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dr tech

AI learns to write its own code by stealing from other programs | New Scientist - 0 views

    "DeepCoder uses a technique called program synthesis: creating new programs by piecing together lines of code taken from existing software - just like a programmer might. Given a list of inputs and outputs for each code fragment, DeepCoder learned which pieces of code were needed to achieve the desired result overall.

    "It could allow non-coders to simply describe an idea for a program and let the system build it""
dr tech

Fair use prevails as Supreme Court rejects Google Books copyright case | Ars Technica - 0 views

    "The Authors' Guild originally sued Google, saying that serving up search results from scanned books infringes on publishers' copyrights even though the search giant shows only restricted snippets of the work. The writers also claimed that Google's book search snippets provide an illegal free substitute for their work and that Google Books infringes their "derivative rights" in revenue they could gain from a "licensed search" market."
Max van Mesdag

Somebody Lost Apple's 4th-Gen iPhone Prototype In a Bar - 0 views

    When you're trying to keep something a secret, it may not be a good idea to take it out into the public and lose it. It might not also be a good idea to take it and post about it, even if you are Gizmodo.
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