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Caroline Bachmann

Can you name the Pokemon by Greek/Latin Root (original 150)? - 12 views

    A great introduction activity for Greek or Latin root words. I mean, what kid doesn't like Pokemon?
Tracee Orman

The Potter Games - 12 views

    This is an interactive website based on the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books/games. The characters of Harry Potter have been thrown into The Hunger Games (as tributes or mentors) by Lord Voldemort. The player chooses one of the characters and must read each passage, then makes a decision for that character, which could result in becoming the Victor...or "Reenervate" to try again. If you have students who like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, they will have fun on this website. New characters are unlocked daily & we plan on writing more stories - one with the characters rebelling against Lord Voldemort and breaking out of the arena. It is great practice for reading skills - some characters have longer passages, some shorter. Some have up to 144 different scenarios (that's 144 pages of text). The least amount of reading for a player is 19 pages. So think about your low readers - that may be more than they read in a week by just playing one character. The writers who have/are contributing to this non-profit project include teachers, high school students, college students, professional writers, graphic artists, musicians, librarians, and so many more. We're all fans of both series, of course. :) (For grades 7 and up) I have a free download of lesson ideas for using The Potter Games in your classroom here:
Tracee Orman

Catching Fire Letter from Katniss Writing Activity - 6 views

    Writing activity to go with chapters 13-14 of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.
Leslie Healey

I am the sum of the total parts I control « - 3 views

    virtual worlds: not the future, but the present of education. I am not prepared
Meredith Stewart

Word Girll - 9 views

    Vocabulary Games
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