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Peter Ruwoldt

Encourage schools to host a software freedom day event - 40 views

I would like to encourage all schools to give some thought to the software that they have the students use from the perspective of access and equity. Is the software you are using freely available ...

equity foss free opencourseware

started by Peter Ruwoldt on 04 Aug 08 no follow-up yet
Sandy Kennedy

World Map - MyGreatWorld - Your spot-related photo community - 0 views

shared by Sandy Kennedy on 04 Aug 08 - Cached
    Photos of world destinations can be uploaded by users and can be used by education. Awesome for country projects.
Keith Hamon

Kevin Kelly on the next 5,000 days of the web | Video on - 0 views

    A rather bold take on what the Web will be like 10 years from now.
Pat Hensley

Innovations Unlimited a student-run company concept - 0 views

    Project Based Learning - awesome projects; whole plan is very well organized
Jonathan Tepper

Does classroom technology help or hinder? - Features - 0 views

  • Historian Diane Ravitch wrote in "The Great Technology Mania" for Forbes magazine that education specialists assert that there is no evidence to support computer use or the Internet increases a student's potential for success. While such equipment can make completing an assignment much easier, the students using the equipment will not necessarily get a higher grade than someone who doesn't.
    • Jonathan Tepper
      Does technology increase academic results? This question is not the right one to ask... Does a pen make you smarter? Silly.
Angela Maiers

Top 100 Interactive Educational Games - 0 views

    Great stuff!
Angela Maiers

Top News - Microsoft releases new tools for academics - 0 views

    New tools for educators from Microsoft!
Angela Maiers

Technology Without Breaking the Bank - 0 views

    High tech-low budget solutions
Angela Maiers

socialmedian: Twitter Versus Plurk: The UI Advantage - 0 views

    Nice comparison between Twitter and Purk
Angela Maiers

Truemors :: Top Schools Say 'No' to Fed Funding With Strings - 0 views

    Great piece on government involvement in education!
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