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Martin Burrett

Minerals - 0 views

    A good interactive presentation and set of activities for learning about minerals.
Ted Sakshaug - 16 views

    simple tutorial on types of rocks, weathering, erosion and the rock cycle. Good for late elementary and middle schools.
Ted Sakshaug

Interactives . The Rock Cycle . Introduction - 17 views

    interactive rock cycle
David Wetzel

Science Experiments with Rocks that Absorb Water: An Investigation into the Porosity an... - 5 views

    Students conduct an experiment to determine the ability of rocks to absorb and retain water, making connections with the concepts of porosity and permeability in rocks.
Jeff Johnson

After 40 Years, Moon Rocks Still in Demand for Research - - 0 views

    The rocks on the lunar surface, lying virtually unchanged in a weatherless vacuum since their formation, offer opportunities to investigate the origin and evolution of the solar system available nowhere else, and the study deepens with each new generation of scientists and scientific instruments.
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