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Martin Burrett

Book: Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools - 1 views

    Primary school assemblies should be exciting and interesting. They should allow children to share in valuable learning experiences. Over his 30 years as a head teacher, Mike Kent has developed amazing assemblies that do just this, and he shares them in this new practical resource.

Education App - Incredible Numbers for iPad - 6 views

    A fantastic math app

Book Review - UnHomework | - Supporting the #UKEdChat Education Community - 2 views

    Ideas to make homework more relevant
Vicki Davis

JeopardyLabs - Online Jeopardy Template - 10 views

    Make your own free jeopardy game.
Vicki Davis

Kindle vs. Nook vs. iPad: Which e-book reader should you buy? | Crave - CNET - 12 views

    I think this has a pretty good explanation between all the ebook readers. Personally, I'd go with Amazon all the way just because of the pricing and selection.
Jennifer Garcia

Children's books | Books | - 13 views

    Macmillan children's books audio, reviews, quizzes and videos. Worth checking out.
Ted Sakshaug

Review Earth Science Online Exams - Exam Registration - 0 views

    online diagnostic tests for NYS Earth Science Regents test
Sharon Greenberg

Business & Technology |'s Kindle fails first college test | Seattle Times Ne... - 8 views

  • Soon after receiving a Kindle DX, however, something unexpected happened. Roesner began to miss thumbing through the pages of a printed textbook for the answer to a homework questio
  • At the University of Virginia, as many as 80 percent of MBA students who participated in Amazon's pilot program said they would not recommend the Kindle DX as a classroom study aid (though more than 90 percent liked it for pleasure reading
Dave Truss

Interactive Whiteboard Games for Classroom Review Activities - 30 views

    These interactive whiteboard games are great review activities for a class that has reached the end of a unit of work, or for the teacher who wants to check up on how much has been learned so far.
Ed Webb

How to Wake Up Slumbering Minds - - 0 views

  • what school requires students to do -- think abstractly -- is in fact not something our brains are designed to be good at or to enjoy
  • it is critical that the task be just difficult enough to hold our interest but not so difficult that we give up in frustration. When this balance is struck, it is actually pleasurable to focus the mind for long periods of time
  • Students are ready to understand knowledge but not create it. For most, that is enough. Attempting a great leap forward is likely to fail.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • students cannot apply generic "critical thinking skills" (another voguish concept) to new material unless they first understand that material
  • Trying to use "reading strategies" -- like searching for the main idea in a passage -- will be futile if you don't know enough facts to fill in what the author has left unsaid.
  • what is being taught in most of the curriculum -- at all levels of schooling -- is information about meaning, and meaning is independent of form
  • At some point, no amount of dancing will help you learn more algebra
    • Ed Webb
      But if you learn dancing AND algebra, you may be better at both, or at least approach each in a more interesting way.
Ted Sakshaug

FunnelBrain - Answers, Questions, Flashcards | AP Calculus, AP History, AP Psychology, ... - 0 views

    create and share flashcards
Maggie Tsai

Highly recommend Diigo Educator Account - Classroom 2.0 - 0 views

  • I tried out Diigo educator and was REALLY impressed. This let me very quickly (and with no email addresses needed) set up accounts for 30 students. I then created a group for all 3 classes to use and added all the students to the group. In this case, since I only have one more day with the kids and am not sure if they'll be using Diigo after this, I just used the 30 accounts for multiple classes, but if this were for my actual students, I would have created an account for each student. Anyway, once all the students were added to the group, I just instructed them to make sure to share every bookmark for this project with the group. All of the students will then be able to view all of the bookmarks. Again, we couldn't install even the diigolet, but saving right from Diigo worked fine for our purposes. They used the same technique of tagging with last name, class hour, and other appropriate tags.

    I taught both of these methods in a 45 minute class period and the actual explanation of the bookmarking technique took only 7-10 min. of each class period. The kids (7th graders) picked up on it EXTREMELY fast.
  • for long term use and for individual projects I strongly recommend using Diigo educator, especially since I use Diigo so heavily in my personal and professional web research.
  • I highly recommend Diigo Educator to any teacher!
Vicki Davis Create interactive flash tools / games for education - 0 views

    Create education game widgets free of charge for embedding
    Create free educational games and tools in flash
    Love this website - one of my favorits for use with wikis. There is a new telescopic topic generator that is very cool. Everything is embeddable.
Dennis Richards

Ddraig Goch Blog - The Musings of a Welsh Dragon!: The Asus EeePC Mini notebook - 0 views

    Having seen the Asus Eeepc in action at BETT08 in January, I have finally ( a bit late as James Forbes-Keir here at the IB had on a delivered a few days later!)taken the plunge and bought the Eeepc for my daughter to use at home and in school- it actually has now appeared on the shelves of our local IT store ( Curry's Digital) at a fairly reasonable price for the 4G version of £249.00.
Wade Ren

diigo? | Alex's reflecting pool - 0 views

      • I believe there is something very powerful  in this tool. I am in the process evaluating it for instructional and professional development purposes.

        So far these are my thoughts:

        1. I think I can easily mark up online student work with this tool.
        2. I think online students can mark up each other’s online work with this tool. and discuss. One of the course activities is to use a rubric to evaluate an online course that the students will each be building as the main project for the course. The course review, I think, can be done using diigo. I think… not sure yet.
        3. Online students can easily create annotated bibliographies of web resource in directed learning activities AND share and discuss them with others in the class.
        4. This resource can grow and be available for the online course from term to term.
        5. In addition, for webenhanced courses, this is an awesome, easy, slick, cool way to incorporate some very cool online enhancements to a f2f course that completely bypasses all the extra unnecessary flotsam you get with a full on CMS/LMS. you get a lot of functional features bang for the “buck” in this tool. It is a slick tool with a lot of functionality to suport interaction/collaboration, etc.
        6. When i have my university administrator’s hat on i also see great potential as a tool to facilitate and enhance community and for professional development. I have an extended staff of 50-100 online instructional designers that i could use this tool with to aggregate links and info and resources and networking. We have over 3,000 online faculty that we could use this with to support them with info and resources and networking - differenciating between the needs of new online faculty and experienced online faculty… there is potential for discipline specific resources and info for online faculty… and it goes on.
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