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Ruth Cuadra

The top 10 emerging technologies of 2016 - 1 views

    The World Economic Forum's annual list of this year's breakthrough technologies, published today, includes "socially aware" open AI. As technology for AI assistants expands, imagine that you could walk up to a display in a museum and ask a custom AI assistant any question you like about what you are seeing. Siri and Cortana and Google Assistant and Amazon Echo try to answer questions on all topics, but what if museums and other organizations could build their own add-on packs for their sphere of knowledge? The Getty, for example, would prepare answers to every question they've ever heard about "Statue of a Victorious Youth" and museum visitors (or maybe anybody in the world) could use the add-on pack to find out what they want to know.
Ruth Cuadra

The World Hot Spots You've Never Heard of That Could Ruin 2015 - 1 views

    Wide-ranging overview of international issues, any of which could become a crisis in 2015. Topics range from a naval incident in China to continued fall in oil prices that could destabilize Russia, Venezuela, and other countries.
Emily Holm

The British Library Big Data Experiment - Digital scholarship blog - 0 views

    "The British Library Big Data Experiment"
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