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Moore's law wins: new chips have circuits 10,000 times thinner than hairs | Technology ... - 0 views

    "Transistors use grooves etched in silicon to guide electrons around the chip. The channels do a similar job to that of wires, but on a much smaller scale. Making these grooves just 7nm wide means you can fit more transistors on the chips.

    For comparison a strand of human hair, at 100,000nm thick, is about 10,000 times wider than the channel. A red blood cell is a thousand times bigger, at 7,500nm in diameter. A strand of DNA is in the same order of magnitude, but slightly smaller at just 2.5nm wide."
Mcdoogleh CDKEY

BBC News - Legality of raid on home of iPhone blogger raid queried - 0 views

    The case of Apple versus Gizmodo takes new twist as state lawyers consider the legality of the raid.
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