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Martin Burrett

Books: Time to…by Penny Tassoni, via @BloomsburyEd - 0 views

    "The series uses simple, positive language and gorgeous full-colour illustrations to teach children aged 0-5 important personal and social skills. From making friends and sharing, to eating and tidying up, this series will help explore positive behaviour with children in a fun and friendly way."
Martin Burrett

How important are children's life experiences? by @musingsofmrb - 0 views

    As much as possible my wife and I try  and engage our children in as many different activities as we can; whether it be rock pooling on South Wales beaches in the rain, feeding the animals at a local farm or watching the fantastic Balloon display at Bristol Balloon Fiesta...
Learning Today

Removing All Labels - Video for Kids - 8 views

    future, power, kids, life, differences
David Wetzel

GIANTmicrobes - 13 views

    Stuffed animal resources for teaching life science and your disease.
Carl Bogardu

Learn 4 Life » All you need to create your own outside broadcast unit and str... - 16 views

    Description, on video, how to set up a live streaming video including equipment needed.
Greg Smith

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google - 0 views

    A new post about Google's LIFE photo archive. Count the ways to use these in your classroom!
Eloise Pasteur

Clark Aldrich's Style Guide for Serious Games and Simulations: The Reason Why Most Rese... - 0 views

  • Why is most research on business issues so useless? Why doesn't it drive the results that businesses require? Organizations may have commissioned reports on new markets, or Second Life, or Web 2.0, or outsourcing or re-insourcing, but why don't the reports have a richer impact?
  • I have come to the fairly unambiguous conclusion: most business research sits unused on shelves. It is thus a valid question to ask, especially in tightening budgets, why is that so? Is that inevitable? And, to a lesser degree, who's fault is that?
  • The big problem is that most business research relies on the same faulty intellectual constructs as other forms of linear content - it relies on linear analysis, case studies, and inspirational examples. And like with movies and magazines, they impress us with their cleverness but don't actually enable effective action (or any action, except more presentations), because they ar not designed to. The reports focus on knowing, not doing. The people at the receiving end of such research seldom turn the concepts into productive actions, because the research does not help them enough in doing so. At best, most research I have studied only takes the reader on 20% of the journey.
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  • The content model advocated on this blog is that of actions, systems, and results. And, there is a multiplier effect between them. If you do not have all three you really don't have anything.
    Discussion of business research, why it's not so great and how it could be improved
Jackie Gerstein

USC IML - 0 views

Ben W

evolution - what next? - 0 views

    A flash-based timeline going from the big bang up to the present day. Details life on Earth and more recent eras. Very visual and informative
Jeff Johnson

NASA Study Says Water Flowed Freely On Mars -- Mars -- InformationWeek - 0 views

    Scientists will use the information to determine where to look for signs of life on the Red Planet
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