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Why Smartphone, Laptop, and Airplane Batteries Explode - 0 views

    The article i chose is about why Smartphone, Laptop, and Airplane batteries can explode. These batteries are lithium-ion batteries and are less expensive and more energy dense than than regular batteries which is why many people use them. These batteries don't just short circuit, they explode into flames and the batteries explosive tendencies are the result of a process known as thermal runaway. This means that the increasing temp. causes the system to get hotter which increases the temp. and so on. The causes of this are short circuits, temperatures exceeding 60 degrees C, repeated overcharging, or unauthorized modifications to the case. This occurs very rarely but just to be on the safe side all you have to do is make sure you don't repeatably overcharge, and replace the batteries every 36 months or so to avoid pushing a worn cell to hard. 

    This relates to the selected tag economics because some companies such as apple took out 1.8 million iBook and PowerBook battery packs after just nine reports of overheating. It also relates to Portable Computing because your computer can overheat and be damaged forever.   
jonathan molloy

2.5 Million Laptops Later, One Laptop Per Child Doesn't Improve Test Scores - 0 views

    This article is about a group called One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) who donated two million five hundred thousand laptops to schools in Africa. They found out that laptops does not help improve test results in math and english for these children. Even though the laptops were stored with two-hundred books and reading/writing lessons, the kids did not score more then others on tests. this relates to our class because we use laptops for our classes.
    This is extremely interesting to me because it shows that although technology is a great thing, it does not do the work for you.  it shows that 2.5million computers where given to people in Africa and their test scores did not improve that drastically.  this shows that if people want to learn they will, if they dont, they will not.  this relates to our class because we use computers daily
Jason Strassler

Toshiba unveils ultra-thin laptop | Technology | - 0 views

    It has been announced by Toshiba that their newest notebook is the thinnest laptop ever made. This is exciting but also a very impactful statement for not only just the world of technology but for our entire society. There has already been significant improvement in the size, weight, and portability of laptops but this new invention being known as the "thinnest" ever is surely a huge step for what the new standards of laptops will be in the future to come. I am certainly excited and I highly anticipate this new product due to the idea of in over a year's time, the way I use a computer, a huge technology aspect in my life, will be altered in a way where everything I need can be accessed and used in a thinner, faster, and lighter experience.
Nicole Luciani

Your Next Laptop Might Be Made of Paper - 0 views

    Soon enough our future computers/laptops will be made out of paper. Now imagine how hard it will be to maintain its shape? Or how easy it would be to replace the parts?  Kinda looking forward to seeing this in the future
    As you know, many laptops are made of wood, bamboo, carbon fiber and recently made of glass. Now recycled paper might be making its way to a computer. Paper PP Alloy is a paper-based material that is designed to be strong and sturdy. Also it is known to be far easier to recycle. For now many think this is a great start. PEGA assures us that you will be seeing this new material in the near future!
Matthew Tam

Crank Up Your Laptop's Gaming Power with an External Video Card Dock - 0 views

    The author of this post, Whitson Gordon creates a External GPU mount so that your gaming experiences with a laptop can be improved. Basically(click link to website to see picture) he takes a full size GPU and connects it to the express card slot on the laptop, improving performance for a few hundred bucks. Downside? Its not very mobile. (Just get a desktop)
Mary lou Paningbatan

DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into A Handy Whiteboard - 1 views

    the tops of the Laptops are useless...UNTILL..the Drawtop was introduced. This $12 vinyl sticker can be put onto the top of your laptop and PRESTO!! you are able to draw on th back of your laptop with a dry-erase marker. You can scribble notes and even draw pretty pictures. Customize it however you want. ENJOYY!!
Matthew Favret

PC Laptop Makers Have Completely Given Up - 2 views

    It's obvious that Apple is extremely successful. According to, Apple passed Microsoft as the world's largest tech company, and that was only in may of 2010. Its clear that other companies are trying to find ways to stand out, against Apple who dominates the computer market. So what does Intel do? Spend $300 million on Macbook Air knock offs.
    As most of us know there is a constant war going on between mac & PC but now it seems as thought one of the contenders have given up. Many PC companies have now begun just making Mac clones! Apple is the leader in technological advances and PC's are struggling to keep up. This Drives the producers to try and follow the leader to see if they can capture the same technology at a PC's price.
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