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Hans De Keulenaer

Breakthrough on energy efficiency deal - 2 views

  • ALDE MEP Fiona Hall (UK, Liberal Democrats), who took part in the negotiations with Member States on the Energy Efficiency Directive on behalf of the Liberals and Democrats, has welcomed the deal brokered last night. Commenting on the deal, she said:

    "Although the text in Article 6 on the energy efficiency obligation schemes is not as strong as the Parliament wanted, it is an important achievement that for the first time ever Member States will have to have a long term strategy with policy and measures in place for dealing with the energy efficiency of their buildings.

    "In addition, the Parliament secured an early review of the deal in 2016 including of the exemptions that currently weaken Article 6.

    "Thanks to the changes insisted upon by the Parliament, the directive will now achieve 17% of the 20% energy efficiency savings needed by 2020 - as compared to less than 15% before last night.

Colin Bennett

UK building regulation changes - 1 views

  • The programme I am setting out today has been arrived at after active engagement with our external partners. A key theme to emerge from this process has been that these partners believe that although the regime is generally fit for purpose, there are things we can improve. This confirms the Department’s belief that the building regulations should remain the national minimum standard that building work should comply with.

    While much of the programme of work is deregulatory in nature, it will, however, include work to deliver our commitment to increase energy efficiency through part L (conservation of fuel and power). This will represent our next steps towards zero-carbon buildings and will also provide an opportunity to consider provisions for the existing stock in the light of the Government’s emerging policies on reducing carbon emissions, including the green deal. We will also explore how better to ensure high levels of compliance.

  • Set against this there are a number of key areas where we want to explore the potential for deregulation and streamlining of the existing provisions. In particular, representations made to Government demonstrate concern with the costs imposed on electricians by part P (electrical safety—dwellings). We believe it is now time to evaluate the building regulations’ contribution to the safety outcomes they were intended to support and, if we are to retain regulation of this kind, how we might minimise the associated costs.
Energy Net

Green energy legislation could lure projects to state - 1 views

    "The Ohio Senate went "green" in a bipartisan way on Tuesday, May 18, voting 28-4 for legislation aimed at attracting renewable energy projects such as wind farms and the jobs they create to the state.

    A vote on similar legislation is expected today, May 19, in a House committee. Backers of the proposals in both chambers are optimistic about getting a final version to Gov. Ted Strickland for his signature before the legislature breaks for the summer.

    Strickland has called on the legislature to approve such legislation and hopes differences can be worked out, said Amanda Wurst, his spokeswoman."
Hans De Keulenaer

Cap and trade: Right debate, wrong solution | Cleantech Group - 0 views

  • But ultimately cap and trade is the wrong solution; superior means exist to achieve the results we need not only for the environment but also for national security and our economy. A better solution is a strategically targeted “ceiling” tax on carbon combined with a tax dividend.
Colin Bennett

UK amends building regulations to improve energy efficiency | Energy Efficiency News - 0 views

  • The UK Government has issued amended building regulations, which will come into force in October this year, to improve the energy efficiency of new and refurbished homes.
Hans De Keulenaer

Revealing Ratings to Validate Value of Energy Efficient Space - Building Priorities Bri... - 0 views

  • What do Seattle, Austin and New York have in common? They've all enacted regulations to expose energy-wasting buildings. Owners of large buildings will have to disclose their energy scores to prospective buyers, tenants and lenders.
Hans De Keulenaer / Special Reports - The case for investing in 'smart grids' - 0 views

  • Many politicians are supportive, not least Barack Obama, the US president, who in October promised $3.4bn in grants to pay for smart grid equipment.

    However, an investment on that scale does no more than lay the foundations: a full smart grid for the US will require an investment that is orders of magnitude greater. The commercial and regulatory framework to deliver that investment has not yet been developed.

  • The epithet “smart” can be applied to a wide range of network technologies. But among industry leaders, there is broad agreement about what a smart grid entails: the use of intelligent devices at all points in the electricity network, from the high-voltage transmission lines to appliances in the home, that can send information and receive instructions.
Colin Bennett

BSRIA looks into the impact of banning the traditional light bulb in favour of CFLs - 0 views

    So far there are a lot of questions but few answers. It is worth recalling that the filament lamp went through about 50 years of development before reaching maturity. Although the perception is of more rapid progress today, we may have to wait until 2020 before CFLs reach their prime.
Colin Bennett

UK energy regulator relaxes grid connection rules for renewables | Energy Efficiency News - 0 views

    UK energy regulator Ofgem has relaxed the rules for connecting low-carbon generation sources to the national grid, which could see over 450 MW of wind capacity in Scotland come online as soon as operational.
Colin Bennett

White House Gets Global Warming 'Endangerment' Proposal - 0 views

    An endangerment finding is essential for the US government to regulate such climate-warming emissions as carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act.

    The Supreme Court ruled in 2007 that the EPA has the authority to make these regulations if human health is threatened by global warming pollution but no regulations went forward during the Bush administration.
Hans De Keulenaer

Ofgem proposes grid overhaul to boost renewables | Energy Efficiency News - 0 views

  • UK energy regulator Ofgem is proposing a major overhaul of the regulatory framework for the electricity transmission network to make it easier to connect renewable and other low-carbon energy sources.
Hans De Keulenaer

Feds Propose New Rules For Offshore Energy Projects : Climate Change and Sustainable En... - 0 views

Hans De Keulenaer

Commissioner Andris PIEBALGS - 0 views

  • Last Monday, as I was saying, they take their first decision. Being as it was a premiere, we wanted to make it big. We proposed strong measures of energy efficiency for Standby functions and Off Mode losses.
Glycon Garcia

Taxa sobre Lâmpadas de Baixa Eficiência Energética - 0 views

    Brazilian Government introduces new taxes for inefficient lamps.
Colin Bennett

Speak Up Energy : Energising Europe - 0 views

    The European Commission has adopted a third package of legislative proposals to ensure a real and effective choice of supplier and benefits to every single EU citizen. The Commission's proposals put consumer choice, fairer prices, cleaner energy and security of supply at the centre of its approach.
Colin Bennett

China upgrades environmental administration to ministry_English_Xinhua - 0 views

  •   BEIJING, March 11 (Xinhua) -- China is to elevate the status of the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) to a ministry, among the major 27 ministries and commissions of the Cabinet, said Hua Jianmin, State Council secretary-general, on Tuesday.
Hans De Keulenaer

Bell Gully - Government to review electricity sector's continuance of supply obligation - 0 views

  • Under current law, from 1 April 2013 lines companies will no longer be statutorily required to provide a connection to remote rural, or any, customers. The most likely consequence is that, as lines become damaged after weather events or generally become unusable, supply will either be terminated or the cost to consumers in remote rural areas will increase significantly.
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