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Garth Holman

Free Technology for Teachers: Six Multimedia Timeline Creation Tools for Students - 0 views

  • Meograph offers a nice way to create narrated map-based and timeline-based stories.
  • Dipity is a great timeline creation tool that allows users to incorporate text, images, and videos into each entry on their timeline.
  • myHistro is a timeline builder and map creation tool rolled into one nice package. On myHistro you can build a personal timeline or build a timeline about a theme or event in history. Each event that you place on your timeline can be geolocated using Google Maps. myHistro timelines can be created online or you can use the free iPad app to create events on your timeline.
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  • I like XTimeline because I find it to be a great service that is very accessible to high school students. Using XTimeline students can collaborate, just as they would when making a wiki, to build a multimedia timeline.
  • TimeGlider offers some nicer layout features compared to XTimeline, but is not quite as intuitive to use as XTimeline.
  • Time Toast is easy to learn to use. To add events to a timeline simply click on the inconspicuous "add an event" button and a simple event box pops up in which you can enter enter text, place a link, or add a picture. T
    Building timelines online See individual links
Tanner M

Greece Timeline - 1 views

  • Evidence of food producing economy, simple hut construction, and seafaring in mainland Greece and the Aegean
    • Leah R
      I think it's amazing how in that time, along time ago, they found the evidence for a food producing economy.
    Timeline of Greece
Anabelle C - 3 views

    • Andre C.
      What was the last place Human entered? 
    • kota k
      South America
    • Heli C
      South America
    • Sean W
      South America
    • Kevin Y
      South America
    • Jacob S
      South America
    • Anabelle C
      South America
    • Alexander R.
      South America!!!!!!
    • Sam L
      South America
    • Whitney B.
      South America !!!!
    • Anabelle C
      It tells how people traveled starting pre150k 
    an interactive timeline of human migration
Josh B

Ancient Roman History Timeline - 1 views

    • Josh B
      Timeline of how the Romains life went
  • Provides a chronological index of the history of Ancient Rome with extensive links to internet resources. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary source material, numismatics, and a focus upon the roles of women in ancient time.
Josh B

Ancient India - 4 views

    • Josh B
      Takes you to a site of a certain time
  • Prehistoric (c. 8000 BC - 3000 BC)
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