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Gilmore Dashon

Technology and Human Rights: Digital Freedom | Business & Human Rights Resource Centre - 0 views

  • the same rights that people have offline must also be protected online
    • Gilmore Dashon
      People should get the same human rights online just like in life
  • Moreover, governments are now regularly acquiring powerful surveillance technology from private firms, as Surveillance Industry Index shows. According to Privacy International, the surveillance industry routinely disregards human rights considerations
    • Gilmore Dashon
      The government and surveillance industry doesn't ever really consider the human rights.
  • attacks on online activists, as well as growing internet shutdowns. These obstructions and attacks impact on freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, but also create economic costs, affecting entire economies and individual businesses.
    • Gilmore Dashon
      Some people attack activists that could impact people like their freedom, expression, which it can also effect businesses or economies.
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  • Companies in the ICT sector can be involved in this limiting of digital freedoms, either directly, or by facilitating violations by governments and/or abuses by other firms.
    • Gilmore Dashon
      Some companies limit digital freedom
  • Internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies’ policies and practices can also positively affect users’ freedom of expression and privacy, including those of defenders, especially when they work together.
    • Gilmore Dashon
      Technology can also be positive in the human rights.
  • whose company members commit to uphold principles of freedom of expression and privacy. You can learn how ICT companies are upholding human rights online and offline
    • Gilmore Dashon
      Some company members try to uphold the human rights
Garth Holman

Ten Medieval Inventions that Changed the World - 2 views

    How do these ten inventions of the middle ages impact us today?
kmiao k

Ancient Greek Inventions and Technology - Zapd - 1 views

  • There is conflict on who invented it but it is known that the ancient Greeks did in fact use it to measure distance.
  • The ancient Greeks discovered and used central heating in their more important temples. Flues (the small square holes seen in the picture) were put around the temple and circulated warm air from a fire somewhere else in the temple. After the fall of Ancient Greece central heating was mostly forgotten but was rediscovered in the industrial revolution.
    • glever g
      Surprisingly the greeks invented a lot of things that we use today
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    • kmiao k
      Have you ever see the crane used today? 
  • An Ancient Greek crane, one of many major inventions.
    Ancient Greek Technology
ycarmi y

British Museum - Tools and technology - 1 views

    • ycarmi y
      This means they must have built great buildings like the Parthenon with simple tools
  • pottery, weaving, shoe-making, jewellery-making, woodworking and metalworking.
  • skill in using simple tools such as the saw, drill, chisel and hammer
sshroge s

e-telescope online magazine - Ancient Greek Technology - 0 views

  • The famous Talos (in the ancient Cretan dialect it means sun), was a fully operational robot, built by Hephaestus as a gift for Minos, King of Crete. Talos was made of copper and was huge
  • It is said that Heronas and Ktisivios had constructed mechanisms that sounded the trumpets of a temple when the altars were lit. Ithe interior of temple was sprayed with scented water, metallic birds began singing and some statues began flying. It is also said that the lighting conditions in and around the temple were regulated, creating artificial fog, when necessary.
  • He presented and operated the world’s first steam engine, consisted of a closed, spherical container, filled with water. When the water was heated and began to boil, the stream was relieved by two nozzles, configured in a polar alignment
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    • sshroge s
      The first steam engine invented by the Greek later was used to make our transportation. Probably one of the most important invention.
    Amazing Greek inventions that impacted the way we live today including the automatic doors and first steam engine.
Priyanka s

greeksgeeks - Ancient Greece Tools and Technology - 2 views

    • mluxenburg m
      The crane was a tool used to lift items.
    • kmiao k
      Ancient Greek have a lot of interest tools. 
    Ancient Greece tools and technology. 
    "The use of water power was invented by the Greeks: The earliest mention of a water mill in history occurs in Philo's Pneumatics. "
Garth Holman

Free Technology for Teachers: Six Multimedia Timeline Creation Tools for Students - 0 views

  • Meograph offers a nice way to create narrated map-based and timeline-based stories.
  • Dipity is a great timeline creation tool that allows users to incorporate text, images, and videos into each entry on their timeline.
  • myHistro is a timeline builder and map creation tool rolled into one nice package. On myHistro you can build a personal timeline or build a timeline about a theme or event in history. Each event that you place on your timeline can be geolocated using Google Maps. myHistro timelines can be created online or you can use the free iPad app to create events on your timeline.
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  • I like XTimeline because I find it to be a great service that is very accessible to high school students. Using XTimeline students can collaborate, just as they would when making a wiki, to build a multimedia timeline.
  • TimeGlider offers some nicer layout features compared to XTimeline, but is not quite as intuitive to use as XTimeline.
  • Time Toast is easy to learn to use. To add events to a timeline simply click on the inconspicuous "add an event" button and a simple event box pops up in which you can enter enter text, place a link, or add a picture. T
    Building timelines online See individual links
kota k

History of Chinese Technology - 4 views

  • earliest printed book, AD 868
  • We don't know exactly when paper was first used in China but evidence from archaeological records indicate that it was prior to the first century AD.  In China, the most common source for paper was the bark of the paper mulberry tree (Gies & Gies 1994 p 182
  • There is not doubt that the Chinese invented gunpowder
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  • ability to magnetize iron by placing it near a loadstone was known to ancient civilizations
  • applied this principle of magnetism to create the compass
  • In technologically development, the story is much different (see Burke (1978) for more descriptions of these innovations).  There have been many Western innovations that have their basis in China, particularly those in printing (paper, block printing, and moveable-type printing), agricultural technology (irrigation systems), mechanical engineering (clockwork, iron, and lead manufacturing, efficient harnesses), and martial (gunpowder, the precursors to the barrel gun, and cannons) technology.
    • kota k
      Intermediate Reading level
    Intermediate Reading Level
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