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Alexandra Fank

Smart Remote on the Samsung Galaxy S5 | Android Central - 0 views

    The Smart Remote on Samsung Galaxy S5 features an infrared sensor at the top of the phone which can control your TV and other home electronics. The app, Smart Remote, requires a little bit of setup but is super useful for reducing the amount of controllers you have lying around and make you like much easier, not to mention its much easier to keep track of as well. The app also allows you to check what shows are on at all times and from anywhere.
Winnie Huang

Spoiler Shield is the first line of defense against spoilers | Breaking Apple News, Tip... - 0 views

    I can not count how many times already that I have had something spoiled for me, be it a television series I have yet to watch, a book I have yet to buy and read, a movie still left to watch, or even a new music video for a certain Korean boy band that I follow and cry over. And all of these disgusting spoilers, that ruin my entertainment, come from the single source that is the Internet. I can't even innocently scroll through my dashboard on Tumblr to update my blog anymore without discovering five plot twists in which I have not yet been pleasantly surprised in, a death scene I least expected before it was my time to watch it, and maybe even a leaked practice video to a supposedly secret EXO comeback. Not only does this infuriate me to no end, but it also fuels the fires of my happiness in that someone created the "Spoiler Shield" app - a way to specifically block all of the spoilers you will find while going through your social media sites. Just simply input the subject you would not like to previously see before you invest the time to actually watch it, and the app will block all spoilers relating to it in real time so that going on your social media daily will never be a problem again. At last, I have found an app that will keep my eyes innocent to .gifs from Game of Thrones Season 4 so that I can now watch the show without it being ruined. The idea that this app will prevent me from stumbling over random spoilers greatly pleases me.

Dash (Android) review - CNET - 0 views

    Do you ever want to know the way your cars works or how your driving habits affects your fuel economy? Then Dash is the app for you. However, it is only available for Android and in the US for now. For the app to work, Dash connects with an on board diagnostic that plugs to a dedicated port in your car and uses bluetooth to send data to your phone. Every car made after 1996 can use this app. The app requires an account and a diagnostics dongle. Once Dash is all set up, it will gather data about your car and your driving habits. Every time you start the car, drive around and turn off the car, it counts as a trip. For each trip, you will get a score which measures how safe you drive, and habits such as sticking to the speed limit. When you finish a trip, you get a breakdown of your starting and ending points, the total distance you drove, how long it took you, the amount of fuel used in dollars, and your average fuel economy. Dash also helps with repairs, and has many social features as added extras. New features that are on their way include a way to alert emergency crews that an accident has happened when the airbags are triggered. In my opinion, this app is a must have for drivers especially those who are still learning. With this app, your driving habits can improve a lot with its cool features.
Robert Augustynowicz

'Minecraft: Pocket Edition' Surpasses 21 Million Copies Sold; Title Update 15 Releases ... - 1 views

    Minecraft PE is one of the greatest apps ever. Minecraft PE has stood on its head since it's release and is one of the most popular apps of all time. Minecraft was originally a PC game but some may say that the Pocket Edition has proven to be better. So will Mojang(the creator) slowly add more content or will a new follow up be at large?
    Minecraft PE can be a very enjoyable game. Over 21 million copies of this seven dollar game was sold since its initial realise for the Xperia PLAY on August 16, 2011. I fined did really interesting that this game is doing so well. The mobile version so far, has 7 million more copies sold than the PC version. The PE version still does not allow redstone placement, although it can be mined and used in crafting recipes, and have near infinite worlds. I believe many of the customers are first time players who want to try the game at a lower cost. Although I do like the Pocket edition version, the PC version just has more to offer with the possibilities of mods an online multiplayer game modes.

Candy Crush Saga - Does It Deserve Being One of the Top Games on Facebook? - 0 views

    This article is about the app that has been #1 for the past months. Its Candy crush created by King Digital Entertainment. This game is a match-three puzzled video game that now is everywhere. Including the apple app store, google play store, facebook, pc and more. It is so popular that there are 46 million average monthly users and its worth $22.50 per share in the stock market. However, does this game deserve being one of the best game app? I think that it does deserve being one of the best games in mobile. There are similar popular games such as jewel mania but candy crush has bubbly colourful visuals, different storyline/goal for every set of levels, and it looks delicious. Also when you are stuck, you can ask your friends to help in social networks which i think helps the game to be known more. King is still installing new features and new levels to it. So I don't think this game will go away anytime soon especially with all the advertisement it's in and the popularity.
Walter White

15 New Apps You Should Know | Cool Material - 0 views

    This article describes 15 new apps that are exciting, innovative and unique that you should keep an eye out for. Being a person who uses apps every day I am always searching for new and cool things to interact with. One of the cool apps featured is My-script Calculator. It allows you to write in your own calculations and it has the technology to read what you wrote and give an answer which I see as pretty cool.
    This article describes 15 new apps that are exciting, innovative and unique that you should keep an eye out for. Being a person who uses apps every day I am always searching for new and cool things to interact with. One of the cool apps featured is My-script Calculator. It allows you to write in your own calculations and it has the technology to read what you wrote and give an answer which I see as pretty cool.
Dragos Penelea

