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Lisandra Medina

Technology In Your Classroom - 19 views

started by Lisandra Medina on 10 Apr 12
  • Lisandra Medina
    Since starting the MTT program has your classroom become more tech savy? If it has, how?
  • Josie Mendoza
    Since starting the MTT program my classroom has become more tech savy, I am now not afraid of letting my students on the computer without me logging them in. They are not afraid to get on the computer at all. They even try logging into sites with games and they are Kindergarteners. I also see my self using my wiki to embed educational YouTube videos to use in my Science and Social Studies lessons. I think my students are enjoying the change too.
  • Esther Sauceda
    Although I teach technology applications and career portals, I was unaware of the many Web 2.0 tools available for free to integrate in the classroom. Introducing students to all these tools opens up new avenues and possibilities. Students learn that they have choices to present data in different modes. For example, students can present using slide rocket, prezi, glogster, story bird, etc. It is amazing the student's reaction when they are introduced to new technology. I have also updated my class wiki and created more tutorials
  • Elva Mendoza
    Being in the MTT program I am more conscience about integrating technology in my classroom. I have integrated technology in the area of Social Studies. Last semester I taught my students how to search the web for information on Native Americans, afterwards I taught my students how to create a power point. To my amazement more than half my classroom had never created a power point. At this point my students have mastered power point. The next project they will be working on is newsletter. I found a great website for creating a newsletter based on information they learned during our American Revolution study. The website is below for anyone who teaches about the American Revolution. I have introduced my students to a web 2.0 tool called voki. The students will create an avatar to present part of their newsletter. The link is at the bottom. My students are all excited about using voki, because it allows them to create an avatar and they type in the information and the avatar does the presentation for them.
  • Itza Moses
    Maybe not too technology saavy because on the emphasis on testing this semester, but I've at the least become more conscious and have attempted to integrate technology as opposed to the past where it really didn't matter. When school started I implemented Edmodo for reader response journals, and then in the spring we began using Glogster for main idea and details in a center.
  • Olivet Castillo
    Since starting the program, I can definitely say that my classroom has become more technology savvy, because of the cool tools we have learned in class. I believe that my team teachers were also affected and have incorporated technology as much as possible, for example all the teachers on my team have an Edmodo account for their classroom.
    I think I was at an advantage, since I teach 8th grade and my students were issued out mini laptops, which made it easier. I am now thinking of how to incorporate technology the way I did this year for the upcoming 8th grade students with only 4 classroom computers... :/
  • Laura Rivera
    Unfortunately, not as technology savvy as I would like. This semester has been particulary challenging in regards to the incorporation of technology. As we all well know, testing is in the forefront of all our minds and it's difficult to implement technology. I plan on using the time after testing to have my classes use GlogsterEDU and possibly Edmodo and Prezi. I know the 5th grade teachers use these Web 2.0 tools and I would like my students to have some knowledge how to use them.
  • Maria Izquierdo
    I can say I know more about technology, but still feel I need to learn more about it. Sometimes I learn something, but I don't practice or use it for a while and I tend to forget how to use it. It is weird why this happens.
  • Juanita R. Martinez
    Yes, my lessons have come a long way from my first year teaching. I have included in my curriculum many of the web 2.0 tools and have had them create and incorporate their stuff into many other parts of their lessons.
  • Salina V
    I think my class has become more tech savy. I think it could be much more, but with this being the first year of STAAR testing and having a really bad internet connection in the portables where I am at, I think it can be better. Also, it was my first year back in ESL so a lot of my time was getting used to the curriculum. I did have my students create more presentations and project based learning lessons. For journalism we also came up with a paperless voting system were the students take go on the computer and put their vote. I don't think I would have thought about this before MTT. I hope to use Edmodo next year though and more web tools.

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