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Ben Rimes

Slavery Footprint - Results - 12 views

    Fascinating look at how your life style, living conditions, and luxuries affects how much or how little you support the slave trade around the world. Items of clothing and geared towards children seem to have a deep connection with slave labor in developing nations. Great simulation for college students, or high school students that can deal with being asked a "trick" question about prostitution at the end.
John Marr

Recovering from the Need to Achieve - HBS Working Knowledge - 2 views

  • e is an HNAP, or a high-need-for-achievement professional, according to Harvard Business
  • DeLong believes the tendency to be a high-need-for-achievement type is embedded in the DNA, an addiction that spans across socioeconomic groups. Instead of experiencing happiness or well-being, HNAPs seek "relief in the accomplishment of tasks." Moving immediately to the next task on the list, they never savor accomplishments for long, he says. This creates a vicious cycle marked by a feeling of little or no real sense of purpose and a "flatness"—in career and in life. They often go through patches of life without creating or enhancing meaningful relationships, and even lack strength to deal with life's failures.
  • So is there relief for HNAPs from all this obsessive comparing and competing?
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  • I realize that most hard-driving managers and executives have been socialized to believe they cannot admit vulnerability to themselves or others. I would urge you to get past this misconception and realize that such admissions will enhance your productivity and career. So, consider: Do you regret any significant decisions you've made about your career? If you had to do it over again, would you do it differently? Have there been times when you treated your people unfairly? When you failed to listen and learn and instead directed and dictated? Do you feel you've been working at peak capacity in recent years? If not, why not? Are you unwilling to admit your mistakes to your direct reports? To your bosses? To your colleagues? Have you asked anyone for help recently? Have you admitted you didn't know something and needed to learn it? Have you asked for coaching? If you were to be completely honest with your boss and knew that there would be no negative repercussions, what secret fear or anxiety would you admit to him? Do you believe that you're in the right job, in the right group, and in the right organization? Or do you feel there's a mismatch between where you are now and what you want to accomplish
  • Letting go—or flying without a net—is a big part of DeLong's prescription. He calls for the reader to stop and reflect with self-awareness; let go of the past; create a vision or specific goal with an agenda; seek support through mentors and a network; don't blink (or fall back on old behaviors); and take action that makes you vulnerable.
    • John Marr
      Do you know any students that are high-need-for-achievement?
    Harvard Business School Blog about high need for achievement professionals. Can this be applied to some of our students?
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