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Leslie Healey

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: The Science of Paper versus Screens: Scientific A... - 18 views

    • Leslie Healey
      on the other hand, I just tried to change the color of my highlighter, and redo a highlight that supported a different conclusion, and Diigo would not let me--I learned that on my iPad
  • no obvious shape or thickness.
  • "haptic dissonance"
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • e screen-based reading is more physically and mentally taxing than reading on pape
    • Leslie Healey
      this is the big problem for me
  • t scrolling
  • drains more mental resources than turning or clicking a page, which are simpler and more automatic gestures.
  • people reading on screens take a lot of shortcuts—they spend more time browsing, scanning and hunting for keywords compared with people reading on paper, and are more likely to read a document once, and only once.
  • When reading on screens, people seem less inclined
  • metacognitive learning regulation—strategies such as setting specific goals, rereading difficult sections and checking how much one has understood
  • Sellen has learned that many people do not feel much ownership of e-books because of their impermanence and intangibility: "They think of using an e-book, not owning an e-book," s
  • Participants in her studies say that when they really like an electronic book, they go out and get the paper version.
  • Why not keep paper and evolve screen-based reading into something else entirely?
  • Some Web comics and infographics turn scrolling into a strength rather than a weakness. S
  • e Scale of the Universe tool
  • Atavist o
    paper vs screen in your brain
Dana Huff

Free Online Grammar Check, Spelling, and More | PaperRater - 11 views

    Free online tool that checks spelling and grammar and plagiarism and offers writing suggestions.
Dana Huff - Free Online Readability Calculator - Flesch Kincaid, Gunning Fo... - 5 views

    Checks writing for readability levels, including Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning-Fog, Coleman-Liau, SMOG Index, and Automated Readability Index.
Keith Schoch

Fightin' Words: Using Picture Books to Teach Argumentative Writing - 15 views

    How to use picture books as mentor texts with middle schoolers to move students beyond simply persuasive writing to the argumentative writing that is required by the CCSS.
Berylaube 00

pedagogy literature "Teaching Literature in the Secondary School" Richard W. Beach, Jam... - 10 views

The book's response-centered approach engages the student with literature. Contains in-depth discussions of multi-cultural literature and the uses of drama and film in the classroom that will enhan...

literature exceptional guide films drama multi-cultural teaching reading resources tools

started by Berylaube 00 on 15 Jul 12 no follow-up yet
Dana Huff

Book Drum - 16 views

    Book Drum is the perfect companion to the books we love, bringing them to life with immersive pictures, videos, maps and music.
    It has been a great tool for close reading in my AP Lit class. Love Bookdrum!
    Thanks so much Really exceptional and so interactive..
GoEd Online

101 Excellent Sites for English Educators - 27 views

    101 of the best websites for English (ELA) grammar, writing, reading, ESL, vocabulary, spelling and more.
Dana Huff

Why fiction is good for you - Ideas - The Boston Globe - 9 views

    "Is fiction good for us? We spend huge chunks of our lives immersed in novels, films, TV shows, and other forms of fiction. Some see this as a positive thing, arguing that made-up stories cultivate our mental and moral development. But others have argued that fiction is mentally and ethically corrosive. It's an ancient question: Does fiction build the morality of individuals and societies, or does it break it down?"
ten grrl

Text Messages: Recommendations for Adolescent Readers - ReadWriteThink - 10 views

    Podcast on varying topics, published monthly.
Dana Huff

"The Lord of the Rings," "Twilight," and Young-Adult Fantasy Books : The New Yorker - 6 views

    Adam Gopnik discusses the appeal of high fantasy in YA. He misses the mark, I think, in not discussing Joseph Campbell's influence in all of this, and he's condescending throughout much of the piece, but it's an interesting analysis aside from these two admittedly major issues.
Leslie Healey

Reading Digitally Infographic - 23 views

    if you had doubts about the chance to engage more kids with eReaders, this infographic might change your mind. I am planning a digital reading course next year, and will use this to argue my case to administration
    This graphic is nice ... but who conducted the study? How was this information gathered? Why should we trust it?
Keia Pannell

pennington blog - 6 views

    Blog about all types of things related to grammar, writing etc.
Dennis OConnor

TwHistory - 10 views

    Create historical twitter character then tweet based on history research  Quote from Mark Rounds Web-Ed Tools, "Participants choose a historical event, create Twitter accounts for individual characters, pore over primary source documents and think critically about the times, dates, and durations of events to create hundreds of Tweets as they might have been broadcast had Twitter existed before the 21st century. They then submit all those Tweets to the engineers at TwHistory, specifying a start date for their event, and then watch it unfold - over a day, a week, a month or more - reflecting the event's actual duration."
Leslie Healey

Teaching Integrity in High School English - 16 views

    if we aren't doing this, we are missing a great opportunity. Robin Bates writes one of the best teaching blogs I read. 
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