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Garry Golden

What is engagement, and when is it meaningful? | Museum Questions - 0 views

  • Garry Golden commented, “There is always risk of being seen as trendy or just buzz– but ‘engagement’ is a huge concept being explored today by people across the learning world…. I think engagement is a concept worth exploring.” And blogger Gretchen Jennings responded, in a post on her Museum Commons blog,  that she has and continues to “[urge] museum educators to focus less on formal education materials and methods and more on interpretive planning in exhibitions and visitor engagement in the museum, both on site and online. So I have decided to explore engagement in more depth. What is it, anyway? What would it mean for the-profession-formerly-known-as-museum- education to facilitate visitor engagement?
Karen Wade

Slave for a Day? I'm Not Sure This is a Good Idea | Engaging Places - 0 views

    This blog entry and following discussion brings up some very important issues regarding how best to engage visitors when dealing with socially-charged issues, in this case slavery.
Gina Hall

Zócalo Public Square :: Why On Earth Am I Looking At This? - 0 views

  • Most Museums Have Trouble Connecting To the Public. Maybe It's Time For Some New Ideas.
  • underprepared for their pending encounter with the visual arts
  • many audience members seem intuitively aware of what is missing: more access to the story explaining how and why a work has arrived at this place for their enjoyment.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • soldiering through the galleries and paying minimal attention to the exhibits prepared expressly for their viewing
  • reanimated by the opportunities to engage in eating, spending, and talking on the phone—activities compatible with a sidewalk stroll.
  • critical message about the socializing function of the city
  • There is scientific data, too, upon which to build an argument for ensuring that we do better by our museum guests.
  • participation in the arts, especially as audience, predicted civic engagement, tolerance, and altruism.”
  • “[T]he space of the art museum is an inherently public or civic space,” wrote Glenn Lowry, director of the Museum of Modern Art, in a recent essay. “Art museums in this context need to be understood as quintessentially urban institutions that play a critical role in defining the intellectual and physical fabric of cities and towns.”
Paul Spitzzeri

The Museum of the Future » Reflections on the museum(s) of the future, 2 days... - 0 views

    Qatar Museum Authority's vision of the future and digital engagement strategy
Paul Spitzzeri

QRATOR - 1 views

    Described as developing models for informal learning and visitor engagement in museums via mobile devices and interactive digital labeling
Ruth Cuadra

The Neurochemistry of Empathy, Storytelling, and the Dramatic Arc, Animated | Brain Pic... - 0 views

    even the simplest narrative can elicit powerful empathic response by triggering the release of neurochemicals like cortisol and oxytocin, provided it is highly engaging and follows the classic dramatic arc
Lisa Eriksen

Extreme Futurist Festival 2012 - 2 views

    This looks like an extremely engaging event in LA.
Johanna Fassbender

Tactile bowls and musical spoon provide complete sensory food experience | Springwise - 0 views

    Engaging different senses as you 'experience' food.
Ariane Karakalos

A Lifetime of Curiosity: Science Centers and Older Adults - 1 views

    Browse PublicationsA Lifetime of Curiosity: Science Centers and Older Adults A Lifetime of Curiosity A Lifetime of Curiosity: Science Centers and Older Adults Wendy Pollock, Editor ASTC, May 2009 With the first wave of baby boomers now looking to the next phase of life, the time is right for museums to expand their engagement with older adult audiences. This publication offers positive examples, inspirational stories, and resources for those who are ready to get involved
Ruth Cuadra

Fourth Wall Studios does the 'Dirty Work' of innovation - - 0 views

    "transmedia" productions are being designed to engage viewers by crossing the boundaries between screen, phone, and tablets and turn viewers into players. "if they are successful, it will open a new channel for media that can stand alongside movies, television, musci and books." 
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