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Garth Holman

Seventh Grade - History - 0 views

  • What made me so mad was that she didn't get her name on a gravestone.  I wanted her to be remembered as more than just the general's wife and more than just in my memories.  She taught me how to be the way I am and she told me to care for people even when you don't know how they'll react.
  • "Yeah.  It wasn't a wail, but it was the break-your-heart-one-tear-at-a-time type of crying that I really couldn't stand for more than thirty seconds," Ekati explained.  "Are you kidding me?  Wow." I couldn't believe how much these people cared for me.
  • I could have sworn I saw a tiny human skull in there.
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  • that those soldiers would think for themselves.
  •  It hurt, but I did something that might not have changed anything, but now the people of Sparta were thinking and thinking leads to ideas.  Ideas that can change the world.
  • "dared to challenge me in public.  Tais, you are bound to the ground you are on."  The general raised his whip and struck.  And struck and struck again.
  • You remember how you said all those silly things about the geography and then your clothes morphed into those tights and a short toga?" Coriander laughed.  "You looked weird for about a second and then you started crying and you looked normal again."
  •  I took note of a very cute, broad-shouldered, blonde as he put away his gear.  
  • Why in the world would you wait until tonight? I thought.  What's wrong with right now? 
  • as I remembered Coriander was the "very cute, broad-shouldered, blonde" I noticed three seconds ago.  
    Ideas can change the world.
Garth Holman

History student learns from her grandfather, makes his WWII story a senior project - Lo... - 0 views

  • II story a senior project
  • When she was little, Heidi Klise listened to her grandpa’s war stories.
  • This story and others persuaded Klise to learn more about her 91-year-old grandpa and use his story for her Independent Study Senior Project at the College of Wooster.
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  • “As a historian, I think it’s really important to archive the stories of people,” she said.
  • The 22-year-old spent the last school year meeting with him and researching his role in World War II for her thesis.
  • Klise said she had only heard snippets of his war stories in the past. She said her questions would “jog his memory” and he would share more and more.
  • “I was surprised she was interested,” he said.
  • The group is disbanding because so many of its members have died.
  • And their story, just like Win’s, needs to be told so that we remember what war is truly about, the strength and will of the people who fight it.”
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