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dr tech

Tech workers are downing tools and refusing to work on unethical projects / Boing Boing - 0 views

    "Tech workers are in demand: companies find it easier to raise cash than to hire engineers; this gives workers enormous bargaining power, and they're using it.

    From the Google uprisings over a Pentagon babykiller project and a Chinese surveillance project to the Microsoft uprising over ICE contracts, tech workers are emerging as part of the solution -- while their secretive, shareholder-haunted bosses are more and more the problem."
dr tech

california law bans automated bots that pretend to be human - 0 views

    "california has banned bots that pretend to be human. under a newly signed bill, these bots will need to disclose their nature, making it clear to the user that they're conversing with a machine rather than a human. 


    according to a bill signed on friday by democratic gov. jerry brown, automated accounts, more commonly called 'bots', will need to disclose to customers that they're not real humans, according to reporting from PC magazine. the bill is part of a move that will help users avoid falling victim to automated messages selling goods or services in a commercial transaction or to influence a vote in an election."
dr tech

Moore's law wins: new chips have circuits 10,000 times thinner than hairs | Technology ... - 0 views

    "Transistors use grooves etched in silicon to guide electrons around the chip. The channels do a similar job to that of wires, but on a much smaller scale. Making these grooves just 7nm wide means you can fit more transistors on the chips.

    For comparison a strand of human hair, at 100,000nm thick, is about 10,000 times wider than the channel. A red blood cell is a thousand times bigger, at 7,500nm in diameter. A strand of DNA is in the same order of magnitude, but slightly smaller at just 2.5nm wide."
Mcdoogleh CDKEY

BBC News - Legality of raid on home of iPhone blogger raid queried - 0 views

    The case of Apple versus Gizmodo takes new twist as state lawyers consider the legality of the raid.
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