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Ruth Cuadra

The Uncataloged Museum: Memorial Museums: Join A Conversation - 0 views

    questions about interpretation memorial museums in the context of idea of museums as a third space
Ruth Cuadra

Google Announces An Online Data Interpretation Class For The General Public - 0 views

    Businesses-as-schools has the potential to (further) disrupt the higher education and adult learning market. As companies edge into a role as teacher, how will they balance their own interests and the social goals of mass education?
Megan Conn

High-Speed Rail Researchers Dig Into Fresno's Historical Sites: The California Report |... - 0 views

    Construction begun for high-speed rail.  Archaeology interpretation opportunity?
Karen Wade

On Ferguson and Related Events: How Should Historic Sites Respond? | Engaging Places - 1 views

    My friend and former colleague, Max van Balgooy, suggests in his latest blog that museums can serve as "third spaces" to allow a safe place for diverse people to discuss and explore sensitive issues, such as those arising from Ferguson and related events. While we often think of "third spaces" being places for like-minded folks to gather informally, should they also provide a place to safely voice hurt and anger. What do you think about this interpretation of "third spaces?"
Elizabeth Merritt

Are we witnessing the dawn of post-theory science? | Artificial intelligence (AI) | The... - 0 views

  • we’ve realised that artificial intelligences (AIs), particularly a form of machine learning called neural networks, which learn from data without having to be fed explicit instructions, are themselves fallible.
  • The second is that humans turn out to be deeply uncomfortable with theory-free science.
  • there may still be plenty of theory of the traditional kind – that is, graspable by humans – that usefully explains much but has yet to be uncovered.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • The theories that make sense when you have huge amounts of data look quite different from those that make sense when you have small amounts
  • The bigger the dataset, the more inconsistencies the AI learns. The end result is not a theory in the traditional sense of a precise claim about how people make decisions, but a set of claims that is subject to certain constraints.
  • theory-free predictive engines embodied by Facebook or AlphaFold.
  • “Explainable AI”, which addresses how to bridge the interpretability gap, has become a hot topic. But that gap is only set to widen and we might instead be faced with a trade-off: how much predictability are we willing to give up for interpretability?
Karen Wade

Slave for a Day? I'm Not Sure This is a Good Idea | Engaging Places - 0 views

    This blog entry and following discussion brings up some very important issues regarding how best to engage visitors when dealing with socially-charged issues, in this case slavery.
Garry Golden

What is engagement, and when is it meaningful? | Museum Questions - 0 views

  • Garry Golden commented, “There is always risk of being seen as trendy or just buzz– but ‘engagement’ is a huge concept being explored today by people across the learning world…. I think engagement is a concept worth exploring.” And blogger Gretchen Jennings responded, in a post on her Museum Commons blog,  that she has and continues to “[urge] museum educators to focus less on formal education materials and methods and more on interpretive planning in exhibitions and visitor engagement in the museum, both on site and online. So I have decided to explore engagement in more depth. What is it, anyway? What would it mean for the-profession-formerly-known-as-museum- education to facilitate visitor engagement?
Karen Wade

Recent Video | PBS NewsHour | PBS - 0 views

    Yes, we need to "woo" all our visitors, but is this really the way to "woo" millennials? I doubt if this approach would impress many of my millennial friends (and I have a bunch of 20-somethings who are good friends).
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