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Vicki Davis

A Library By Any Other Name: 371.3 NECC08: Wonderful World of Wikis - 0 views

    Notes on the wiki presentation that I did with Adam Frey -- I'm saving all of these and also want to link to those who took the time to link and write about the sessions that I was a part of. Thank you for such a great outline!
    Notes on the wiki workshop w/ Vicki Davis and Adam Frey
Anne Bubnic

A quarter million teachers to get free wikis - 0 views

    A San Francisco wiki services provider has just finished a multiyear project under which it gave teachers all over the world 100,000 free wikis. And now, it is doubling up and getting set to give away another quarter million. The company, Wikispaces, decided in 2006 that it would make helping teachers use the collaborative software to further cooperation between students, both in their own schools and with schools in other cities and countries, a cornerstone of its business. But while Wikispaces hasn't made any money directly from the project--and in fact has incurred significant costs due to supporting the teachers' use of the wikis--co-founder Adam Frey said the company has found that the educators are just the kind of evangelists that can aid a start-up in building a business.
Ed Webb

The Rise of the SuperProfessor | World Future Society - 1 views

  • Professors are also being left out of marketing decisions, personal branding campaigns, and how the intellectual capital of their life’s work get’s disseminated.
  • In addition to academic prowess, future SuperProfessors will be ranked according to attributes like influence, fame, clout, and name recognition. Future criteria for winning the FacultyRow SuperProfessor designation will likely include benchmarks for the size of social networks, industry influencer rankings, and gauges for measuring effectiveness of personal branding campaigns.
  • Currently we are seeing a tremendous duplication of effort. Entry-level courses such as psychology 101, economics 101, and accounting 101 are being taught simultaneously by thousands of professors around the globe. Once a high profile SuperProfessor and brand name University produces one of these courses, what’s the value of a mid-tier school and little-known teacher also creating the same course? As Ball Corporation executive, Drew Crouch puts it, “Education is definitely moving from a history of scarcity to a future of abundance. Just like Gutenberg freed the written word, the Internet has freed information.”
    This seems stuck in the notion of the 'course' as a transferrable, replicable unit of education, without acknowledging all kinds of educational interactions that happen around courses, in one-on-one conversation etc. If a course is a knowledge dump, then it can be replaced with recorded equivalents, it seems to me. But if it is an interactive experience, a conversation among learners with the instructor as lead/expert learner, then reproducing it on a mass scale simply won't work.
c newsom

Bauhaus architecture - 4 views

    99 slides of Bauhaus designed and Bauhaus inspired architecture and a yurt and R. Buckminster Fuller. Can be downloaded.
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