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Colin Bennett

The Energy Blog: Wind Power as a Baseload for Electric Power - 0 views

  • A study conducted by Stanford University confirmed that interconnected multiple wind farms can be used to provide baseload electric power. Interconnecting wind farms with a transmission grid reduces the power swings caused by wind variability and makes a significant portion of it just as consistent a power source as a coal power plant. "This study implies that, if interconnected wind is used on a large scale, a third or more of its energy can be used for reliable electric power, and the remaining intermittent portion can be used for transportation, allowing wind to solve energy, climate and air pollution problems simultaneously," said Archer, the study's lead author and a consulting assistant professor in Stanford's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Colin Bennett

» Interconnecting wind farms | Emerging Technology Trends | - 0 views

  • Wind power is one the world’s fastest growing electric energy source, but as wind is intermittent, a single wind farm cannot deliver a steady amount of energy. This is why scientists at Stanford University want to connect wind farms to develop a cheaper and reliable power source. Interconnecting wind farms with a transmission grid should reduce the power swings caused by wind variability and provide a somewhat constant and reliable electric power (or ‘baseload’ power) provided by other power plants. The idea is attractive, but will the various companies involved with wind farms adopt it? Time will tell.
Hans De Keulenaer

Interconnection Guide - 0 views

  • This 44-page guide includes discussions of safety, power quality and codes, legal and procedural issues, net metering, and electrical inspectors.
Sergio Ferreira

France and Spain seek compromise on power grid linkage | EU - European Information on E... - 0 views

  • Financing and planning concerns also plague the project, with the level of state subsidies to the two main contracting firms - RTE (Réseau de transport électricité) and REE (Red Electrica de Espana) - still to be determined, and with questions remaining about the exact location of the future power cables.
  • Concerns include the potentially destructive impact of constructing electricity infrastructure in local communities and sensitive environments, and local civic organisations have mounted highly organised campaigns to contest the project, arguing that they have been given insufficient justification for the construction of the necessary power lines. 
  • if the interconnection is not completed, the Iberian Peninsula risks becoming an "island", cut off from the electricity potential and supply of the rest of the European continent.
    The connector between France and Spain is supposed to be the easy part.
Colin Bennett

Single European electricity market has major benefits for wind, says report - 1 views

  • There are no technical barriers to the integration of large amounts of wind into the European electricity grid, according to a new report, but a single market and better interconnection would bring major benefits.
Hans De Keulenaer

Bell Gully - New regulations on distributed generation for New Zealand electricity sector - 0 views

  • New regulations governing the connection of distributed generation to lines company networks came into effect on 30 August 2007.

Idaho Transmission Dispute Settled - 0 views

    The Idaho Public Utilities Commission approved a negotiated settlement last week between wind developers and Idaho Power Co. over who should pay for transmission upgrades required to accommodate about 200 megawatts (MW) of new wind generation planned in Idaho's Magic Valley region.

Smart-grid outfit GridPoint raising money, running tests | Tech news blog - CNET - 0 views

    GridPoint, which makes a distributed power generation appliance, is in the process of raising more than $32 million in a fourth round of funding. GridPoint makes home storage appliances tied to renewable energy systems, such as a solar electric array.
davidchapman News - Scotland - Connection costs hit green power - 0 views

    THE Highlands and Islands are penalised by a "tax on geography" according to a report which reveals energy producers face crippling costs to connect consumers. Research found renewable energy producers in the region could pay 30 times more to connect to a national grid than counterparts in other parts of Europe.
Hans De Keulenaer

DOE Announces $60M For Transmission Planning - 0 views

  • The US Department of Energy announced Friday award selections for $60 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support transmission planning for the country’s three interconnection transmission networks
Colin Bennett

Sustainable Energy Priorities For The Spanish Presidency - 1 views

  • In this framework, and according to its mission, we have considered it appropriate to issue some recommendations on the priorities that the Spanish Government should consider to achieve the goal of a sustainable energy model at the Spanish and European level during its presidency. The selected priorities should have a high potential to reach the goal of a sustainable energy model. They should be politically affordable in today’s context, and require a European approach. They should build on the existing political momentum. And they should be few, after all six months is not a lot of time…Thus, our recommendation is to select four general priorities: • Decarbonization of the energy sector, • research and technology transfer on energy, • promotion of energy conservation, and • energy interconnections.
Glycon Garcia

