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Jocelyn Chappell

The tags we're using - diigo - educators | Diigo Groups Forum - 0 views

    and the useful tags are: administrator all_teachers bestpractices edublogger grants curriculum history literature math science technology language edu_news edu_trends edu_newapp digitalcitizenship techintegrator professionaldevelopment edublog
yc c

CellCraft - 20 views

    CellCraft is a new Flash game that is designed to teach about cellular biology.  
Brendan Murphy

This is Not a Paper - 8 views

  • November 1995
  • survey of journal editors in education, little enthusiasm for the idea of creating electronic versions
  • changing ideas about what constitutes a publication
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Questions immediately arise: When was this project published? When was it finished? Who deserves credit as author? Who were the reviewers and who were the audience?
  • In our view, it is not that electronic publication is a panacea or an obviously superior form of scholarly communication across the board; it is that these technologies are already upon us, they are for better or worse in increasing use, and they confront us with issues and choices we need to reflect upon.
  • On the other hand, when certain publications are only available digitally, lacking technological resources or skills will exclude certain audiences
  • Electronic publishing has provided an opportunity
  • Is it useful to have access to tens of thousands of documents, with no reliable way of culling the few dozen that one could actually have time to read?
  • As a result, current conventional notions of copyright would need to be profoundly rethought.
  • This fourth model undoes the very idea of a journal as a unidirectional avenue for dissemination of textual information

American Civil War Augmented Reality Project - 9 views

    A fascinating project designed by teachers to use Augmented Reality to make history come alive. Help spread the word to make this a reality.
Ruth Howard

Free Learning ~ Stephen's Web - 12 views

  • We support free learning and have posted the Free Learning badge.
  • If you support free learning, use the code in the box above to post the badge on your website and then send me an email to let me know, and I'll post your website link on this page.
Lorri Carroll - 2 views

    Great list of blogs of all kinds divided into categories.
    Awesome list of top 100 blogs and other resources.
Vicki Davis

The iPad could be the best mobile accessibility device on the market - 11 views

    Right now, the iPad is being hailed as the best mobile device for the blind because it has voice enabled navigation. This article discusses the iPad, the Kindle and accessibility issues and information on both.
    Hi Vicki thanks I've been really thinking about these readers for aged in nurse homes say with cams so they can speak to each other in own rooms and across dining tables etc there's a huge need for easy use large print readers easy browse easy communicate tool for elderly I cannot understand why this isn't discussed more?! Studies show 50% aged in care depressed. I worked in that area and can say huge needs there.....
Carl Bogardu

Learn 4 Life » All you need to create your own outside broadcast unit and stream video from almost anywhere - 16 views

    Description, on video, how to set up a live streaming video including equipment needed.
Carl Bogardu

Careers and Career Information - CareerOneStop - 4 views

    Great resource for educators, counselors, or anyone working with students who are beginning to look at career choices.
Vicki Davis

Triptico | Inspiration for Imaginative Teachers | Interactive Resources for Imaginative Teachers - 6 views

    This is a free downloadable desktop app that assists in many classroom management jobs like random student selection, timers, starter activities, and more
    Interesting resources for whiteboards including word magnets. It is adobe air powered and has a ton of resources included in it.
Joseph Alvarado

b9667271ee6c154195_t9m6iij8k.pdf (application/pdf Object) - 1 views

    Great research paper on why student test scores should not be used to evaluate teachers.
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