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Carl Bogardu

Next Gen Learning Challenges - 1 views

    Grant website to fund projects in open courseware, blended learning, learner analytics
Ruth Howard

The Next Movement In Education - Synthesizing Education - 5 views

  • Desks signify the “old guard” of education where people sat in their seats, listened, maintained compliance, and were forced to stare at the front of the room as an older individual barked information. Desks signify a form of education that created widgets and workers for factories where everyone was expected to perform the same rote task at the same time and finish at the same level of understanding.
  • Instead, we should be equipping all classrooms with a diverse mix of tables, couches, exercise balls, bar stool tables, and anything else that reminds us of something other than the traditional classroom. Every classroom should have a variety of these items and as many different combinations as possible. Why? Kids spend 6-7 hours a day in a classroom and every, single one looks the same. Same color, same shape, same seats. If not the same, they look pretty damned similar. It forces kids to think the same in every class and stunts any flow of creative juices that might be triggered by a change in environment. Who’s with me?
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