Climate, Energy and Environment News from Latin America: 1.3 - 1.7.2011 | Amanda Maxwel... - 1 views

  • n 2010, thermal energy displaced hydro as the major source of energy generation for the Chilean Central Interconnected System.  Coal, natural gas, and diesel supplied over 50% of energy consumed while hydropower accounted for 48%.  This trend is expected to continue in 2011 if current water shortage conditions persist. (El Mercurio, 1/4/11)  Last year’s drought created a 26% increase in thermal generation as compared to 2009.
  • The Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy initiative led by Bun-ca has reported an energy savings of 9368 MWh over the past six years, equivalent to 4992 tons of carbon dioxide, by working with 190 companies in the industrial and commercial sectors to become more energy efficient.   Recently UNEP’s En.lighten study estimated that Costa Rica could save 276,000 MWh and $27.6 million per year if they changed all light bulbs to CFLs.  The cost of this change was estimated to be $22.63 million.  (El Financiero CR, 1/3/11)
  • The Mexican government is planning to invest four billion dollars to build a one thousand megawatt renewable energy storage facility in Northern Mexico.   The facility will use a special kind of sodium sulfide batteries for the project which is expected to be completed in the next six years.  (Clean Techies, 1/6/11)
Hans De Keulenaer

Alternative Energy eMagazine - | AltEnergyMag - 0 views

  • A robust transmission system is the cornerstone for large-scale integration of wind power in the United States. Therefore, perhaps the greatest barrier to achieving this goal is building new transmission to connect the large amounts of location-constrained wind resources to the load centers. Another goal-limiting factor is the lack of appropriate market rules across the various interconnections in the US. Furthermore any reversal of policy decisions made at Federal and State levels (e.g. Renewable Portfolio Standards) in support of renewable energy could send the wrong signal to the industry causing uncertainty in the markets, potentially stalling the investments in new wind plants. The reality is that there are five election cycles between now and 2030 so it is important that wind energy related policies are sustained during this period.   Other potential barriers to achieving this 20-by-2030 goal include: a surge in the global demand for wind energy which could limit the supply of turbines in the US; another financial crisis during the next two decades which affects the credit and investment markets; and lastly the lack of skilled work force to operate power systems with high penetration of variable generation.
Colin Bennett

European smart grid essential to boosting renewables - 0 views

    A high level Technical University of Denmark has concluded that the fastest way to a low-carbon energy system is an interconnected smart power grid for Europe.
Colin Bennett

Electricity 2.0: Smart grid will bring internet-like energy revolution - 0 views

  • Not surprisingly, this intelligent, interconnected network is by no means a straightforward proposition. It has a lengthy ingredients list, and so requires extensive deployments to make it work: The most obvious component is the smart meter, which stores detailed data on energy usage and transmits and receives information, acting as the communications “gateway” into the home. On top of this, a new communications network needs to be built. Operating in parallel with the electricity grid, this network distributes data between all elements of the new intelligent grid. In the distribution and transmission network, advanced utility sensors and control systems need to be deployed in wires and substations. Such a network then provides the sensors and controls that will improve the system’s resilience. The final element is software. This is required to present, interpret, analyse and react to the huge amount of data that will consequently be flowing through the system.
Energy Net

Smart grid and renewables interconnection (Part 4 of 5) - 0 views

    One of the reasons why smart grid is generating so much interest right now is its ability to enable the integration of renewable energy into the electric power network, leading to a broader generation portfolio and potentially beneficial carbon implications. Lots of the discussion of smart grid in policy and media (including places like Greentech Media, Cleantech, EcoGeek, GreenMonk, and the New York Times blogs Dot Earth and Green Inc.) has emphasized the potential economic and environmental value from having investments in the electric power network that make the accommodation of renewables easier, reducing transaction costs and shifting the margin at which investing in renewables is profitable.
Hans De Keulenaer

Harnessing Community Energies - 0 views

  • At the point where our research began we had seen a new theme of ‘community based localism’ in policy supporting a surge of new activity on the ground.  Very little research had been undertaken to explore the motives and rationales of those involved, to examine the ways in which policy and action at a local level were interconnecting or to understand the profile and pattern of outcomes that were being achieved. 
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