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Matt Visitacion

Larger iPhone 6 May Cause Massive Spike in Upgrades, Lure Android Users - Mac Rumors - 0 views

  • Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 is widely rumored to include a larger display, which could encourage a significant number of users to upgrade in 2014, according to analyst Brian Marshall of ISI Group, who released a note to investors today.
    Apple's soon to come iPhone 6 is rumoured to have a larger display, which according to analyst Brian Marshall of ISI Group, could encourage many users to upgrade in 2014. Marshall suggests that Apple may release two versions of the phone, one with a 5.5 inch screen and one with a 4.7 inch screen. With a larger screen, the iPhone 6 may attract people who switched from iphone to android because of the larger screen, to come back to iPhones. A higher demand for an iPhone may happen because of this redesign plus the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s. I personally, would switch to iPhone if I was using a Samsung Galaxy, because the large screen would now be on the iPhone, but it would still also depend on the price of this new phone.
Matt Visitacion

Just Tap Your Phone On Every Wall and This App Will Draw a Floorplan - 0 views

  • It's not a bad idea to measure a room before you go out and buy a bunch of new furniture. And if you've got an iPhone, that becomes less of an ordeal because you can trade your tape measure for this slick app called RoomScan. It automatically generates floorplans by simply tapping your phone on every wall.
    This article is about an app for the iPhone that is called RoomScan. It is a floor plan generator which helps you when you measure a room if you are buying new furniture. It simply works by tapping your phone on every wall! The app uses your phone's built in GPS and gyroscope. Sadly, this app is only for iPhone and not for Android. I think this is a great app, and it helps people who are moving around furniture in the house because it saves a lot of time. This new creation also shows that technology in our society is replacing a lot of our in-home tools.
Matt Visitacion

Apple Reportedly Targeting Q3 2014 Launch for iWatch - Mac Rumors - 0 views

    This article talks about the upcoming iWatch by Apple. The concept is by Todd Hamilton and is based on the Nike FuelBand. The iWatch itself will be manufactured with Richtek Technology, TPK supplying chips and sapphire touch panels and the processor that the device is said to run in developed by Apple. The exact features of the iWatch are currently unknown but there are rumors that the device will include biometric sensors to check health-related statistics, sleep activity, UV light exposure, and heart rate. Reports say that the new iWatch will be released later in the year with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8. This article shows how Apple is moving forward to creating more products other than just phones and computers. Maybe soon they might start creating kitchen appliances *joke*
Robert Augustynowicz

Apple sues Samsung for $2 billion; Samsung sues Apple for $7 million, Ecumenical News - 0 views

    The smartphone wars are taking a turn for the worse. Last week both apple and Samsung companies made patent infringement lawsuits against each other. Apples lawsuit of 2 billion dollars against Samsung is for use of the slide-to-unlock feature, auto word correction, universal search of the phone, and Internet and background syncing of data. While Samsung's 7 million dollar lawsuit against Apple is for the use of remote video transmission and on digital imaging. I believe that apples case is a little childish compared to Samsung's especially with the part about the slide to unlock future. Samsung's case seems to be about more important matters like using its camera and the remote control patents. I personally would like Samsung to win because I prefer their products and customer service over Apple's.

Apple, Samsung patent war to resume in U.S. courts - Business - CBC News - 0 views

    Just when you thought that the Apple-Samsung dispute was long gone, the two rivaling tech companies will once again appear in court next week in Silicon Valley. As usual, they are accusing each other of ripping off designs and features. Apple is accusing Samsung of infringing on 5 patents including Samsung's popular Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Samsung on the other hand is accusing Apple of stealing ideas to use on Apple's iDevices. According to Apple attorneys, Apple "revolutionized the market in personal computing devices, while Samsung "systematically copied Apple's innovative technology and products. Samsung in defense says that it has been a "pioneer in the mobile business sector since the inception of the mobile device industry, and that Apple copied many of Samsung's innovations on Apple's iDevices. Some things Apple claims that Samsung copied are tap to search technology, and "slide to unlock" the latter in my opinion, is not true. However, each smartphone has many patents, but Apple is only challenging 5 of them. personally I think that Apple and Samsung devices are very different. Sure some features may be similar or identical, but that's just to have competition. Although both of them are innovators, I think that Samsung/Google is innovating more nowadays than Apple.
James Zabbal

