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Philip Occhino

Apple Likely to Slim Down iPhone and iPad with Thinner and Lighter Backlights - Mac Rumors - 0 views

    Iphones and ipads are already slim enough, if they want to change something with there devices they should up the battery life. As a apple user, I think the slimness of the products are good enough, the only problem I have with them are the battery life.
    How is this connected to careers
Alyssa Ayade

The Easiest Way To Check For And Remove the Mac Flashback Trojan - 0 views

    Though this only applies to Mac users mainly, a new free app has been released to detect and remove a harmful trojan called Flashback. The Flashback trojan has infected half a million of Mac users already but with this app it's a simple task of clicking and waiting for the diagnosis to see if you're Mac has been infected itself. Although I am not a Mac user, I still think this is helpful for the many that are in need of removing such a virus.
Rom Perez

What's the Worst the Mac Flashback Trojan Could Do? - 0 views

    More than 650,000 Mac computers were infected with a nasty Trojan horse called "Flashback" The virus was disguise as an Adobe Flash Player installer, using Flash Player logo.
jonathan molloy

Mac Flashback Trojan: Find Out If You're One of the 600,000 Infected - 0 views

    Since the coming of the 600,000 macs being infected, your probably wondering as a mac user if you may be next.  This site shows simple ways of finding out if u may be infected with the virus.
jonathan molloy

600,000 Macs Worldwide Reportedly Infected by Flashback Trojan - Mac Rumors - 0 views

    This story truly puts an end to the rumor that macs never get viruses and that they are unhackable. It was only a matter of time before something like this would happen, maybe not to this extent.  600,000 macs is a huge number which will cause macs reputation and reliability to take a hard blow.
Adrian Galope

New Flashback Trojan Variant Doesn't Need A Password to Infect Your Mac - 1 views

    This article is about a new virus, namely OSX/Flashback.k, that can hack into your Mac without the need for the admin password. Once infected, the Trojan will attempt to download a code for the main piece of malware, also known as "payload" and attempt to install it one of two ways. The way it installs it depends on whether or not the user inputs his admin password. Once the Mac is infected, the malware then hijacks Safari every time it launches and redirects the user to it's targeted website.
Matthew Tam

Another Day, Another Mac Trojan on the Loose - 0 views

    Apparently Macs can get viruses. The ESNET security company is reporting that the Tsunami Trojan originally developed for Linux systems has been ported to OSX. The Trojan is designed to hijack an infected system and use its network connection in DDoS attacks or to automatically download more malware. 
Matt Bautista

Apple Crushes Psystar's Hackintosh Court Appeal » Geeky Gadgets - 0 views

    Hackintosh gone? Back in 2008 Apple filed a suit against Psystar (makers of Hackintosh) for making 'mac clones'. Psystar was banned from copying, distributing, selling, offering Mac OS X. Even though you could install Mac OS X on a regular PC, stealing apples software without actually buying a mac. But now Psystar owes Apple 2.7 MILLION dollars. Psystar's business closed down because of this.
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