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Leslie Healey

Creative Nonfiction: a definition and appreciation - 14 views

  • For a while the NEA experimented with “belles-lettres,” a misunderstood term that favors style over substance and did not capture the personal essence and foundation of the literature they were seeking. Eventually one of the NEA members in the meeting that day pointed out that a rebel in his English department was campaigning for the term “creative nonfiction.” That rebel was me.
  • literary craft in presenting nonfiction—that is, factually accurate prose about real people and events—in a compelling, vivid manner. To p
  • real demarcation points between fiction, which is or can be mostly imagination; traditional nonfiction (journalism and scholarship), which is mostly information; and creative nonfiction, which presents or treats information using the tools of the fiction writer while maintaining allegiance to fact.
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  • George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London, James Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son Ernest Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon, and Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff are classic creative nonfiction efforts—
  • communicate information (reportage) in a scenic, dramatic fashion.
  • offers flexibility and freedom while adhering to the basic tenets of reportage. In creative nonfiction, writers can be poetic and journalistic simultaneously
  • inematic techniques, from scene to dialogue to description to point of view, to write about themselves and ot
andrew bendelow

My Languages: Social Media And Creativity In The Language Classroom - 3 views

    Isabella Jones' excellent slides on social networking creative ideas for the language classroom--pertinent to Eng teachers, too.
Patrick Higgins

REFLECTIONS ON CREATIVE WRITING CLASS: THE TEACHER; How to confront 30,000 words a week... - 1 views

    Frank McCourt's 2002 essay on teaching creative writing.
Mary Worrell

REFLECTIONS ON CREATIVE WRITING CLASS: THE TEACHER; How to confront 30,000 words a week... - 0 views

  • What I learned, most of all, was that if you're teaching and not learning then you're not teaching, and if you don't enjoy yourself in the classroom, you might as well be driving a taxi.
    A great article by the late Frank McCourt about teaching creative writing and learning alongside his students.
Donalyn Miller

Langwitches Blog » Creative Commons: What Every Educator Needs to Know - 9 views

    Creative Commons: What Every Educator Needs to Know
Meredith Stewart

LHS Creative Writing - 0 views

    Great HS Creative Writing Ning. Created by James Miscavish
Kristin Bergsagel

How To Do Things With Words : Learning Diversity - 4 views

  • the RRSG theory of reading comprehension is predominantly cognitive rather than cultural. It depicts the text as an encoded representation of a specific situation.
  • Making and having meaning, then, transcend cognition and involve a commitment to values and the pursuit of ideals.
  • These moral qualities are essential to human life, yet they seem to be completely redundant in the case of the aforementioned reader of “the cat is on the mat.”
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  • Could it be that teachers who are allegedly so obstinately unfaithful to the received theory of reading comprehension do in fact apply it in their classrooms, but fail to achieve adequate outcomes because the theory fails to explain reading as a meaningful human activity?
  • the most authoritative theory of reading comprehension misleads her into performing a futile cognitive exercise.
  • namely, instruct students to read the text creatively by transforming it into a model for exploring ideas such as self-deception, hubris, or the unintended negative consequences of well-intended parenting.
  • it doesn’t address texts adequately as media of communication between purposeful, goal-oriented actors.
  • The meaning of a message, then, is its use by the interacting parties and is therefore always much more than a mental representation. When we treat words or statements as mere representations, we fail to communicate.
  • A theory that fails to enhance communication undermines education, because education is a special form of communication dedicated to the transmission of learning.
  • The words remain his rather than theirs, conveying facts about his dream rather than becoming resources useful to them. These readers have missed yet another opportunity to make sense of the history of their nation and of their own lives in relation to it.
  • hopeful vision coupled to a darker prophecy and a threatening message.
  • This reading, then, intertwines American political history with the history of literature in a way that renders the reader herself an active participant in their making.
  • creativity, diversity, and agency
  • Readers, we propose, ought to associate the meaning of the text with its use. The texts students typically read in school, more specifically, ought to be used for the purpose of exploring ideas. Reading for this purpose is necessarily a creative endeavor because it entails transforming the text into a model of inquiry into certain aspects of the reader’s life experiences.
  • In other words, because they use the text in diverse ways, its meaning varies accordingly.
  • What is at stake is nothing less than how students relate themselves to cultural achievements that have shaped the world in which they live and the society in which they gradually mature.
  • Conversely, education researchers in universities and other research institutes are often insufficiently familiar with how children learn at school, and therefore simply do not have an adequate understanding of the problems their research should solve
Berylaube 00

MoMA | Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language - 0 views

    "Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language brings together historical and contemporary works of art that treat language not merely as a system of communication governed by grammatical rules and assigned meanings, but as a material that can be manipulated with creative freedom, like paint, clay, or any other artistic medium. The exhibition is divided into two sections. The first is a historical overview of 20th-century art that experiments with the graphic, sonic, and kinetic possibilities of letters and words. With a few notable exceptions, these works are confined to the two-dimensional parameters of a page. The second section presents an installation of contemporary works, most of which do away with the page; some do away with writing altogether. The artist and poet Emmett Williams observed that "the poem as picture is as old as the hills," citing its beginnings in hieroglyphics,"
Joanna Ganci

It Was The Best Of Sentences ... : NPR - 21 views

    Creative Writing

Three-Minute Fiction : NPR - 0 views

    Excellent site for English teachers who want to incorporate some creative fiction either for reading or writing. Have kids write their own three-minute stories.

No right brain left behind: Must kids prep for 'risk-taking'? - - 0 views

    So important to consider the role of brain-based instruction and such faculties as creativity and imagination at this point. This USA Today article sums up some of those issues and concerns and names the books, especially Pink's Whole New Mind, that teachers need to know about and incorporate the ideas of into their teaching.

Resources: ALA | AASL 25 Best Web sites for Teaching and Learning - 0 views

    The "Top 25" Web sites foster the qualities of innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration. They are free, Web-based sites that are user friendly and encourage a community of learners to explore and discover. * Organizing and Managing * Content Collaboration * Curriculum Sharing * Media Sharing * Virtual Environments * Social Networking and Communication
Karen LaBonte

Phrase Finder - 22 views

    The meanings and origins of over 1,600 English sayings, phrases and idioms. This writers' resource spawns ideas for headlines, advertising copy, song lyrics, poetry etc. Journalists, advertising copywriters, songwriters, or anyone interested in creative writing in English, can benefit from this ideas generator.
Adam Babcock

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills - Home - 3 views

    As the United States continues to compete in a global  economy that demands innovation, P21 and its members provide tools and resources to help the U.S. education system keep up by fusing the three Rs and four Cs (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation).
Karen LaBonte

WebTools4u2use - Webtools4U2Use - 4 views

    The purpose of this website is to provide a place for K-12 school library media specialists to learn a little more about web tools that can be used to improve and enhance school library media programs and services, to see examples of how they can be used, and to share success stories and creative ideas about how to use and integrate them.
Karen LaBonte

365 Pictures Daily Photo Prompts Generated for Your Creative Inspiration! - 11 views

    Daily photograph & writing prompt-- looks interesting.
Karen LaBonte

Home (Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning) - 6 views

    This wiki complements the upcoming book "Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning" by Wesley Fryer and Karen Montgomery, and the T4T course ("Technology For Teachers") course Wesley is teaching in Spring 2010. Content from the book and on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial License.
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