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Tracee Orman

The Potter Games - 12 views

    This is an interactive website based on the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books/games. The characters of Harry Potter have been thrown into The Hunger Games (as tributes or mentors) by Lord Voldemort. The player chooses one of the characters and must read each passage, then makes a decision for that character, which could result in becoming the Victor...or "Reenervate" to try again. If you have students who like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, they will have fun on this website. New characters are unlocked daily & we plan on writing more stories - one with the characters rebelling against Lord Voldemort and breaking out of the arena. It is great practice for reading skills - some characters have longer passages, some shorter. Some have up to 144 different scenarios (that's 144 pages of text). The least amount of reading for a player is 19 pages. So think about your low readers - that may be more than they read in a week by just playing one character. The writers who have/are contributing to this non-profit project include teachers, high school students, college students, professional writers, graphic artists, musicians, librarians, and so many more. We're all fans of both series, of course. :) (For grades 7 and up) I have a free download of lesson ideas for using The Potter Games in your classroom here:
andrew bendelow

Icebreakers | Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age - 7 views

    A comprehensive set of group warm ups.
andrew bendelow

Icebreakers, Warmups, Energerizers, & Deinhibitizers: Activities for getting groups going - 7 views

    nice set of group activity warm-ups
Nik Peachey

Nik's Quick Shout: A Speed Reader with a Library - 0 views

    I'm never really sure what the value of being able to read quickly is and whether this effects the amount of information you actually retain when you read, but I do know that getting EFL and ESL students to read in chunks and getting them to read as much as possible can be very beneficial to their language development.
Meredith Stewart

Books and Bytes - 0 views

    Blog from last year's 6th grade Language Arts class, includes descriptions of projects/activities and student reflection on activities. Lots of information about using Web 2.0 technology in the LA classroom.
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