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Mrs. Dawson

Draft No. 4 by John McPhee - 9 views

    A piece published for The New Yorker about the importance of multiple drafts and the editing process. 
Berylaube 00

MoMA | Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language - 0 views

    "Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language brings together historical and contemporary works of art that treat language not merely as a system of communication governed by grammatical rules and assigned meanings, but as a material that can be manipulated with creative freedom, like paint, clay, or any other artistic medium. The exhibition is divided into two sections. The first is a historical overview of 20th-century art that experiments with the graphic, sonic, and kinetic possibilities of letters and words. With a few notable exceptions, these works are confined to the two-dimensional parameters of a page. The second section presents an installation of contemporary works, most of which do away with the page; some do away with writing altogether. The artist and poet Emmett Williams observed that "the poem as picture is as old as the hills," citing its beginnings in hieroglyphics,"
Dennis OConnor

Memrise vocabulary learning and memorable dictionary - 13 views

  • Ready to grow yourvocabulary?
  • Learn vocabulary in any language 5 times faster Smart science means you won't forget Learning's a game — grow a language garden
Caroline Bachmann

Video Writing Prompts - Teach Hub - 11 views

    Video writing prompts for teaching with response questions
Jenny Gilbert

Language Arts Lessons :: Video Writing Prompts: Beauty Before & After - 13 views

    Our view of beauty is distorted - excellent prompt for VO wrting journals
Tracee Orman

Firework by Katy Perry Song Lyrics Poetry Terms Figurative Language - Tracee Orman - Te... - 22 views

    Teach poetic devices using "Firework" by Katy Perry song lyrics
suzain johan

Online English Training Center - 10 views

    learn English language step by step,improve your writing reading conversation skill in English language,free download English grammar books,free English learning software, practice latters,application CV in English & prepare your self for interview in English, & many more free English language material:
Dana Huff

Gene Weingarten - Goodbye, cruel words: English. It's dead to me. - 7 views

    The English language, which arose from humble Anglo-Saxon roots to become the lingua franca of 600 million people worldwide and the dominant lexicon of international discourse, is dead. It succumbed last month at the age of 1,617 after a long illness. It is survived by an ignominiously diminished form of itself.
Dana Huff

George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language," 1946 - 10 views

    Orwell's advice to writers.
Mary Worrell

Confusing Words - 11 views

    Great reference for teachers and students. Plug in a confusing word (effect versus affect, for example) and get help.
Kristin Bergsagel

Does Your Language Shape How You Think? - - 3 views

  • if different languages influence our minds in different ways, this is not because of what our language allows us to think but rather because of what it habitually obliges us to think about.
  • When your language routinely obliges you to specify certain types of information, it forces you to be attentive to certain details in the world and to certain aspects of experience that speakers of other languages may not be required to think about all the time. And since such habits of speech are cultivated from the earliest age, it is only natural that they can settle into habits of mind that go beyond language itself, affecting your experiences, perceptions, associations, feelings, memories and orientation in the world.
Adam Babcock

Does Your Language Shape How You Think? - - 5 views

  • Native American languages impose on their speakers a picture of reality that is totally different from ours, so their speakers would simply not be able to understand some of our most basic concepts, like the flow of time or the distinction between objects
  • rash-landed on hard facts and solid common sense, when it transpired that there had never actually been any evidence to support his fantastic claims
  • new research has revealed that when we learn our mother tongue, we do after all acquire certain habits of thought that shape our experience in significant and often surprising ways.
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  • if different languages influence our minds in different ways, this is not because of what our language allows us to think but rather because of what it habitually obliges us to think about
  • You may well wonder whether my companion was male or female, but I have the right to tell you politely that it’s none of your business. But if we were speaking French or German, I wouldn’t have the privilege to equivocate in this way
  • but I do have to tell you something about the timing of the event: I have to decide whether we dined, have been dining, are dining, will be dining and so on. Chinese, on the other hand, does not oblige its speakers to specify the exact time of the action in this way, because the same verb form can be used for past, present or future actions.
  • When speakers were asked to grade various objects on a range of characteristics, Spanish speakers deemed bridges, clocks and violins to have more “manly properties” like strength, but Germans tended to think of them as more slender or elegant.
  • gendered languages” imprint gender traits for objects so strongly in the mind that these associations obstruct speakers’ ability to commit information to memory
  • When French speakers saw a picture of a fork (la fourchette), most of them wanted it to speak in a woman’s voice, but Spanish speakers, for whom el tenedor is masculine, preferred a gravelly male voice for it.
  • Nonetheless, once gender connotations have been imposed on impressionable young minds, they lead those with a gendered mother tongue to see the inanimate world through lenses tinted with associations and emotional responses that English speakers — stuck in their monochrome desert of “its” — are entirely oblivious to.
meenoo rami

alphaDictionary * The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English - 13 views

    The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English
The0d0re Shatagin

A Visual Word Puzzle From Radiolab : NPR - 9 views

    Companion Visual Puzzle to NPR's story on the Origin of Language / Speech
The0d0re Shatagin

Signing, Singing, Speaking: How Language Evolved : NPR - 5 views

    Article, Voice, and Transcript on the Origin of Language / Speech - emphasis on sign language and singing
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