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John Evans

Visual and Creative Thinking:What We Learned From Peter Pan and Willy Wonka - 0 views

    Presentation on Visual and Creative Thinking. The presentation explores how professional in all fields can apply creative and visual thinking skills to their work as well as why people ignore the talents that made them naturally creative as children. He will discuss the myths that people hold about creativity, why they exist and how you can overcome them. Great images!
Paul Beaufait

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods - 0 views

    Thanks to Buthaina Al-Othman (Learning with Computers) for pointing this out!
    represents six types of visualization: compound, concept, data, information, metaphor, and strategy; with dozens of illustrations nested as pop-ups in a periodic table-like frame
Carla Arena

How do you envision using the Webslides feature? - 124 views

Dear Berta, I have the same feeling...I wish I had known about Diigo and Webslides before I had taught the Listening Plus online course, but it's never too late, and I'll surely see how it can be ...

diigo goodpractices learningwithcomputers practices webslides


Learning technology teacher development blog: Creating audio-visual monologues - 0 views

    Creating audio-visual monologues
Paul Beaufait

Data Presentation: Tapping the Power of Visual Perception > > Intelligent Enterprise: B... - 0 views

  • This installment of our series sheds light on how physical aspects of vision influence the way we process information -- and ultimately, decision-making itself.
  • sheds light on how physical aspects of vision influence the way we process information -- and ultimately, decision-making itself.
    provides background on "visual cognition in ... user interface design" (Montgomery, delicious4teachers, Front Page, comment 24, para. 1)
    Thanks to Cherice (delicious4teachers) for pointing this out

Power BI training in Gurgaon | Power BI course in Gurgaon - 0 views

    Master Power bi tool from Microsoft, pursue Power BI training in Gurgaon and get ready for a power upgrade to your career. It's being used in the corporate world for its performance in business analytics, here's why you should not overlook power bi if you want to advance in the sector of business analytics. Helps bring data under one roof, and provides great visibility, accessibility, and organization for reports. Makes the reports highly interactive as it comes pre-loaded with data visuals including a map, column, line, bar, and matrix. Databases can be compressed to more than one-fifth the size. It ensures that data isn't outdated, and provides incremental automated refreshes. Supports advanced data experts as it is easily compatible with R, power bi allows integration of detailed R visualization into the dashboard. Meets regulatory and security standards without requiring other tools. Users don't require syntax for search as it facilitates interfaces with natural language search. Placement Every company will always be dependent on analysts with good updated skills. Job opportunities are very good if you have the skill in you. Training Duration Power BI learning will take approx. 2-3 months of the time period. Within a month of course completion, you can get a job. Faculty iClass Gyansetu has a good team of faculties working. It's always advisable to learn from trainers working in corporates, they share their industry experience which is very important to crack interviews. Contact Phone No- +91-8130799520/ 9999201478 Website-
susana canelo

How could you incorporate Diigo into your classroom/session setting in a pegagogically... - 238 views

Hi Nelba: Yes, they can see it, without having a Diigo account. That's why it's so easy !! No complications. If you click on the central arrow you can open the webslide. The problem appears if you...

best practices edudiigo learningwithcomputers lwc pedagogy

anamaria menezes

twittervision - 0 views

    Visualize tweets in the world map
Mangalayatan International

Top School of Visual and Performing Arts in India - Mangalayatan University (MU) - 1 views

    Mangalayatan University (MU) provides complete information about the School of Visual and Performing Arts in India. Also Get more information on faculty, placements, fees, etc.
Shane Col

Slide Hunter: Free PowerPoint Themes, Chart Templates and Presentation Graphics for Bus... - 2 views

    Original collection of PowerPoint themes you can download for free for your business presentations. You will find creative 3D diagrams and chart PPT templates for unique powerpoint slide designs. Your business presentation will become more effective with graphics like SmartArt designs and vector image illustrations for a more visual and engaging presentation. We are here to help you present complex business information in simple, easy to understand ways using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, or 2013.
Zaid Mark

Aero Effects in Windows 7 - Enable and Troubleshoot - 0 views

    Microsoft has given additional feature in Windows 7 for its credible performance. This feature is known as Aero. It enhances the operating system with different visual effects. For example, Aero Peek transparents the opened Windows and you can still reveal the desktop. However these effects are attractive and stylish, but they are also heavy for your system.
David Wetzel

Why Interactive White Boards are Used Ineffectively in Classrooms - 11 views

    An interactive White Board (IWB) or SMART Board has the potential to deliver content better than traditional methods of teaching. Why? Because it provides multi-media functional interaction across audio, video, and computer media. It is also ideal for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. These qualities of an IWB also promote the dynamic delivery of content (if used to its full potential) in an engaging manner, which allows students to interact with science or math content their self. Examples include: * data manipulation * responding to data * even creating data So with all these attributes - "How are interactive white boards unsuccessfully used in science and math classrooms?" For the most part - not effectively!
David Wetzel

Engaging Students with Digital Media in Science and Math - 8 views

    Digital Media follows the old adage "A picture is worth a thousand words!" when it comes to science and math. The use of visuals is ideal for helping students construct background knowledge for developing a better understanding of science and math concepts.
Michael Nezet

28 Rich Data Visualization Tools - InsideRIA - 0 views

    28 outils de traitement et de visualisation de données. un plaisir de remplacer Excel.
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