Apple considering launching iTunes app for Android to help declining music sales, accor... - 0 views

    This article is about how Apple plans to increase its music sales by bringing iTunes to Android and launching a paid music subscription service. Google has already brought their Google Play Music to iOS devices. Even though Apple takes up about 40% of the U.S. digital music market, it has declined in the double digits in the past few years. They plan to expand to Android and open its store to hundreds of millions of users. I don't think this will work good for Apple because there already so many other music services such as Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music and Google Play Music itself on Android, and most people these days just download their music online because they do not want to spend lots of money to buy a song or an album.

Weekend App: viaProtect will give you some strong hints about your iPhone's security st... - 0 views

    This app viaProtect is an app for your iphone that monitors where your data is going and where its coming from. This app makes sure that your data for your phone is secure and you are aware of it. When you use this app, it will analyse your phone and will provide a risk score. this app will not solve all your security problems with your iphone, but it will increase your awareness about where your data is going. I would be interested in using this app but it is only available for iphone. i think that this app is very useful, so you know that your data maybe going somewhere else or coming from somewhere else.

Apple (Canada) - iOS 7 - Siri - 0 views

    i chose to talk about Siri because i think Siri is a very useful tool. Siri helps me personally and makes not just me but my parent's lives easier to, for example when my parents are driving and the law is you can't use your phone and drive at the same time, Siri helps making a phone call with no hands. Siri also helps you get information more easily, all you have to do is tell Siri what you need and it will search and find the info for you. i also think Siri is good because you can take notes and save contacts more easily for example you tell Siri to make a note it will record what you say and add it to to your notes. This is why i think Siri is a great creation and it makes peoples lives way easier.

Apple's hiring spree of biosensor experts continues - 0 views

    The iWatch, Apple's much speculated piece of future wearable tech, is becoming more viable daily as Apple hires more tech experts with in backgrounds in medical technology. This lends it self to speculation that the iWatch will not only be wearable tech, but also wearable tech with medical uses. Among those hired are Marcelo Malini Lamego, a research and development expert who in the past has developed another piece of wearable medical tech. This in combination with the hiring of algorithm and biosensor developer Nima Ferdosi strongly point to the iWatch being more fact than fiction. Michael O'Reilly is another recent acquisition by Apple, this time a Chief Medical Officer at Masimo medical. This is especially strange because Mr. O'Reilly has a background in medicine, not technology. This, taken into account with Apple's latest grab at wearable medical technology developers suggests that the iWatch may not be far off, and it may be the future of at home medicine.
Nicole Trezzi

Apple reportedly working on a device to predict heart attacks | The Verge - 1 views

    Apple has been successful for many years and have been looking to expand their company into the medical devices and cars categories. With the help of audio engineer Tomlinson Holman, Apple has developed a device that can predict heart attacks by listening to the sound of your blood. Last June the company also announced that they were planning on bringing the iOS into vehicles and earlier this year we got a sneak peak of what these cars might look like. What could leave many people thinking is the thought of this new product making other car models obsolete and if it will take over the world like the iPhones have. The report on these new produces have been very light on detail but we do know that we can look forward to these new devices that can yet again change the world we know of today.
    what's the connection to careers here?
James Harris

