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Steve Windhager

Environment takes back seat for today's youth, report finds - 1 views

  • Despite their green reputation, the report suggests today's young people are far less environmentally minded than previous generations.
  • In fact, three times as many Millennials - those currently in high school or college - than baby boomers at the same age said they made no personal effort to help the environment: 15 per cent versus five per cent.
  • xperts say the problem may be that our kids' green education has been too thorough, ingraining the notion of a dying planet to such a degree that many believe th
    • Garry Golden
      interesting; seen various studies on 'green' values across generation; most shift w/ times (good vs bad economy); but this could suggest being green for museums is less value add to brand association for Millennials?
Garry Golden

MoMA | MoMA Teens Take Over Inside/Out: Overheard @ MoMA - 1 views

    'Overheard' models are a good youth (and adult) pop culture fit
Ruth Cuadra

Alcoholic Imitation - Creating a mature aesthetic, soda brands adopt designs reminiscen... - 0 views

    Is it possible to reverse-engineer this trend in museums by recasting "traditional" exhibitions and programs for a younger audience by promoting them using youth-oriented aesthetics?
Ruth Cuadra

The top 10 emerging technologies of 2016 - 1 views

    The World Economic Forum's annual list of this year's breakthrough technologies, published today, includes "socially aware" open AI. As technology for AI assistants expands, imagine that you could walk up to a display in a museum and ask a custom AI assistant any question you like about what you are seeing. Siri and Cortana and Google Assistant and Amazon Echo try to answer questions on all topics, but what if museums and other organizations could build their own add-on packs for their sphere of knowledge? The Getty, for example, would prepare answers to every question they've ever heard about "Statue of a Victorious Youth" and museum visitors (or maybe anybody in the world) could use the add-on pack to find out what they want to know.
Ruth Cuadra

Mesa youth museum expands business model - 1 views

    Developing a program of traveling exhibitions gives museum a new source of revenue
Karen Wade

Hepatitis C a latent legacy of baby boomers' youth - - 0 views

    Hep C a serious concern for baby boomers
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