات فاكتوري اخر اصدار , تحميل برنامج Format Factory اخر اصدار , تحميل فورمات فاكتوري للكمبيوتر , تحميل Format Factory للكمبيوتر , تحميل برنامج فورمات فاكتوري برابط مباشر , تحميل برنامج Format Factory برابط مباشر , برنامج فورمات فاكتوري للتحميل والتنزيل , برنامج Format Factory للتحميل والتنزيل , برنامج تصنيع الصيغ فورمات فاكتوري للتحميل , برنامج تصنيع الصيغ Format Factory للتحميل , جديد برامج والعاب الكمبيوتر , تحميل برامج والعاب الكمبيوتر على ميديا فاير , تحميل برامج والعاب الكمبيوتر على رابط مباشر
    تحميل برنامج فورمات فاكتوري Format Factory اخر اصدار للكمبيوتر تحميل برنامج فورمات فاكتوري اخر اصدار , تحميل برنامج Format Factory اخر اصدار , تحميل فورمات فاكتوري للكمبيوتر , تحميل Format Factory للكمبيوتر , تحميل برنامج فورمات فاكتوري برابط مباشر , تحميل برنامج Format Factory برابط مباشر , برنامج فورمات فاكتوري للتحميل والتنزيل , برنامج Format Factory للتحميل والتنزيل , برنامج تصنيع الصيغ فورمات فاكتوري للتحميل , برنامج تصنيع الصيغ Format Factory للتحميل , جديد برامج والعاب الكمبيوتر , تحميل برامج والعاب الكمبيوتر على ميديا فاير , تحميل برامج والعاب الكمبيوتر على رابط مباشر
Rehab Rajab

FREE online document uploading, conversion and sharing tool. - 0 views

shared by Rehab Rajab on 23 Oct 10 - No Cached
    Upload documents in nearly any format.\nShare the document via eMail, Twitter or Facebook.\nFast HTML preview of the uploaded document for readers.\nLet the reader choose in which format he wants to download the document.\nMultiple file upload is possible.\nPassword protection is possible.\nSupported formats: PDF, DOCX, DOC, ODT, PAGES, RTF, OTT, XLS, XLSX, TXT, PPT, PPTX, ODP and more!\nDocuments can be deleted by you or are deleted after 60 days without view.
Gladys Baya

JPG, PNG or GIF: How to Choose an Image Format for Screenshots - 0 views

    A long time ago we looked into the issue of saving images. This short article is really helpful to decide what format to use in each case. Enjoy!
    When to opt for .jpg, . png or .gif (It turns out it depends on what you're trying to capture - text, a still image or video/photos). Thanks once again, Amit Agwara!
GIF Converter

File and Image Conversion - 0 views

    There is a lot of buzz around the online market regarding transforming one format of file into another without any difficulty as well as people around the world want to use such a platform that could save time as well as money, that is most people are in search of a free conversion tool. To make this purpose boundless number of users throughout the world search for the internet to find such a tool. People usually wants to convert their Word file into PDF format file or they want to change the extension of JPG Image into BMP or ICO into GIF. Similarly some people also want to change their TEXT file into PDF or Word. For all these needs and requirements a software or tool is required and i found is one the best of them as it is free and easy to use, because of its user-friendly interface.
Gladys Baya

Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free - 15 views

    Convert media files online from one format into another. Works with audio, videos, images, documents, ebooks and archives, and also includes a "hash generator (?). Introduced to me by Marta Costa. Looks cool!
    Has anyone tried this converter? Hugs from Gladys
    It works great for video. Some formatting glitches on PPT to swf conversion (but I've found this true of most converters)
Barbara Moose


    It's finally here! Thank you for being a part of my network and community here at The Thinking Stick. To honor you I am releasing my first ever book for free in PDF format. 1. Go to the books website here. 2. Enter the download password: TTS_Reach_0615 3. Enjoy the book! You can also
Emilie Bouvrand

Un réseau social d'échange sur les pratiques pédagogiques et éducatives - 0 views

    "L'objectif du club est l'échange d'expérience des pratiques pédagogiques et éducatives entre professionnels passionnés : enseignants, formateurs, directeur d'école, responsable de formation, psychologues et experts auteurs de livres." Ca vous fait pas penser à qu'chose?
Izzaty P.

BibMe: Free, Fast & Easy Bibliography Maker - 0 views

    A free, fully-automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. The quickest way to build a 'works cited' page. 1. Search for a book, article, website, or film from our database, or enter the information yourself. 2. Add it to your bibliography. 3. Download your bibliography in the MLA/APA/Chicago/Turabian formats and include it in your paper.
John Evans

Google Chrome - 0 views

    Google describes the how and why of their new browser via a cominc book format.
Nelba Quintana

Read The Words - 0 views

    you upload files in any format (word, PDF, HTML) and the soft reads it in English , French and Spanish
Gladys Baya

AudioOwl - Free Audio Books - 14 views

    Free audio books. Download one in mp3, iPod and iTunes format. reviewed by David Kapuler here:
Gladys Baya

Microsoft Office Word Add-in For MediaWiki - 3 views

    Create and format a document in Word as before, choose File -> Save As and select MediaWiki* under file types. Word will now convert and save the document in Wiki style markup. It is supported on Microsoft Office Word 2007 and Office 2010. Reviewed by Amit Agwaral at Digital Inspiration
    This could be useful when we want students to try wiki writing... Has anyone tried it? Would love to know how well it works for Pbwiki, Wetpaint and Moodle wikis...
Paul Beaufait