Four of the Five Highest-Paid Execs in the US Work for Apple - 0 views

    Apple is the wealthiest company in the world possessing more money than the US government. With this being said, it is no surprise that four of the top five best paid executives in America are employed by Apple. It was reported by Bloomberg that they each receive a base salary of $805,400, but also get paid in stock options. At the top of the list, Bob Mansfield, Senior VP of Technologies makes a huge equivalent of $85.5 million a year. Next on the list is Bruce Sewell, Apple's lead lawyer, who makes $69 million a year. After that is Jeffrey Williams, Senior VP of Operations, who makes $68.7 million a year, and Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer, who makes $68.6 million a year. I gave this article the economics tag because it deals with the salaries of highly paid apple employees. Personally, I think it is outrageous that these people make multi-million dollar salaries, and this kind of thing should be regulated.     
Lynn Bui

Exclusive: Apple, Macs hit by hackers who targeted Facebook | Reuters - 0 views

    This article is about how Apple was hacked on Tuesday February the 19th, 2013. Basically, unknown hackers infected some Apple workers computers when they visited a website for software developers This website had been infected with malicious software that was designed to target Mac computers. Some people are saying that the malware could have originated from China, but there is no proof. Some of the malware was distributed through a site aimed at iPhone developers. It might still be infecting visitors who haven't disabled Java in their browser. F-Secure a security firm wrote that the hackers might have been trying to get access to codes for apps on smartphones which would allow them to infect millions of app users. Hackers recently found out a sophisticated way to attack Macs by exploiting a flaw in Adobe Systems Inc's Flash software. What I find very interesting is that the breaches described by Apple mark the highest-profile cyber-attacks to date on businesses running Mac computers. This shows that we should make an effort to protect our information especially since one of the largest technology companies has been breached. With cyber security attacks on the rise, we should all be aware and careful of the sites that we are visiting. Apple workers simply visited a website for software developers and became infected with the virus. The hackers are breaking many laws by hacking Apple, Apple intents to find the hackers with the help of the police.
Boris Smirnov

Tim Cook Was Never Keen on Suing Samsung in the First Place - 0 views

    In this article, Apple's current CEO, Tim Cook expresses his opinion on the suing of South Korean company, Samsung. Although, Steve Jobs was very clear with his intentions to take out Samsung as a major source of competition, Tim Cook was opposed to suing Samsung because the company was a major supplier of parts for Apple. However, Jobs suspected Samsung was abusing the supplier relationship to shield it from any legal claims and his fears were confirmed with the early release of the Galaxy Tab which was very much like the iPad. Apple's dependency on Samsung is displayed by the nearly $8 billion dollars worth of components bought from Samsung last year. For this reason, Tim Cook has made several moves to wean Apple's dependence on Samsung products, including hiring away a top chip designer formerly working for Samsung. This and the $1.17 billion dollars apple was given from the jurisdiction between the two rivals was a big win for them. This article fits under the legal category because it touches upon the legal issues between the two rivaling companies, and the opinions of stakeholders such as Jobs and Cook. Also, this article is related to economics because it predicts the future of major companies like Samsung and Apple. With these two companies at the top, changes in consumer behaviour can easily result if one of the companies falls behind.
Alex Chassovskih

NYT: Apple 'experimenting' with curved glass smartwatch | The Verge - 0 views

    The article I'm about to review is called "Apple 'experimenting' with the curved glass smartwatch". This article briefly describes how the company Apple is experimenting with the curved glass smartwatch. 

    This curved glass technology, or as Apple calls it the iWatch, has begun developing around February 10, 2013. The iWatch will wrap around your wrist, and will act as a curved glass iPod.  The watch will connect via Bluetooth, and alert users for incoming messages. The iWatch also features a range of applications to use, including a whole range of applications that are targeted at cyclist. For example, the iWatch can be used to track the speed of which your bike is going, act as a GPS and record distance and pace data.

