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Vicki Davis

The tags we're using - 299 views

When you click "send to group" a list of 16 tags pop up -- these are from the tag dictionary -- each time you send to the group, you should select at least 2-3 of those. It lets you do this. http:...


Maggie Tsai

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2008 - 259 views

Jan's annual Top 100 tools for learning 2008 vote will be closing Oct 31. Please take a little time to vote for your favorites (hopefully also in...

vote learning web2.0

started by Maggie Tsai on 24 Oct 08 no follow-up yet
Zaid Ali Alsagoff

101 Free EduGames - 232 views

Hi All, Here are 101 Free EduGames to spice up your learning and courses: Got any others to add :) Have a great day learning and dis...

edugames games learning

started by Zaid Ali Alsagoff on 28 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Maggie Tsai

delicious vs. diigo - 177 views Please cast your vote on the right. (If you vote for Diigo, thanks! sorry, a shameless self-plug :-)


started by Maggie Tsai on 27 Apr 08 no follow-up yet
Zaid Ali Alsagoff

University Learning = OCW + OER = FREE! - 174 views

Dear Phil Cook, that sounds great :) Hopefully, they will benefit from it. Also, you should perhaps consider posting the list of 101 Free Learning Tools, too:

educational ocw oer open opencourseware resources

Zaid Ali Alsagoff

101 Open Educational Resources (OER) - 167 views

Hi All, Here are 101 Open Educational Resources (OER) visualized to spice up your learning and teaching: Have fun explo...

ocw oer opencourseware

started by Zaid Ali Alsagoff on 12 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
Peggy George

Keeping your e-mail from being inudated - 154 views

Thanks, Christy. I'm still having problems with the RSS feed. I'm using NetNewsWire on my Mac. I tried it on two different computers and on the first one when I clicked on the RSS icon it opened NN...


kim tufts

Looking for people to share their web 2.0 teaching experience - 151 views

Hi - I use diigo for my classroom. I teach 6-8 computer studies and we work on Public Service Announcements for a media literacy project. I make lists of the websites I would like the students to ...

web2.0 pedagogy design

Zaid Ali Alsagoff

101 Free Learning Tools - 142 views

Dear All, I have updated my list of free learning tools, and made it more visual: "Let's explore the idea that there is at least one excellent free learning tool (or site) for every learning prob...

learning teaching thinking tools

started by Zaid Ali Alsagoff on 18 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Zaid Ali Alsagoff

10 Secrets to Great Teaching - 124 views

Dear Erin Freeman, Thanks for the great feedback. I knew there was something really important that I kind of missed out (with the exception of 'Laugh' at oneself, which was mentioned). And you jus...

learning teaching

Vicki Davis

Tag Overload - 110 views

Just remember that we only 16 tags -- that is NOT a lot! Also -- looking at it by NOUN is important. Who is a person -- I"m an administrator so I'd be interested in this. I found that structure ...

Maggie Tsai

Recommendation for this group membership setting - 105 views

Vicki Davis wrote: > We would love to be featured, just let us know when you do this, so I will be extra vigilant. k - will do. > > I wish there was a way to request people to send me a comment...

admin control spam

William Gaskins

Understanding WHY to tag here - 89 views

Thanks that was very helpful....


Christy Tucker

Thanks for the delicious help tip -- added to Diigo's official HELP files - 77 views

I'd be willing to help with the documentation. Not to toot my own horn too much, but I did a quick slideshow on how to set up the daily blog post. You're welcome to add that to the resources too....

diigo howto

Vicki Davis

How to make the most of this forum - 72 views

As we see things emerge in this group -- as we start sending our bookmarks, you can set "thumbs up" or thumbs down -- you can also add your comments -- send it to your diigo bookmarks or other grou...


started by Vicki Davis on 29 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Michael Walker

New Bloom's Taxonomy w/ Activities - 62 views

    Perfect timing on this, Mike. Will be using it with my grad class, along with some other similar charts.
    This graphic organizer of the New Bloom's Taxonomy w/activities has proven very helpful for me over the last decade. There is also a top attachment that spins that I've used. It's all very helpful.
Gary Bertoia

RSS feed to WebSlides - 57 views

Used the Bookmarks RSS feed to show how you can add a WebSlide RSS feed to a blog. I am not sure if I missed something but when I clicked on the WebSlide icon shown in the Groups bookmarks section ...

diigo rss webslides

started by Gary Bertoia on 30 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
Zaid Ali Alsagoff

69 Learning Adventures in 6 Galaxies (eBook) - 57 views

Hi All, I just want to let you know that I published my first (free) ebook (The Scribd way!) a couple of days ago: eBook: ...

e-learning ebook learning ocw oer teaching tools

started by Zaid Ali Alsagoff on 08 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
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