Windows Phone Marketplace now home to 120,000 apps | The Verge - 0 views

    This post is about the windows phone market increasing in number of apps. In june 2012, the Windows Phone market was home to only 100 000 apps, and is now at 120 000 apps. This shows that although it is a small amount compared to Apple's 650 000 apps in June 2012, it is very rapidly growing and becoming a more recognized competitor. When people are asked what they do not like about windows phones in general, most say that the are too few apps on the market. This is quickly becoming less and less of an issue. This relates to portable computing because these days people use apps for everything. A larger selection of apps can be the deal breaker on choosing between an iPhone and a Windows Phone. By having a large amount of apps available to customers, you can make their lives easier by meeting more of their daily needs through phone applications. 
Nicole Luciani

Always Get the Best Deals on Mobile Apps - 0 views

    This lifehacker article explains how to save money in terms of finding and purchasing the best deals on mobile apps. If you are someone who is either tired or annoyed by paying full price on an app that never really lived up to your expectations or your someone who just wants to find a good deal, then your in luck, because the best sales or price drops to find for apps is not that hard, it just requires a little patience. If you are a iPhone or Android user, the best way to track price drops easily and efficiently is to create a list so you can easily check on the price of an app to see if it's gone on sale or not. A particular nifty tool on the iPhone is when you add a interested app to your account of a created wish list, the App Shopper app will either send you an email or a push notification when an app you're keeping your eyes on drops in price. Another method in saving money while wanting to purchase apps for your mobile device is to hold out for common sale times. Both the iTunes App Store and Google Play love having sales around the holidays. Also, apps tend to go on sale after they hit the top of the charts to celebrate their success or after an anniversary of some kind. A third strategy is to look at the sale history or possibly a one-year anniversary to see if a possible sale is sure to come around soon enough. Overall, holding out for a good sale and knowing when those sales happen is a good way to keep your app purchasing budget in check. It's important to not waste your money on pointless apps or on ones that end up dropping in price the next day. Wait the extra day or two and save an extra couple dollars because in the long run, this will pay off both economically as well as feeling satisfied with how you shopped to make your mobile device experience that much better.
    Here are some steps into getting some of the best deals on Mobile apps. Most apps are $1.29 to 99 cents and sometimes you think they're too overpriced and you just want a good deal! They're are two things about buying apps, you're always looking for the best deal on apps and hate paying full price, or you buy the app, and then find out the next day that the app goes on sale. Here are some easy ways to find out about cheap apps. 1. Set up price drop alerts and create a list of apps YOU want. This is great so you can track the prices of apps you want. 2. Set up notifs of price drops, for iPhone, there is an app called App Shopper where you can search for any app, and add it to your wish list, and when the price of that app drops in sale, you'd get a e-mail telling you the price dropped. You can do the same thing with Android, and those apps are called AppBrain and AppsFire. 3. Hold out for common sale times. Apps tend to go on sale during holidays like Christmas or Easter. Also, they go on sale after they hit the top of the charts to celebrate their success or after an anniversary of some kind. Many think apps aren't that big of a deal about prices, but when you buy a lot, the bill adds up. These steps great tips on how to get a great deal on apps! SO THIS BOOKMARK BETTER BEAT JASON'S BOOKMARK....but it looks like it didn't :'(
Jason Strassler

The best apps for iPads and Android tablet devices - iPhone app article - Bra... - 0 views

    This article names and describes four of the best and most popular apps to download for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and any other Android tablet device. This is useful to many people's lives, including my own, because when I first get a new handheld device, the first thing that people want to know is the best and most useful apps to download and what better way to inform people of popular apps then by reading this article. This is also important economically because people don't want to waste time and more importantly money by trying out apps that aren't really good nor useful to them. This will get their Android or iPad experience off to a bad start and this is not what Apple as a company wants their consumers to think so negatively about their products. This way, by reading this page, society and myself can identify what may be of interest to us varying from Netflix all the way to a cool racing game. A variety of possibilities of apps are available but the next step is to identify what are the best and most significant apps that will be of use to each individual when the intended time is ready for use.
Malaika Thompson

Friday: A Personal Assistant That Remembers What You've Done - 0 views

    Everyone always forgets things and it makes them frustrated. With this new android app called Friday, you wouldn't have to worry about forgetting because it remembers for you. Friday is your personal assistant. It can tell you where you were on what day, what you did, and who you were with. This is an exciting new app that will make everyone's lives easier and less stressed.
Jizelle Pineda

7 Apps You Don't Want To Miss [PICS] - 0 views

    This article tells the readers about 7 apps that were released this week. The seven apps are Pair, Bump Pay, Fuze HD, Babbel forAndroid, MTA or Merifian, Paper, and Wonders of the Universe.
    Pair is an app for many of those who are in a long distance relationship. They allow couples to create a private timeline, swap photos, share videos, and their location. The app also has "thumb kiss" feature that vibrates the phone when they both touch the same part of the phone. This app is available for iPhones.