    In conclusion, this curved glass smart watch, or more simplistically, the iWatch, is hopefully the next big hit for Apple.
Nicked -

Apple Is a Follower - 0 views

    Many of us think of Apple as this giant in electronics. Over the past decade, Apple set the market for smartphones, ultrabooks, and tablets. However, in the past couple of years, Apple has begun to fall off. Rather than being the huge 'juggernaut,' Apple has become a follower, forced to play catch up to other companies including Google and Amazon.
    Evidence of this are tied to the recent releases of the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7. Apple's response was the iPad Mini, when they realized consumers enjoyed smaller tablets. Before that was the iPhone 5, in response to people wanting larger phone displays. Apple Maps is a blunder that both iOS 6 users and Apple pays for.
    Apple was slow on the draw to join in on changes to the market specifications. Having controlled the market for the past decade with the popularization of smartphones, tablets, and retina display, Apple was simply unprepared to react to these changes. Apple still has their innovation and secrets hidden in R&D, but the fact of the matter is their most recent releases contain ideas from other companies' progress.
    This relates to elifestyle because our generation uses these products in our daily lives. Most of us do not remember a time when electronics did not make up a substantial part of our lives; when Apple was not a prominent consumer electronics company. This reminds us that power does not last indefinitely; innovators become followers, and companies fall. The next big thing in electronics may not even exist yet. 
Dragos Penelea

Apple's iOS 6 Maps Gets Improvements » Geeky Gadgets - 0 views

    As you all probably know, the new Apple maps available on iOS 6 is failing to live up to many expectations and requirements. Since coming out, it has had a lot of criticism and many apple customers were disappointed. There has even been a public apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who promised that Apple were hard  at work improving Apple Maps. In my opinion, it is embarrassing when such a prestigious company such as Apple develops something that receives this much criticism. I also think that this can hurt Apple's reputation, and even cause users to switch over to rival companies such as Samsung for phones. The big question, however, is whether or not Apple can match or even improve on the previously incorporated with Apple products, "Google Maps." Some say this is unlikely, as Google has much more experience in make map apps, and as Apple still has a long way to go until they can improve Apple Maps to a level where it could be considered decent.
Dragos Penelea

Americans reportedly spent $6B on broken iPhones - 0 views

    This post is about the price Americans paid over the past 5 years to fix their broken iPhones. With such a thin, glass design, the iphone has not been a very durable phone so far. Many Americans found this out the hard way by dropping it from their hand, plunging it into a body of water such as a toilet or a tub, or dropping it from their laps. The cost of all these accidents adds up to a whopping 5.9 billion dollars over the past five years in the United States. This issue relates back to the "Portable Computing" tag, because no matter how advanced the iPhone is or how it can improve you daily life in hundreds of different ways, it is not able to accomplish anything if it is broken. Reliability when it comes to withstanding drops is a major factor required in order to positively affect our lives. In my opinion, this is disappointing coming from such a prestigious company such as Apple. I think that for iPhone 5, they should build a more robust phone, without sacrificing its slim, thin design that everybody loves so much. You should not have to buy an expensive case in order to keep your phone protected, especially with a price like the iPhone's.
katrina dykun

Apple EarPods Teardown Reveals Durable Design - 0 views

    This article is about the comparison of the old apple earphones and the new EarPods. Apple claims that the new EarPods sound as powerful as the expensive earphones invented in the world (example: Beats by Drake.. if that's what they're called). These new EarPods are as powerful as a expensive pair of earphone, but cost only 29$ and if you purchase any apple device (iPhone, iPod touch, etc.) these earbuds are free. 

    I have watched the video below, and some people say they can't tell a difference from the old earphone, while other people say it's a big difference. I have never used the EarPods before, but in my opinion I do think it would make a difference because technology is improving and becoming more successful. One little piece of technology can make a big difference in the world. Also, the customers have commented that these EarPods are more comfortable to fit into your ears. These EarPods are not a great device to repair. However, they are a low price so once your EarPods break, you could buy a new pair.
Joey Ma

Banned iPhone 5 Promo Is Awemaze-Tastic Spoof [VIDEO] - 0 views

    The new iphone 5 is a joke to many apple users
Carmi Manna

AT&T: iPhone 5 Is the Fastest-Selling iPhone Ever - 0 views

    The newest iPhone is the best, and most fastest iPhone that AT&T is selling yet.  AT&T did not conclude their statement with any facts though.
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