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Elizabeth Merritt

People With Dementia Can Work on Farms in Holland - 0 views

  • Paula and most of her fellow farm workers have dementia. Boerderij Op Aarde is one of hundreds of Dutch “care farms” operated by people facing an array of illnesses or challenges, either physical or mental. They provide meaningful work in agricultural settings with a simple philosophy: rather than design care around what people are no longer able to do, design it to leverage and emphasize what they can accomplish.
  • For people with dementia, who are often less physically active and more isolated, farm settings promote movement and social interaction. And care farms can have emotional benefits, too, giving participants a sense of purpose and of making a meaningful contribution.
  • The workers get to choose which duties they’ll take on — that’s important, Monteny says, because people with dementia don’t have many opportunities to make decisions in their lives.
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  • Studies in Norway and the Netherlands found that people with dementia at care farms tended to move more and participate in higher-intensity activities than those in traditional care, which can help with mobility in daily life and have a positive impact on cognition. Dementia is often linked to social isolation, and care farms were found to boost social involvement, especially among those who wouldn’t opt for traditional assistance options. Spending time outdoors in nature, often part of a day on a care farm, can also improve well-being among people with dementia. Farms are not only good for individuals. Their families also benefit: studies find caregivers experience less guilt when their loved ones are supported by services they consider to be nurturing and fulfilling.
  • he continues to live independently in her own house, which Oranje believes is possible because her work at the farm keeps her active.
Ariane Karakalos

Four Ways to Keep the Museum Experience Relevant | Fast Company - 0 views

  • The event was successful from both historical and new metrics. Attendance surpassed projections and 1,700 new memberships were generated just from people waiting in line for the exhibition. More importantly for Ferriso, the city-wide experience changed how people perceive the museum.
  • Chinese residents from Chinatown got involved for the first time.
  • Kids showed up by the busloads. Local restaurants hosted after-parties for young patrons, and robust blog discussions were moderated by some of Portland's design community. By extending the conversation throughout the city, the museum was able to attract a new audience and re-energize its traditional base.
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  • Ferriso understood that the ability of the museum to involve more people in the conversation was based on the relevancy of the content.
  • The CDN content was particularly relevant to Portland and had the potential to attract a new audience--the young creative class.
  • Portland has had a long trade relationship with China due to its location in the Pacific Northwest, and city officials intend to forge even closer ties. Portland's entrepreneurs and business people are interested in understanding more about this global force that is transforming the sociopolitical dynamic of the world. In addition, the exhibition's focus on design, though not traditional for the museum, connected with Portland's thriving design community.
  • triggered local businesses that were not previously involved with the museum to get involved
  • Discussions are ongoing about bringing in more exhibitions that are relevant to local businesses.
  • They invited a small number of people from the creative community who they knew would help stimulate conversation, like a good host at a dinner party. These creators hosted their own events and were invited to blog on the exhibition's Web site.
  • The bigger challenge for the museum was releasing control of the conversation. Museums are historically cautious, and protective of the intellectual rigor of each exhibition.
  • Curation: Stay true to who you are."At the end of the day, you still need to present a point of view," said Jay. "Curation is still king." The museum was able to successfully move beyond the traditional museum experience and remain authentic because it understood its core promise--inspiring conversations through art and culture. The medium of social media did not become the museum's promise, but a means to connect with a new generation of potential patrons. It remained committed to curatorial rigor, the selection of collaborators was strategic, and the topic was timely and meaningful. By staying true to its purpose, the museum was able to be relevant to this new generation without alienating its traditional patrons. An 85-year-old board member said it best: "CDN allowed the museum to rethink how it connects with people."
  • New metrics are being discussed to measure the value of the conversations generated by the museum. Ideas include measuring repeat visits to the museum, quality of conversations, and influence (how do you measure the impact of inspiring the next Frank Gehry?).
Ruth Cuadra

As More Move To Cities, A New Take On Urban Design : NPR - 0 views

    By the year 2050, some 7 billion people will be living in cities. As many people who live on the planet today will be city dwellers just 38 years from now. Two years ago, for the first time in human history, over 50 percent of the population of the world now lives in cities, and that trend is accelerating. Every month, 1 million people in the world move to a city. If we don't get cities right, we're kind of - don't have a very bright future as humankind.
Elizabeth Merritt

Biden 'Billionaire' Tax Proposal Could Spur Changes in How the Wealthiest Give - 0 views

  • The change also could trigger a short-term burst of giving by donors who benefit from today’s tax rules and want to take advantage of them before the changes take effect
  • Another way the proposal could spur more giving is that is that some wealthy people might want to give enough away to stay under the $100 million annual threshold,
  • people would be less likely to hold on to their assets if they have to pay taxes every year on the increase in value.
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  • he wealthiest people often have extremely complicated, long-standing financial arrangements, including philanthropic planning that could negate any benefits for donating more under a billionaire’s tax.
  • Owens also noted that current tax law caps charitable deductions at 60 percent of adjusted gross income. If that provision remains in effect, wealthy people who hit that cap even before a billionaire tax is imposed may see no tax benefit from additional giving,
  • Economists who study taxes on the ultra wealthy say they think people overestimate the impact of new taxes on charitable giving.
  • “Sometimes people get the false impression that philanthropy actually is a roundabout way to save money on taxes that exceeds the cost of the gift, and that just isn’t true,” says Duquette. “If you give your money away, then even if you do get some tax benefits, you still have less wealth than you did when you started, so that’s not really a reason why philanthropists do philanthropy.”
Ruth Cuadra

