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jamie plaster

E-Learning Queen: The Best Way to Learn in an Online Course - 0 views

  • LatitudeU
    • jamie plaster
      anyone use this?
Pat Hensley

Education World ® Technology Center: Archives: Techtorials - 0 views

    Emerging Technologies tutorials
Kelly O

National Archives and Records Administration - 0 views

    National Archives
Jason Heiser

Read The Words - 0 views

shared by Jason Heiser on 05 Aug 08 - Cached
    SImilar to can copy and paste text into the box (up to 80,000 characters) and have the text converted to sound for download
Vicki Davis » How to Get Around Blocked Web Sites at School or Work: A New... - 0 views

    How students (and teachers) get around your firewall
    Just want you to see the page that your students will probably look up before they start school. Remember that working on behavior is better than trying to block. Also, dealing when behavior when caught instead of punishing your IT department is more appropriate.
Jason Heiser

Create a free website | Free Myspace layouts | Flash Myspace layouts - 0 views

shared by Jason Heiser on 26 Jun 08 - Cached
    Web 2.0 resource that allows the user to create a webpage on-line. Can embed these webpages into other services like wikispaces or you own webpage.
Eloise Pasteur

Google makes me smarter - 0 views

    Why Google is a good thing...
Jason Heiser

Hearwho - 0 views

shared by Jason Heiser on 05 Aug 08 - Cached
    Great web 2.0 service that converts your text into an MP3. MP3 can be downloaded or listened to from the web...
Peter Ruwoldt

Encourage schools to host a software freedom day event - 40 views

I would like to encourage all schools to give some thought to the software that they have the students use from the perspective of access and equity. Is the software you are using freely available ...

equity foss free opencourseware

started by Peter Ruwoldt on 04 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Sandy Kennedy

World Map - MyGreatWorld - Your spot-related photo community - 0 views

shared by Sandy Kennedy on 04 Aug 08 - Cached
    Photos of world destinations can be uploaded by users and can be used by education. Awesome for country projects.
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