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Ben Rimes

MSU Clear Conversations 2.1 - 3 views

    Online audio/video tool for Language teachers to create a series of audio and video prompts for students. Learner responses are saved for teacher review, and conversations can be joined by multiple students.
Nelly Cardinale

Purdue/LARS MultiSpec - 0 views

    A Freeware Multispectral Image Data Analysis System (Latest Release: 7-14-2009) For teaching GIS class
Anne Bubnic

Citrus High School Student Technology Survey - 0 views

    High School's survey of student's technology habits, including cell phone usage
Jeff Johnson

Adolescent Sleep Needs and School Performance - 0 views

    Contrary to popular belief, teenagers do not need less sleep than others. In fact, as they move through their teenage years, adolescents need increasing amounts of sleep - about nine hours nightly, as compared to eight hours needed by adults. Excessive sleepiness in teenagers and young adults is related to physiological changes during puberty. Yet, school starting times get earlier and earlier as students mature, despite the fact that puberty demands more sleep. This may have serious physical, mental, and social consequences for adolescents and negatively impact their academic performance.
Jeff Johnson

College Board Will Offer a New Test Next Fall - - 0 views

    Amid growing challenges to its role as the pre-eminent force in college admissions, the College Board on Wednesday unveiled a new test that it said would help prepare eighth graders for rigorous high school courses and college. The test, which will be available to schools next fall, is intended only for assessment and instructional purposes and has nothing to do with college admissions, College Board officials said.
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