50 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom - 7 views

    This information is available in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf) for easy printing.
Kathleen N

About ediscio - - 0 views

    Unlimited creativity in creating flashcards: Use LaTeX-formulas, pictures, videos, text formatting, Learning statistics which show you exactly what you should concentrate on,Import and export of flashcards (CSV, XLS, Html),Download your flashcards for offline learning (printing function)
Jacob Harrison

Small Payday Loans Online Financial Support Via Online no issues - 0 views

    Small payday loans online can be of immense support to the folk in their monetary troubles. The borrower responsive trouble-free installments further make them a beautiful loan format. These financial services are essentially small finance that is permitted punctually without any low credit verification.
Paul Beaufait

Free online English Japanese Dictionary, and Japanese English Dictionary, in simple romanized format - 0 views

  • Free Search English-Japanese Online Dictionary
    The EJOD has an English sister:
    If you become an EJOD member, you apparently get access to twice as many words: "Free version (2006 version) contains about 10,000 words. Member version (2008 version) contains about 20,000 words" (Free Search English-Japanese Online Dictionary, ¶1). Site also notes plans to branch out into polite language, and cultural topics (Future Projects)
Paul Beaufait

Free online Beginners English Dictionary in simple visual format - 0 views

    This marks the beginning of an online dictionaries list. I'd love to hear your recommendations for learners of English as an additional language (all levels).
    Sister-site of the Online Japanese-English Dictionary (OJED), notes plans to branch out into: "Idioms, English shorthand, penmanship, contests, verb lists and their conjugations, puzzles, [and] grammar pages" (Future Projects at Beginners English Dictionary, ¶1)
Buthaina Al-Othman

Thousands Free Presentations - 16 views

    Thousands of free presentations in PowerPoint format & Free Interactive Games for Kids, including lesson plans for teachers. Themes and topics index all on one page.
Yuly Asencion

Writing Fun by Jenny Eather - helping kids with how to write using text organizers - an interactive writing resource - 19 views

shared by Yuly Asencion on 30 Dec 10 - Cached
Vernon Fowler liked it
    A fantastic starting block for writing. I'll be using the narrative format here, as a lead in to using Storybird for our English Second Language courses.
Benjamin Jörissen

rre : Message: [RRE]The Social Life of Information - 0 views

  • The importance of people as creators and carriers of knowledge is forcing organizations to realize that knowledge lies less in its databases than in its people.
  • Learning to be requires more than just information. It requires the ability to engage in the practice in question. Indeed, Bruner's distinction highlights another, made by the philosopher Gilbert Ryle. He distinguishes "know that" from "know how".
  • This claim of Polanyi's resembles Ryle's argument that "know that" doesn't produce "know how," and Bruner's that learning about doesn't, on its own, allow you to learn to be. Information, all these arguments suggest, is on its own not enough to produce actionable knowledge. Practice too is required.
  • ...20 more annotations...
  • Despite the tendency to shut ourselves away and sit in Rodinesque isolation when we have to learn, learning is a remarkably social process. Social groups provide the resources for their members to learn.
  • Learning and Identity Shape One Another
  • Bruner, with his idea of learning to be, and Lave and Wenger, in their discussion of communities of practice, both stress how learning needs to be understood in relation to the development of human identity.
  • In learning to be, in becoming a member of a community of practice, an individual is developing a social identity.
  • So, even when people are learning about, in Bruner's terms, the identity they are developing determines what they pay attention to and what they learn. What people learn about, then, is always refracted through who they are and what they are learning to be.
  • In either case, the result, as the anthropologist Gregory Bateson puts it neatly, is "a difference that makes a difference". 29 The importance of disturbance or change makes it almost inevitable that we focus on these.
  • So to understand the whole interaction, it is as important to ask how the lake is formed as to ask how the pebble got there. It's this formation rather than information that we want to draw attention to, though the development is almost imperceptible and the forces invisible in comparison to the drama and immediacy of the pebble. It's not, to repeat once more, the information that creates that background. The background has to be in place for the information to register.
  • The forces that shape the background are, rather, the tectonic social forces, always at work, within which and against which individuals configure their identity. These create not only grounds for reception, but grounds for interpretation, judgment, and understanding.
    • Benjamin Jörissen
      kulturelle Muster, die qua Sozialisation erworben werden, und die in Bildungsprozessen verändert werden.
  • A Brief Note on the "Social"
  • It took Karl Marx to point out, however, that Crusoe is not a universal. On his island (and in Defoe's mind), he is deeply rooted in the society from which he came
  • Jean-Paul Sartre
  • We need not watch long before we can explain it: he is playing at being a waiter in a cafe . . . . [T]he waiter plays with his condition in order to realize it
  • So while people do indeed learn alone, even when they are not stranded on desert islands or in small cafes, they are nonetheless always enmeshed in society, which saturates our environment, however much we might wish to escape it at times.
  • For the same reason, however, members of these networks are to some degree divided or separated from people with different practices. It is not the different information they have that divides them.
  • Rather, it is their different attitudes or dispositions toward that information -- attitudes and dispositions shaped by practice and identity -- that divide. Consequently, despite much in common, physicians are different from nurses, accountants from financial planners.
  • two types of work-related networks
  • First, there are the networks that link people to others whom they may never get to know but who work on similar practices. We call these "networks of practice"
  • Second, there are the more tight-knit groups formed, again through practice, by people working together on the same or similar tasks. These are what, following Lave and Wenger, we call "communities of practice".
  • Networks of Practice
  • The 25,000 reps working for Xerox make up, in theory, such a network.
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