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Berylaube 00

Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction - 1 views

    This site contains hundreds of visual aids (illustrations) that can be used to support instructional tasks such as describing objects and people (i.e., teaching vocabulary) or describing entire events and situations (i.e., teaching grammar). Illustrations pour l'enseignement des langues étrangères"Ce site contient des centaines de supports visuels (illustrations) qui peuvent être utilisés pour supporter les tâches pédagogiques tels que des objets qui décrivent et des personnes (c.-à-enseignement du vocabulaire) ou décrivant des événements et des situations entières (c.-à-enseignement de la grammaire)."Plus de 400 dessins au trait, consultables et consultable, libres d'utiliser à des fins éducatives, repéré par Larry Ferlazzo. The illustrations were created as part of the Visuals for Developing Communication Skills in Foreign Language Classes project, initated by Paul Toth, former Director of the Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center.
GoEd Online

101 Excellent Sites for English Educators - 27 views

    101 of the best websites for English (ELA) grammar, writing, reading, ESL, vocabulary, spelling and more.
Dennis OConnor

Memrise vocabulary learning and memorable dictionary - 13 views

  • Ready to grow yourvocabulary?
  • Learn vocabulary in any language 5 times faster Smart science means you won't forget Learning's a game — grow a language garden
Caroline Bachmann

Can you name the Pokemon by Greek/Latin Root (original 150)? - 12 views

    A great introduction activity for Greek or Latin root words. I mean, what kid doesn't like Pokemon?
Dana Huff

Flash cards, vocabulary memorization, and study games | Quizlet - 6 views

    My students told me about this site where they make study guides and flash cards for themselves. It's free, and it would be particularly good for studying information that you have to memorize.
    Thanks to you - and your students - for the tip!
Caroline Bachmann

Abiator's Worksheets Vault - 8 views

    English Skills Worksheets for Grades 5-8
Mrs. Lenker

hackneyed on Vimeo - 12 views

    Level F
Melody Velasco

Spelling City - 9 views

    Online (and print) activities of your classes spelling words
Mary Worrell

Confusing Words - 11 views

    Great reference for teachers and students. Plug in a confusing word (effect versus affect, for example) and get help.
Mrs. Lenker

Princeton Review Vocabulary Minute Lyrics - 4 views

    Lyrics for the free Princeton Vocabulary Minute podcasts Listen and then ask students to write their own.
Meredith Stewart

Word Girll - 9 views

    Vocabulary Games
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