Number of People Living in Cities Will Double by 2050 | - 0 views

    About 3.5 billion people across the globe live already live in cities - and the director of the United Nation's Human Settlement Program says that population will grow by 2.5 to 3 billion people by 2050.
Ruth Cuadra

Teaching People to Live Without Digital Devices - 0 views

    The designers figured out the perfect come-on to get the group they were looking for and then supported them activities that played to the reason people came to participate.
Trevor Aaronson

Quick Short Term Cash Loans- Obtain Money Via Online Medium And Resolve All Fiscal Woes! - 0 views

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Steve Prulhiere

Acquire Desired Loan Amount Without Going Anywhere in Easy Manner! - 0 views

    Payday loans Queensland arrange the needed cash help to working people in their tough times. Any people can apply for this from anywhere anytime via online mode within few minutes.
Ruth Cuadra

How the 'creative class' is re-making the world | SmartPlanet - 1 views

    $100/month membership-based workshops filled with otherwise inaccessible and often hugely expensive machinery, such as CNC mills, 3D printers and laser cutters. populated by people whose skills in computed-aided design and access to new materials is changing the world of manufacturing Perhaps, as has been suggested, the greatest opportunity for small scale manufacturing is in the developing world. But can Tech Shop be replicated in regions that aren't flush with people who have sizable disposable incomes?
Ruth Cuadra

The Open Office Opens Its Doors in Coventry Village - Shaker Heights, OH Patch - 1 views

    This kind of "third space" is really a workplace that is not home and not a coffee shop.  Alternative workspaces that draw people out of the homes and give them more and better access to workplace amenities can help people be more productive and create community.
Ruth Cuadra

Project for Public Spaces | Leadership Spotlight: Marisa Novara on Making the Case for ... - 1 views

    What are the places that draw people together and create a sense of community? They want a way to feel connected to other people in the place that they share.
Dayne Bell

Easily Overcome Mid Month Financial Crunch Situations Within Short Time - 0 views

    Fast cash loans are an appropriate financial assistance for the salaried class people that can avail an quick cash support until the arrival of their upcoming pay check. These loans scheme is easily available online at lender website, so any needy people can fill up simple online application form and submit it in proper manner. Making the best choice of loans can become easier with the careful for all kind of loan seekers.
Elizabeth Merritt

Why is the great resignation happening? - Quartz - 0 views

  • Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on people who left their jobs shows that people working in transportation and manufacturing quit at a lower rate than people working in professional and business services, and below the overall private industry average. Among industries with lower wages, hospitality did see a high level of resignation and job changes, though the industry typically has very high turnover (up to 70% to 80% yearly).
  • Nikolaidis’s research shows that some of the strongest determinants of lower mood after covid-19 were external social circumstances, including income or economic distress, as well as the person’s mental and socioeconomic conditions prior to the pandemic. People working in low-wage and hourly jobs have long expressed significant stress associated to their work, and their burnout epidemic arguably pre-dates covid-19.
  • The US administration seems aware of the looming crisis, and has proposed a mental health strategy with an overall budget of about $1 billion for 2023, to provide mental health services, recruit a mental health workforce, provide support to frontline health workers, and strengthen the role of community behavioral health clinics.
Ruth Cuadra

Art appreciation is measureable - 1 views

    "By measuring brain activity, interviewing test persons about thoughts and reactions, and charting their artistic knowledge, it's possible to gain new and exciting insight into what makes people appreciate good works of art. The model can be used for visual art, music, theatre and literature"
    this is one of those interesting angle on trends in neuroscience / quantification; push back will be on 'why do we need to measure everything' ; push towards this world will say - but if we know how people process arts experience we can improve the level of engagement.. Great scan hit!
Johanna Fassbender

Microvolunteers help blind people to 'see' | Springwise - 1 views

    This could also be helpful to blind museum visitors
Elizabeth Merritt

Who Is Working to End the Threat of AI-Generated Deepfakes - 0 views

  • ata poisoning techniques to essentially disturb pixels within an image to create invisible noise, effectively making AI art generators incapable of generating realistic deepfakes based on the photos they’re fed.
  • Higher resolution images work even better, he said, since they include more pixels that can be minutely disturbed.
  • Google is creating its own AI image generator called Imagen, though few people have been able to put their system through its paces. The company is also working on a generative AI video system.
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  • Salman said he could imagine a future where companies, even the ones who generate the AI models, could certify that uploaded images are immunized against AI models. Of course, that isn’t much good news for the millions of images already uploaded to the open source library like LAION, but it could potentially make a difference for any image uploaded in the future.
  • there are some AI systems that can detect deepfake videos, and there are ways to train people to detect the small inconsistencies that show a video is being faked. The question is: will there come a time when neither human nor machine can discern if a photo or video has been manipulated?
  • Back in September, OpenAI announced users could once again upload human faces to their system, but claimed they had built in ways to stop users from showing faces in violent or sexual contexts. It also asked users not to upload images of people without their consent
  • Noah asked Murati if there was a way to make sure AI programs don’t lead us to a world “where nothing is real, and everything that’s real, isn’t?”
Ruth Cuadra

Dementia Cases Expected to Triple by 2050 as World Population Ages - Population Referen... - 1 views

    ... more than 35 million people are living with dementia, according to recent World Health Organization (WHO) estimates.1 This number is expected to more than triple to reach 115 million by 2050 in the wake of world population aging.
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