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Roland O'Daniel

Federal Reserve Economic Data - FRED - St. Louis Fed - 5 views

    Want to let students explore with real data then welcome to FRED® (Federal Reserve Economic Data), a database of 25,176 U.S. economic time series. With FRED® you can download data in Microsoft Excel and text formats and view charts of data series. Students can explore data, create models & hypothesis, and test their models as the year progresses. If their models aren't working they can go back to their original data set and make changes based on what they've learned and see how those predictions work on new data. The best part is the variety of data that is available.  We plan to continually improve FRED® and encourage you to send feedback through our contact form.
David Wetzel

Teaching Science and Math Daily - 8 views

    Daily summary of the stories, articles, and resources for teaching K-12 science and math.
David Wetzel

Modeling the Composition of Earth's Atmosphere: The Layer of Gases Surrounding Planet E... - 6 views

    This is a hands-on, minds-on approach to provide students with a concrete model of the earth's atmosphere to visualize the gases which comprise the air they breath.
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