    Bump Pay is an app that allows you to pay others by simply "bumping" your phones together. You would pay them using PayPal.

    Fuze HD is an video conference app that allows others to have a video chat with up to ten people on at once. You could  also send text, images, and other media during the presentation.

    Babble for Android is a language app. It has over 3000 vocabulary words, sounds, images, speech recognition and a personalized review manager for multiple languages.

    MTA on Meridian is a app that you can use to browse art of particular line or plan your own transit system art tour.

    Paper is a new app that allows people to draw diagrams and sketches and shared them with others on the web.

    Wonders of the universe is an app that lets you explore space with graphics and visuals. 

    I think that this article is interesting because it tells me many of the apps that I didn't know about.

jonathan molloy

Open your eyes: Google Goggles now available on iPhone in Google Mobile App - Official ... - 0 views

    this amazing app allows you to actual do a google search with a picture!  This can be used in dozens of situations of the top of my head, such as at a museum a tour or even just something cool you saw on the ride to school.  This allows us to see the world in a different way allowing us to appreciate the history and culture behind things we would ignore on a daily basis
Brian Agas

Comcast, HBO GO and MLB.TV Apps Come to Xbox LIVE - 0 views

    Xbox 360 has added several new apps to its gaming consoles Xbox Live package as part of an effort to make it an all-in-one entertainment system. It added various cable networks such as Comcast, HBO Go, and MLB TV. This relates to the course because it shows how technology is evolving.
Ira Garcia

Android and iOS expose your photos to third party apps, promise fixes -- Engadget - 0 views

    This article is about iOS exposing the private data on your phone to third party apps. These include your photos, contact numbers and even your present geographical location. And a week later, Android was also discovered having the same security flaw. Both companies promised that they are working on fixing it. They should do it fast because soon, we are going to run out of personal data to expose. 
Jihae Jeon

5 Essential Mobile Apps for Keeping Up With U.S. Politics - 0 views

    This talks about apps you can download to your apple things or smartphones if you are interested in U.S. politics. These apps can update you on  events thats happening in U.S. politics/government. Im not very interested in U.S. governments or politics but some people do so this can help them even when they are not in U..S. they dont have yo go to internet and look for it. Apps will do that for you and upgrade it. This shows that now you can know whats happening in other countries in just few seconds. That's how much technology has improved since before. 
Daniela Gaudio

10 Free Android Apps You'll Use Every Day - 1 views

    This article is very beneficial for those who like free apps like my classmates in this class. If one has the android phone, they will be provided with 10 free apps that they will use everyday. This would be important for people who need certain things right away and can't afford it, or in a rush and don't have the time to download the apps. For example, a free app that is mentioned in this article is the alarm clock app. You have more than one option to choose from when using this alarm clock, rather than the one built in the phone because it is specifically for alarms. Further stating, that these 10 free apps for the Android can be helpful for busy people.
Sarah Karam

New Nike+ apps and shoes cater to basketball players and training athletes -- Engadget - 0 views

    Nike decided to come out with a new app that helps you exercise and get prepared for sports. This app connects with a pair of shoes they made and it is able to detect your speed, jump height etc. As well, this app has various techniques and warm ups you can do. This app is for i-phones and is available in the summer. I feel this new technology is good for everyone because it makes you want to become physically active and you can learn new techniques for sports that you never knew before. As well, this relates to the course because the app is a software and sensors in the shoes are the hardware. They had to program the app for it to work and sensor properly. 
Rom Perez

Apple's Start Developing iOS Apps Today Guide Is a Roadmap for Creating Your First App - 0 views

    just like our class is learning about basic programming, Apple is making a guide to create your first app on your every own iOS device. This is a good program that Apple is doing but i dont feel that paying 99$ a year so that you can publish your own app on the app store
Jizelle Pineda

The iPhone Even Makes Other Toys Seem Redundant - 1 views

    This article is about how an iphone app that can change the iphone into an interactive toy for children. This app allows children to transform the iphone into different vehicles. It also expands the imagination of children because it requires children to use different building materials for the surrounding of the iphone to make it seem realistic.This app is also very cheap for only $1.99 and make children more creatice
Jihae Jeon

10 Apps for Finding Apps - 0 views

    This article talks about apps people can download to their computer and cell  phones. This is very helpful because in our society, there are many technology which deals with apps such as i pods, i phones, Google phones, smartphone and etc. In the beginning people have difficult time finding which apps are useful since not all apps are free to download. This article could solve their problem because it talks about 10 apps that can help you to find other apps that are useful. I like this because i too have problem deciding which apps to download and now i know that these 10 apps can help me to solve my problem and help me download useful apps without wasting my time. 
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